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Finding Money

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Think of this scenario, your out and all of sudden you spot money on the ground.

What would you do?

I personally would try to locate the rightful owner, but depending on the length of time the money had been there, it might be very hard to do. I never believe in keeping money that isn’t mine and also it would make me feel very guilty because in my mind I class it as stealing.

If you ever find money lying on the ground always try to do the right thing, always attempt to locate the rightful owner. If that fails hand it into your local authority and if it isn’t claimed within a certain amount of time the money is rightfully yours by law.

Searching for Perfection

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Today has been one of those days that perfection has gone out the window. I have been doing a project for about a year now and without fail after I have completed a segment I seem to think that the segment I just did could do with something more to make it better.

I end up making 12 different versions of the same segment, but I guess in a way that is a good thing because I can look at each document and take bits from each one.

I just search for perfection in everything I do or else it will bug me like anything and I will sit there until I know it is either perfect or in a working order that I can go back to later.

Oh well enough of my craziness … Perfection!

Wireless Mobile Hacking

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Tonight I was watching panorama on BBC One and they were talking about many tech related topics and one of them was mobile phone hacking. The BBC briefly touched on how back in the 1980s people were very curious that mobile phones could be hacked.

In today’s modern age, mobile phones or smartphones have around 200x more features or functions compared to days of the first ever mobile phone. Most of the new Features require some sort wireless connectivity to function correctly.

The show repeated “can wireless hacking be prevented” time after time. I personally believe that it can never be prevented and the reason that is that with the right software it can intercept the wireless signals from any mobile wireless device.

Prevention is hard to put in place because you can put out a new standard to prevent it from happening, but with this said with the right software it could be broken very easy.

Willy Wonka Night

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Today I thought I would treat myself, so I brought the 1970s classic “Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory” featuring Gene Wilder on DVD. I must have seen this movie tones of times before, but I never got around to purchasing it. I am personally not a “movie musical fan” but this movie keeps me watching the whole way through without getting bored.

I previously read the original book that this movie was based on and I got the story straight away, but I always felt there was something missing and that it needed to go into better detail for me to take it in. That statement may seem weird to most people and somewhat backwards, but putting that aside the movie was creatively put together and naturally some parts were modified, in which this is to be expected as you can’t always adapt everything to the books standards.

Roald Dahl is one of my favourite authors of all time, he knew how to capture your imagination and that is one quality a lot of authors lack! Most of Roald Dahl’s books go back many years, but are loved by millions to this day and if you are new to his books then, I would suggest reading every book he wrote as it will take you on such a creative journey that you will never forget.

If you would like to learn more about Roald Dahl’s work then, I will leave all links below, along with other related links to this story and also links to where you can buy the DVD.

Roald Dalh The Official Site
The Roald Dahl Museum and Story Centre
Roald Dahl IMDb
Roald Dahl Books Amazon Store

Facebook Status Hijacking Game

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Has this-ever happened to you? You leave your computer for a couple of minutes then to find someone has put a silly Facebook status on your profile for a laugh? In our house it really isn’t uncommon for this to happen and I seem to be the only person that is seven steps ahead of everyone else when it comes to this stuff.

I finally put an end to the game tonight in our house by getting my sister back because I thought enough is enough, at times it is really funny, but after seeing it happens a lot I thought I would be the git that says enough is enough.

As I am writing this my sister still isn’t aware I hijacked her status, but I am sure I will hear it when she gets home.

I just think this whole Facebook status game is just beyond a joke now because I see it a lot on my own Facebook wall and I just laugh it off, but like any game it becomes boring! I even see it on google plus or as I call it the “g-spot” and with that in mind it leads to something concerning! Fancy saying I hijacked your g-spot, it sounds like a 1980s porno flick gone wrong. I personally think this was all just started by someone who has nothing else better to do and invented a pointless game and from there it spread by word and mouth.

I just hope now people start calming it down and just stick to cluedo instead because it’s harder to find the murder, unlike Facebook or google plus you can easily find the idiot you want to murder!

Pay to PEE?

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Have you ever been somewhere and you’re having a great time, then suddenly you get the urge to use toilet? I had this happen today and believe me when I say: “I was ready to burst,” one bit of advice to you all, don’t drink four mugs of tea before you leave the house, it is just asking for trouble!

I went to London and as I got off the train I thought “crap I really need to pee!” and it wasn’t the normal kind of pee you could hold for a while. From that point I ran to nearest toilet located in the station and once I arrived at the toilet I faced a new dilemma I like to call “cleaners fun”. This dilemma is where the cleaners at the station get the sudden urge to have some fun and clean up at the most awkward times!

So now not being able to use the station toilets and at this point I was trying to find new ways to hold it in because my bladder wasn’t going to hold much longer. I ran over to a well-known coffee place and I explained to the young girl that I really needed the toilet badly. She then uttered the words “you must be a paying customer to use the toilets” which I thought it was kind of fair, but obviously I wasn’t happy to pay for anything as I just needed to use the toilet. I said to the young girl that is fine and I brought a drink and might I add it was £2.15 … That must be the first I ever had to pay for something to use the toilet, but at this point I was willing to pay anything to empty the tank and if I had to hold any longer there would have been a new lake opening in the Center of London.

So with everything said & done, my day went back on track, but I still felt shortchanged over paying to use the toilet. If I could some up today in a few words they would be “it really took the piss … “

Adding Blog Structure

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In the next few days I will be going through all my online media such as YouTube, websites and re-posting them on my blog in an organised fashion.

I will first start off by adding all YouTube content and putting them in a category then putting the videos in a parent category related to what they are. Example category YouTube then the type of content like video blogs or app reviews.

I know this may seem like a bit of hassle to go through, but I like to keep things organised so I know where they are and also to help the audience of my content easily find what they need using the search function above or across any major search engine.

More updates coming soon.

Back to Basics!

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Well it looks like I have had to go back to basics in terms of online activity. The reason for this is to make my life somewhat easier, but also to maintain a better level of communication with my audience.

If you don’t know who I am or you are new to this blog then, I will leave all information below to all my social media.

Social Media:
@Marcsnappy Twitter
@iPhoneSnappyGuy Twitter
iPhoneSnappyGuy YouTube
iPhoneSnappyGuy Facebook

Awareness Pictures
Instant YouTube

Thank you for reading my update, I do hope you will join me through one of my many social media links!


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