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Feeling Sluggish

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Over the last month or so I have felt sluggish, weirdly enough the feeling only occurs a few hours after I have eaten more often recently and even though this is a good thing, I am finding it is becoming a task to fill myself every 4-5 hours.

How did I manage when my eating disorder plagued me in my younger days? Must have been the pure rush of energy that we all experience through our teenage years, some people are blessed with this energy surpass their teenage years, wish I was.

Today is one of those days where energy has decided to appear in bursts, one minute I am full of energy and then I’m not. Someone must be playing with my inner energy switch and just picking when it wants to make me feel better. I am currently sat on the sofa with my newly purchased iPad Mini, as I write this, I am looking through our backdoor that overlooks our small garden, my belief is that I can get inspiration from anything or anywhere and if that means our mundane garden fills me with ideas then so be it.

I always get told by my doctors that the key to regain energy back is to keep active, I believe that they use this as a mind over matter, if you don’t think about it then it won’t be something you focus on. Sometimes this method works, but most of the time the lack of energy feeling beats me and I end up trying to sleep it off, and most of the time I wake up feeling more tired than I did before.

One last brief note, I have received the first retail copy of habit, kicks and laughter. Noticeably the pages are publisher grade, this means that the page costs are cheaper and Amazon are able to offer books at cheaper rates.

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Book progression

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Well, what a busy time it has been for me. All three of my books has been accepted by Amazon for retail distribution, one thing that amazed me about this new opportunity was that their ability to produce my books at lower costs. I won’t complain, but I wish my own publisher could meet the same pricing.

Anyhow, with my books being accepted means I am working towards a fourth book. This new book will give you a complete insight into my school life throughout the first 16 years and I highlight the bullying I suffered, along with the eating disorder that would be with me throughout. There are many things I discuss that I haven’t told anyone before and that includes my own family. I hope as you read through the book, it will give you a deeper understanding of what I have been through.

Finally, if you would like to connect with me go across to my fan page which can be found above and within the end of this post. This fan page is purely dedicated to my books, so what are you waiting for? Head on over and get liking!

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