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Busy Times!

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Well Christmas has been and gone, with only a tone of turkey left over and a slight hangover to remind you of good times. I had a good Christmas, nothing major to report really. I spent most of the holiday feeling sick and wanting to cough up a lung because of this infection I inherited from some nice person, and yes I am being sarcastic!

For around a month now we have helped my sister prepare for the birth of her new daughter, as any woman will tell you it isn’t easy. To cut a long story short baby Amber was born on the 18th December 2012 at 2:54pm and weighed 6 pounds 10.

Baby Amber

Apart from being in a mad rush I have written most of the time. I recently published a new book called “Habit, Kicks and Laughter”. This book focuses on 12 habits that people complain about and I give my opinion on each one of them in a funny but straight forward way.
You can find this book online as a digital download and you can buy a paperback copy. All links below:
Habit, Kicks and Laughter – Kindle Edition
Habit, Kicks and Laughter – Kobo Edition
Habit, Kicks and Laughter – PDF Edition
Habit, Kicks and Laughter – Paperback Edition

I hope you enjoyed this little update, signing off now, may you all be safe and well!


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