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iPhone 5: Want Vs. Need

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Today the Apple iPhone 5 goes on sale and as always the usual fans are itching to get their hands on the device. This year Apple claim this is “the biggest thing since the launch of the iPhone” and that you can do so much more than you have ever done before.

The New Specs include:

4 inch Retina Display
A6 1-1.20GHZ Dual Core Processor
4G LTE (on supported carriers)
8MP Rear Camera – 1080p up to 30FPS
1.2MP Front Camera – 720p up to 30FPS
Storage Choices 16, 32 and 64GB
New Overall Look in Black/Silver or White/Silver
Battery Life:
8Hrs Browsing Time – WiFi 10Hrs
8Hrs Talk Time
10Hrs Video Playback
40Hrs Music Playback
All New 30 Pin Lightning Power Adapter

The starting price for the iPhone is £529 ranging up to £699 depending on what storage you require.

Do You Really Need to Upgrade If You Have The iPhone 4S?
The short answer to that is No and the only reason for saying that is because there are not many differences between the phones. You will still be able to use the iOS 6 software along with all it’s new features, minus a few features that are only dedicated to the iPhone 5 handset.
If you decide to keep your iPhone 4S handset you can choose a cheaper option by either purchasing Apple Care or Suitable Mobile Phone Insurance. Apple Care will cost you around £61 for 1 year protection and this will cover hardware and labour costs but this does not cover accidental damage or theft. Personally I would suggest getting mobile phone insurance as this will cover all costs including damage, theft, hardware and labour but bare in mind each insurance broker will have excess fee’s and limitations per year to each policy. Mobile phone insurance will set you back around £5.99 a month with an excess fee of £100 per claim with a maximum of 4 claims a year or some will let you pay yearly to get cheaper costs.

What will an iPhone 5 cost?
If you are on Pay As You Go you will need to pay the full price for the phone along with your monthly top up amount.
If you was on Pay Monthly you would need to pay a small fee for the phone depending on which monthly service you choose, here in the UK to get the iPhone free you would need to pay £66 a month for 24 months which will you back in total £1,584 over 2 years (price of 3 handsets), bare in mind this will cover the cost of the phone plus your service plan.

Overall the iPhone 5 is a good phone but to be honest Apple did not make many changes and most of the changes were just cosmetic. To the average consumer this won’t make any difference to their experience and wouldn’t really care about a tiny upgrade.

In the end it is users choice but with anything it is Need Vs. Want.


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