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Janksy – Windows 8 Physics Puzzler Review

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Janksy is a new platform physics puzzle exclusively for Windows 8. The game has several levels and your main goal is to get the alien from one side of the screen to the other where the spaceship is located. While guiding the alien you will need to avoid flying asteroids, and you will be able to collect special icons to unlock new galaxies.

The game itself brings quirky graphics and blinding physics to keep you entertained for hours. When you look at the overall game layout it reminds you of games such as Angry Birds and Cut The Rope. The menu system and the physics are very familiar but obviously with their own twist.

Janksy was developed by Dlala Studios and the have put a lot of time into make this perfect. The game is now only for Windows 8 but I believe in time this will grow to other platforms as this will entertain a lot of other people.
All links to find Dlala Studios and Janksy can be found below.

Images (credit Dlala Studios)

Dlala Studios
Janksy Windows App

Living with No Ambitions

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In life we all aim to do certain ambitions, personal or otherwise. When I was younger I had many ambitions, football player, police officer, game tester, the list was endless. In reality these wouldn’t be hard to do, for a normal person that is. Don’t get wrong, someone with a disability could do them but in a limited way depending on what is required.

Lately I have been in a drought of with ideas for my life, it’s not always easy to think of ideas at the best of times but when it’s ambitions for life you do tend to hit a brick wall. I am guessing my depression doesn’t help matters, always living in fear of the “what ifs” or insecurities that keep us from doing something life changing.

Depression’s a bitch, living with it is like a kid watching over you on top an ant hill with a magnification glass waiting to burn you. I live with it everyday, even though it eats me inside I still try to build a meaningful but loving life, mostly focusing on what I can do for other people. I know people say “put yourself first” but to me it seems selfish and I could never bring myself to do that.

With many skills under my belt and many years of experience, common sense should kick in and say “you have it made” but in reality, common sense doesn’t always dictate what your ambitions will be or what you will achieve. I have been given many chances to make something of myself and I have always had to turn them down because of sickness, honestly with todays hard-working culture I wouldn’t be able to keep up and it would make me even more sick as time goes on.

This is why I am stuck in rutt, many skills and ideas, and a passion for helping others. I guess one day something will come up but until that day I will go through the endless day-to-day depression, along with the daily grinds of “what ifs”. As the old saying goes “Every Dog Has it’s Day”.

iPad Mini: Media Event

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Here is a transcript of the recent Apple event in order, any remarks posted here are directly copied from hearing the event and is not a personal opinion. All links are located at the bottom.

iOS6 & Mountain Lion:
In under a month 200 million iOS Devices are running iOS6. (fastes software upgrade rate in history, apples words).
125 million documents stored in iCloud.
iMessage, since last year customers have sent over 300 billion messages, 28,000 messages a second.
Game Centre has over 160 million accounts
Photo stream: Customers have shared over 70 million albums so far.

App Store:
275,000 iPad apps, 35 billion apps downloaded so far, Apple have paid out over $6.5billion to developers

1.5 million books ready to download, 400 million books downloaded, new continus scrolling theme(allows you to scroll through a book), books are now in iCloud and you can download them again at any point, tap and share any favourite quote to facebook, twitter, email or you can copy, Now supports 40 different languages.

Mac growth Year-on-Year 15%; out growing the PC Market by 7x and for the last 6 years; reason for this is that it has been #1 in customer satisfaction and reliability, #1 desktop and Notebook in the US.

Best selling MacBook is the 13″ MacBook Pro, new 13″ MacBook Pro; 0.75 inches thin(20% thinner); 3.57 pounds in weight(almost a pound lighter); No Optical Drive; I/O Ports Left(Magsafe 2, 2x Thunderbolt, USB 3/2, headphone, dual microphones) Right(SD Card Reader, HDMI Out, USB 3/2); Retina Display 13.3″ Resolution 2560×1600; Facetime HD Camera 720p(30 fps); Backlit Keyboard; Glass Trackpad; Under the hood: (Dual Core i5 or i7 Ivy Bridge Processor, Intel HD 4000 Graphics, 8GB Ram, WiFi & Bluetooth, up to 768GB of Flash Storage, 7 Hour Battery); Shipping with: (2.5GHZ Dual Core i5, 8GB Ram, 128GB Flash Storage); Prices Start from $1699 and Ships from 23rd October.

Mac Mini:
I/O: (Gigabit Ethernet, Firewire 800, HDMI Out, Thunderbolt, USB3/2, Audio in and out, SD Card Reader); Under the Hood: (Dual or Quad Core i5 or i7 Ivy Bridge Processor, Intel HD 4000 Graphics, Up to 1TB HDD or 256GB SSD, Up to 16GB Ram, WiFi and Bluetooth); Shipping with (2.5GHZ Dual Core i5, 4GB Ram, 500GB HDD); Prices start from $599 and Ships from 23rd October.

5mm edge(80% thinner); Display 5mm thinner(45%); No Optical Drive; 2 Screen sizes(21.5 inch and 27.5); Fully laminated design; Plasma deposition process; 75% Less Reflection; Facetime HD Camera(30 fps); Dual Microphones; Under the Hood: (Intel Quad Core i5 or i7 Processor, Nvidia Kepler Graphics, Up to 32GB Ram, Up to 3TB HDD, Up to 768GB SSD, WiFi and Bluetooth); I/O Ports: (headphone, SD Card Reader, USB 3/2, 2x Thunderbolt, Gigabit Ethernet); Apple Fusion Drive: 128GB SSD, Fused together into one volume, Faster Reads and Writes, Works automatically, Faster Performance, 3x faster; Wireless Keyboard and Magic Mouse; Shipping with: (21.5″ Display, 2.7GHZ Quad Core i5, 8GB Ram, GeForce GT 640M, 1TB HDD); Prices Start from $1299 and Ships from November; 27.5″ iMac Ships December.

100 Million iPads Sold in 2 and half years; iPad Counts for 90% of Web traffic on a tablet; iBook Textbooks are available to 80% of the High School core US curriculum; iBook Textbooks in 2500 US classrooms; iBook Author has new Fonts and Templates; 94% of the Fortune 500 companies are using or deploying iPad.

iPad(3rd Gen):
A6X Chip(2x faster than A5X); 2x Graphics Performance; Next Generation of IPS; 10 Hour battery Life; Front Facing Facetime HD camera 720p(30 fps); Cellular version supports LTE; 2x Faster WiFi Performance, 2.5GHZ and 5GHZ; New Lightning Charger; Black or White;

iPad Mini:
Silver and Black, 7.9″ Retina Display, A5 Chip, 5MP HD Rear Camera and Front Facing HD Camera; Same as above but Different display and colour options.

iPad Mini Options:
Wifi: 16GB($329), 32GB($429), 64GB($529); WiFi+3G: 16GB($459), 32GB($559), 64GB($659).

Pre-orders start from October 26th and Ship from November 2nd.

Apple iPad Mini Event Video
Compare iPads
Compare Macs
Compare iPods
Mac OSX Software

Tonights Poem: One Day Depression will Be Gone

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Tonights Poem:

As the Tears fall down my face,
Needing to scream get me out of this place,
It’s hard to explain what’s going on in my head,
All I want to do is curl up in bed,

In this world I give it my all,
Through ever moment I rise and fall,
There’s good and bad, but I stand tall,
Grabbing every moment sat upon life’s pedestal,

Life has given me all the tools I need,
But this depression just makes my heart bleed,
Living in fear is not what I need,
Just being Happy is what I need,

One day my depression will be gone,
No matter what it takes I won’t be torn,
Because through life lessons I will reborn as someone new,
Just remember I love life and I am sticking to you like super glue!

– Marc (Me)

Medical Negligence, Not Coping!

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Recently I have thought about my birth, being born into a world not knowing who or what caused my disability. Some people say that I should just accept I am alive and just leave it. But why should I do this? Everyone has the right to know the circumstances surrounding their birth, good or bad.

Short Outline: I was born 10 weeks premature and I developed a brain tumour which led to me developing cerebral palsy. According to my parents I didn’t have enough oxygen and then I was given too much, also I was not given steroids to help develop my lungs.

I guess it’s a clear-cut case, or is it? Nope that’s right, it isn’t. Proving negligence against a hospital after a long time is a big task and isn’t something that you can do over night, believe me I have been there, medical records galore and hours of research.

When I started seeking justice, it wasn’t for no financial gain, it was for pure clarification so I was able to close that chapter in my life book. My negligence case lasted around 2-4 years and in the end we were told that they could not go ahead due to lack of evidence, like any case you need to have the majority of evidence to bring the case forward, it needed to be 51% or more and in my case it was 49% – What a kick in the teeth!

After being told it could not go ahead I was left feeling very upset and lost. Even to this day I get very depressed, thinking who, what and why? The pain I live in every day doesn’t help, many muscle pains across body and the inability to get those pains under control.

I constantly take tablets, pain killers, spasm control and depression. Daily life consists of revolving all your time just popping pills to become pain-free and all you can do is get depress about who caused it. Doctor’s, mother nature, who knows?

To my admission I will never let this drop, it is my right. Keep in mind these words of wisdom:
If a human has to give up the right to fight for the truth then you give up you’re total existence.
– Marc (Me)

6% Energy Rise, Pure Greed!

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Recently in the news, energy companies announced that they would be put putting up energy prices again this winter. The new prices will come into effect on 16th November and this will see the average duel fuel bill go up by £80 a year.

These companies make huge profits every year and for some reason they all decide to hike up the prices around winter time. This is when the country needs to use it the most, isn’t this just convient? Getting colder and in demand, what a great way to make even more money in times of need.

Many Elderly and Disabled people are worried that they can not afford to stay warm this winter which understandable but energy companies should look after those who need to stay warm. A lot of energy companies forget to make people aware of fixed tariffs or government schemes to help pay for rising fuel bills.

Useful Links Below

DirectGov UK: Warm Home Discount Scheme
DirectGov UK: Keeping Warm in The Winter
DiectGov UK: Warmfront Scheme

Daily Log: 12th October 2012

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New Daily Log for 12th October 2012, Enjoy!

[Todays Log]

– Woke up at 5:40am – (That’s what I get for early bedtimes)

– Went downstairs at 6:10am and walked into the kitchen and put the kettle on. Then I made myself some noodles with curry sauce, something tells me I was hungry. (or am I just a pig)

– Sat down to eat at around 6:25am with my cups of tea(3 cups) as I had to take different pills and I don’t like mixing them.

– At 6:43am I finished my breakfast, I was stuffed; Noodles are so filling but I am guessing 3 packets were too much, maybe tomorrow I will have less of them. (Hola Legs where do I put it?)

– Watched a bit of TV for 30 minutes, spongebob was on so I thought I would watch it anyway being such a big kid. (Big kid and proud)

– Brushed my teeth around 7:15am, its amazing how fast time flys because I didn’t finish brushing my teeth until 7:45am.

– Checked my youtube feed around 7:50am, started to feeling peckish but not sure if I should eat anything more as my gut is telling me to eat but the noodles are making me feel bloated.

– At around 9am I had a second breakfast, 6 wildlife squeeze yoghurts; all strawberry. Finished up around 9:25am and started doing the usual daily tasks.

– Washing up and kitchen cleaned by 10:13am, next on the cards is to start writing more of Moral Rat: The Second Edition. Been working on the story build for a while and I think it is about time I started writing the chapters.

– For the last 45 minutes I have been commenting on news articles on the sun website, daily news is always weird to me daily dribble that moans on about how the country is in a mess – how exciting!

– 3rd Meal of the day and it’s before 12pm, I must have worms. I also done some guitar jamming on my old youtube channel.

– After a few hours of playing the guitar I am feeling a bit bored, really need to get writing more or else I won’t get anything finished, such a big task!

– Signing off now but what a productive day, keeps me busy I suppose but it is always good!


YouTube: Viewers are Picky!

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After being on YouTube for about five years I have noticed that viewers of YouTube videos are very picky!

Let’s look at this as example, someone makes a flying UFO and takes around 20-30 hours making it, then someone comes along and rips off that video by copying and only spends around 10-60 minutes. Now the first video only gets 300 views and a lot of silly comments ripping it to pieces, where as the second video gets 20,000 views and a lot of praising comments.

Has common sense took a holiday? No, viewers are just picky! I have seen this so many times and I honestly don’t get it, why should someone get more views for crappy content? In the same breath, many people could say that even crappy content is good content.

Let’s take a trip back into the days of the Looney Tunes, even to this day I can spot mistakes in the animation; the sound was spot on and the same can be said for the overall storyline. But there are noticeable mistakes and even in today’s video land Looney Tunes is loved by millions.

So, with this said it is clear viewers are picky and most of the time prefer to watch crap content. In terms of the Looney Tunes, back then they didn’t have much to work with like fancy computer programs to edit the audio or video. In this day and age there shouldn’t be an excuse about making crap content as we have more advantages than big studios had back then, before you go shooting me down when I say crap content I mean total rip offs or someone who didn’t put any effort in what they had made.

There are so many great content creators out there and they are being shunned away from the real viewers because people just rip stuff off or just copy and make it look utter crap.

I do hope one day the viewer’s prospective changes because these good creators should be seen more!

What Passes as a Good Book?

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After spending most of today reading some free books from the Kindle store, I asked myself a simple question, what passes as a good book these days?

When I write a book I spend loads of time reading it through making sure it makes sense and to fix any grammar issues, personally with my skills I think I do well. I honestly don’t know why I worry, many of the books I read today had loads of errors and many of them were mistakes I fear in my own books.

I always believe that every writer has their own writing style and I guess this is where people judge a book too easy because they don’t understand how it is written. I guess in this judgmental society this is to be expected, someone less established gets judged for minor mistakes, but when they become more popular their mistakes are overlooked.

Maybe I am being presumptuous, maybe some people take to some writers easier than others, who knows? I think I need to find my writing niche and from there I could learn what makes a good or bad book.

EE Launch 4G Service by The End of October

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Orange and T-Mobile, formally known as EE will be launching its new 4G and Fibre Optic service on October 30th 2012. This new service will please many customers on the EE network but if you are a customer that hasn’t got a LTE enabled device then you will not be pleased to learn that you will not be able to use the new 4G signal.

According to other operators they will not be using the 4G service until the end of 2013 which is unfortunate but every operator involved has agreed to set aside their differences to bring it widespread by the summer of 2013.

The advantages of 4G will mean consumers will enjoy up to 10x faster speeds than 3G, with estimated speeds up to 21mb/second; of course this will depend on area and network redundancy but you will see a speed difference.

On a whole the new 4G network will bring a big leap in wireless communications to Britain.


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