YouTube Partnership For All

As of today YouTube has announced that they are extending the partnership program to everyone who is living within the valid countries mentioned on the YouTube creators blog post. Previously the partner program was only open for selected accounts that met certain criteria, now this is open to anyone with a valid Adsense account and has at least 1 video uploaded.

In a way this has completely diminished the partner program because being a partner was something you had to earn but now it takes very little effort to do. If you have worked to become a partner do you feel this has demoted you or do you feel that it is a good thing because everyone is equal?

One thing YouTube still hasn’t addressed and that is the users who have been affected by click bombers. There are many channels on Youtube who have worked very hard to get partnership and later lost their partnership or monetization because some idiots decide to click your ads on purpose. I agree that YouTube need to protect the advertisers because they pay in money to show their ads but why should the creators lose because of idiots? All this click bombing can be addressed by implementing session controls or storing information in a database that will control when a user has clicked an ad, from a programming view this isn’t hard to bring in.

To sum up being a YouTube Partner is nothing now and until click bombing has been addressed it will be the same problems as before but on a larger scale.


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