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What makes you happy?

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In reality finding happiness can come easy to some people but sometimes others find it harder to seek the happiness they long for because they don’t know what will make them happy.

Some people find happiness by treating themselves or spending money but is this really happiness? Material possessions can only last for a short while before the gimmick rubs off and the need to seek happiness crops up again.

Would you believe that some people in this world find happiness in simple things? Take me as an example, I love peace, I always help others when I can and I never purposely buy things because I want them. I also know of many people who share the same views and have different methods of finding happiness, one thing to note we are all unique and we have our own wants and desires that we like to for fill in life.

As I have said in my earlier posts, all I want to do is make people smile and help as much as I can.

Do you know what makes you happy? Leave me a comment below and I will be interested to see what your responses are.
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Stay Safe.

Mobile App Credits are Pointless!

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Since the introduction of in-app purchasing many developers(mostly gaming) have used this as marketing tool to make money from their app.

Initially this allows the developers to offer apps for free and have some form of revenue stream.

Here is a prime example of an app that uses this method. The app comes in two versions, one with ads and the other without – obviously the one without ads isn’t free… You have credits that you use throughout the app and once those credits have depleted you have two choices, wait for the app to generate free credits or buy some more through the app – I know which one I would choose because I have patients.

If you have purchased the app, it will be a big kick in the teeth because the credits can cost around the same price as the app.

Buying these credits are not mandatory – big waste of money if you ask me. Patients is key and you could play the developers at their own game.

Specifically I am aiming this towards gaming apps, as an avid mobile gamer I have never purchased credits – why do I need to pay when the game will generate credits throughout the day? Pointless!

As I said patients is key and if you want to save money then don’t give into the in app money-making demon!

Facebook Pay to Display

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Recently Facebook has tested a new pay for system in New Zealand that allows users to promote their posts.

According to news sources the charges will only apply to posts you want to promote and not every time you post. The charges will start from 25p going up to a maximum of £1.25 and the charges will be taken via PayPal or debit/credit card.

Facebook have said this is only a test and have not set any plans for when this beta test will end and they have not mentioned if this will come in across the website.

If this comes in place it won’t really affect users unless they want to promote posts, the only thing it will do is help businesses promote their posts to drive more traffic at low costs so there is no need to worry about Facebook charging a subscription fee.

Looking to the future of Facebook, as time goes on this new method will allow them to become more profitable and it will also keep their service free for all.

After all running a social network costs money, the servers don’t pay for themselves!

Male Anorexia Suffer in Silence

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In a recent publication it has been highlighted that 1 in 5 people in the UK who suffer with eating disorders are male.

There are many causes of anorexia in both men and women the most highlighted cause is celebrity magazines. Often most people aspire to look like these glamorous models and because some of therm look really thin they try to change the way they look.

This isn’t the only cause of anorexia there are many highlighted cases of bullying and mental disorders that has triggered this nasty disorder.

I will discuss my story that has recently been published online by many major news outlets.

I am a 23 years of age and I suffer with a disability called cerebral palsy. For many years I suffered with bullying because I was big and that I was different due to my disability.

When I was 13 I got so depressed about the abuse I was getting and it sent me on a downward spiral that hit me with such stress I couldn’t handle it anymore and this abuse I got wasn’t just your normal bullying it was physical and mental abuse I got everyday.

Ten years on I still suffer with my disorder and I live off a diet of custard, mousses and complan replacement drinks because I fear choking on food.

Not only do I suffer with many health issues but I suffer with many phobias that can make me helpless at times and I hide away because I mentally can’t cope.

I won’t sit here and say it is easy on anyone with this disorder because there is such a level of stress it can cause and unlike other people say it’s not just a case of just eating because that isn’t how it works. This is a mental disorder and depending on the complexities it isn’t always easy to cure, everyone suffers with it in different ways and for different reasons.

If you are suffering with anorexia don’t suffer in silence try to seek the help you need to put you on the road to recovery. Some words of wisdom I always live by: You make your own destiny in life and you will find the right path to walk down to a better life.

I have attached the links below to my news story and I hope you enjoy reading them.

The Sun Manorexia Marc

The Daily Male Anorexia Marc

Google Searching for Innovation

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Google has come on so much since their launch in 1998. Over the years they have transformed the search engine industry that exceeded many expectations and amazed many people with how their search engine worked.

Today Google are more than just a search engine they make new technologies for smart phones, 3D Glasses and motor vehicles. The most recent project to date is the self driving car which is self-explanatory on what it can do.

If we look in terms of search engines google is the number 1 ranked in the world with many others trying to knock them off the top spot. Even though google ranked number 1 would you believe some users actually prefer other search engines like bing, yahoo and ask? These users highlight that google does not always return what they are looking for and the other engines return more related results.

In terms of technology I believe google are doing incredibly well and I also believe they have many great innovations to come but are google losing track on their search engine goals?

New innovations and ideas are key for any technology company and at some point even big giants like google will hit a brick wall and fail to produce new ideas.

This won’t mean the company will fail but they will be constantly looking for ideas to make the next big thing.

Facebook IPO will it be Risky?

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The news of Facebook issuing stock options has been widely known for sometime and their plans to raise $5B in first public offerings.

According to many news sources Facebook public offerings will start from May 17th 2012 at $35 a share (Nasdaq: FB). All dates and pricing above are all based on multiple news reports, these are subject to change.

Like any public offerings you take some sort of risk but will Facebook be a bigger risk to investors than normal? Facebook has always hit a backlash from a percentage of their users because of changes they make and a tiny percentage of users stop using their service and move to rival social networking sites.

Since Facebook launched in February 2004 they have always stated their service will be free but will this change in months ahead as the public offerings go ahead? The whole rumour of Facebook becoming a paid for has been rumoured for sometime by thousands of users but thus Facebook have yet to put anything like this in place.

If Facebook was to become a paid for service there could be a couple of issues that arise from this, one users will not pay for social networking and two will Facebook remove ads if you pay a subscription fee.

Facebook are like any company, they are trying to offer the best service possible with a minimal impact to their large user base and sometimes the options some people would like to see wont always be realistic for the company to stay profitable.

Needless to say if the offerings pay off in the long run Facebook will have a brighter future. Always remember when buying any stock options you are taking a risk, always do research before investing because you might lose money instead of gaining.

YouTube Auto Jobs no Human Contact

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Over the years YouTube has grown very rapidly with many new features and more opportunities for content creators to bring their creations to a global audience.

YouTube has some outstanding stats, 60 hours of video are uploaded every minute, 4 billion unique hits per day, 800 million unique user accounts visit YouTube per month and 3 billion hours of video are watched every month.

This in its self is outstanding, not many networks could reach such high figures and reach such a global audience. Since Google acquired YouTube in 2006 there has been many changes that has caused controversy between users but overall google has helped millions of users to do goals that they would have not achieved on any other platform.

I want to highlight the ongoing problem of automated communications that YouTube use all the time. If you are new to this term it simply means that a server is programmed with scripts to take on jobs that a normal person would do. I believe YouTube have gone over the top with automated jobs, don’t get me wrong if you are able to use this technology to make things easier than that is fantastic but you shouldn’t use it as an alternative to communication.

Have you ever tried contacting YouTube? You will find it hard to do because they hardly make anything public. This really makes you think such a large company and when you have issues you can’t call anyone, in some ways it makes you think that YouTube is being operated by vampire ninjas that live in a twilight zone.

Automated jobs are a good solution to control job load but using it to control communication load will never pay off overall.

My Wish in Life

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In life we all have dreams and wishes in life, some of them we do and others we don’t. Personally I never set goals apart from one and that is to help as many people as I can, yes wacky I know but I would rather give help to others than putting myself first.

If you know me personally you all know there isn’t a thing I won’t do to help and I would give up loads of time to help, now don’t get me wrong I am no saint I can’t always help everyone all the time because I don’t have 20 arms and at times I need my time to recharge due to health problems.

I know some people may have a difference in opinion about this but after all we are human and no one always agrees on everything. I will always try to give most of my time to others if I can no matter how small it is and I hope that with any help I give it makes that person smile.

Anyway enough of my ramblings… Stay Safe!


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