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Secret Chase Dream!

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Dreams are caused by many things and leave you with many lasting affects but sometimes these dreams can stay with you for a long time. I have all sorts of dreams some good, some bad and some that can be terrifying!

Recently I had a dream that scared me so much that I was a nervous wreck all day and I was having a panic attack though out. I am going to explain my dream by sharing the note I took on my iPhone straight after I woke up. You will see by the note that it is all first hand also has side notes within it.


“Dream at 19 June 2012 04:26

Chased by a man being shot at with bow and arrow then after that a complete new transition of sitting on the road near the old chip shop in Blackpool with Mia and I said ‘I hate living here’ and Mia replied “I know but you need to make the best of it”.

After I woke up:

Completely covered in sweat and confused, in a panic attack and out of breath. I took my heart rate, it seemed a bit racy I took that via the iPhone.

In pain, sciatica in my left leg and pains also across left leg, left backside, back and feet.”

Now with this in mind you can see it was somewhat scary but I am not sure if parts of the dream have gone missing from my memory and I just can’t remember things to make it more clearer.

Never the less it was very scary for me, let me know what you think.

Netflix Killing Nickelodeon Ratings

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According to analysts Netflix is killing Nickelodeon ratings because of the increase of users watching their content via Netflix. Nickelodeon is part of the Viacom Group which is made up of popular channels such as MTV and Comedy Central. The chief officer Ted Sarandos spoke out last week and believes Netflix has not contributed at all towards the decline in Viacom ratings.

In reality Netflix is mostly streaming old content mixed with new content but with most users choosing to watch the older content. As most people know popular broadcaster will check their schedules regularly to coincide with ratings to give you the best viewing experience possible but at times these broadcasters chuck out content that users want to watch and this is where third-party providers like Netflix fill the gap.

This news from analysts seems to miss a lot of points and hasn’t really looked at the bigger picture but maybe this will be an eye opener for Viacom because a lot of users do prefer the older content.


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