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Winter Season 2013 Closure

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So, today is the last day I blog about myself during the 2013 winter season. I can’t believe the 2013 winter season is coming to an end, if the weather was anything to go by you would think that we had months left of winter.
The good thing is that warmer weather is just around the corner and I can finally go outside without the fear of body parts falling off because it is freezing.

When I woke up this morning it felt like someone had kicked me in my hip, each time I tried to move it felt like I was trying to shift a 1KG weight! The only reason why I got out of bed this morning was because the house phone started ringing and no one else was awake to pick it up for me. So, as you could imagine, it was hard to get up and when I tried to walk it completely failed because I had to drag my left leg across the floor.

Anyway, enough about my drunken leg. After a few hours went by, I had to go and grab some shopping from Tesco. The walk to the shop wasn’t so bad, the weather was calm and it was really mild, I still had to wear my coat, but it wasn’t freezing like previous days.
As we approached Tesco, I noticed a sign saying buy two Easter eggs and get two free. I thought to myself I must get them now while the offer is on because the chances are the offer won’t be on long and they would be snapped up quick. So, while we were in Tesco we picked up the Easter eggs for my family. There goes my idea of just picking up what I needed, but oh well it saves me a job in March, and the best part was I got them at bargain price.
After an hour of walking around Tesco, it was time to come home. I was glad to be heading back home, I was starving, all I had to eat this morning was a few yogurts, and it didn’t help that I didn’t have any dinner last night. The reason for missing dinner last night, was purely because I knocked out and fell asleep.
I don’t make a habit of missing meals, it ends up making my stomach poorly and I end up feeling really sick, I won’t bore you with all the usual vulgar information, but you can easily guess what it is.

When I got home it was time for me to have something to eat and a well-deserved drink. I only had something light because my stomach was poorly and I didn’t want to run the risk throwing it back up again.
After I had something to eat, it was time to start writing the closing chapter of my new blog book. I have worked very hard on this book and I couldn’t let myself down at the final hurdle.

The writing has definitely taken it out on me this month, I have written every day, and on average I have written seven hundred words a day. This figure alone is mind blowing, who knew that I could write that much per day! To be honest with you, I have surprised myself, and I don’t think I would have got this far without the ongoing support from my close friends & family. The support itself has pushed me to keep focused and it has also helped me believe in myself.

So, it is time to say goodbye and to conclude this season. I won’t bore with the rest of my day, it was the same as yesterday, resting and reading, so there wasn’t any point repeating myself.
I hope you have enjoyed this winter season, it has certainly been a mix of emotions and adventures. I hope that the spring season will bring more fun and adventures, and I also hope the weather warms up because I have a lot planned.

The spring season blogs will start on March 1st and until then I will be taking a small break, this is simply to help me recharge my energy and come back with a refreshed mind. Before I go, I will leave you with this quote.

Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around.

Leo Buscaglia –

Until March,


A New G String

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The day has already started and I still haven’t been to bed, yet again I anticipate a long day ahead. When I tried to sleep my mind wouldn’t settle, and it also didn’t help that had pains across my stomach (yet again). I always hate getting like this, it keeps me awake for days, and because of all my medication it makes me overtired, and when I become overtired I start getting really grumpy. As you may well have guessed, this can become an evil road to go down because I take the medication to help with pain and most of the time I have to double the dosage, which in turn makes me feel really spaced out, or stoned as some people describe it as.
As I have mentioned previously, I don’t take this medication for the sake of it, I take it because I needed too. These medications are strong, they are not something you can take whenever you feel like it because they have to be taken in a controlled manner, in my case I have to take them every four hours, and if I had a choice I wouldn’t take them, but I have no choice in the matter.

So, it is silly o’clock in the morning and I am sat here watching Johnny English reborn, if you’re not aware of this film it is a spin off to the previous Johnny English films. I would be surprised if you hadn’t heard of the films because the main actor is Rowen Atkinson, he is famously known for doing his character act Mr. Bean, and he also starred in many British comedies.
When I was younger I always watched Mr. Bean, the show always made me laugh. I don’t know why it kept me entertained, the comedy was simple, and you didn’t even need to hear any words for it to make you laugh. The show didn’t have much talking, but you didn’t need to hear anything to work out what is going on because of the slapstick comedy style, you would instantly catch on that the humor was found within his actions and expressions. The one episode that I always remember, was when his mini got ran over by a tank and the emotion on his face made you feel sorry him, and somehow it made you cry.
Well, it turns out that I can sleep upright with my laptop on me. What an amazing trick, I was half expecting my laptop to be laid out flat on the floor, let alone it being on my lap! Anyway, my morning started out really cold and in pain (yet again), like I have said before, bring on the summer because I can’t stand this cold anymore! What makes things worse is that I haven’t cleared this cold yet and for some reason no matter what I do it still doesn’t go away.

So, after all this moaning, it was time to restring my acoustic guitar, something I hate doing, but it needs to be done because the elder strings have gone all rusty and lost some sound quality.
After an hour of hard work, I finally replaced all the strings, which was good going for me because it normally takes me several hours. I did have a few problems while I was doing it, and that was purely down to my eyes going all blurry, which then meant I put two of the strings in the wrong place, but that was easily fixed.
The next thing I had to was test it, this gave me a fantastic opportunity to have a jamming session. I sat playing the guitar for over two hours and I enjoyed every moment of it. While I was playing the guitar, I decided to learn a new song, after all it had been awhile since I had learned a new song. The song I chose to learn was called Land down under, which was originally written and sung by a group called Men at work. The song was really easy to learn, it was a basic chord pattern (C, G, Am, F, G). I have wanted to learn this song for sometime, and gladly I did today, which was a fantastic way to end the afternoon.

As the evening was fast approaching, I decided to have a few races in Gran Truismo. I hadn’t played in a couple of days, so it gave me a good excuse to rest and burn virtual rubber on the track. I had a bit of luck during my game play, I ended up completing the professional A-spec race series, and I also got the B national license. I was really pleased because I can now progress further in the game, hopefully this progression will last for a few more days.

After an hour of playing games, it was time to unwind and relax into the evening. I hadn’t got anything specific planned, I could read a book or just watch a bit of television, either way I didn’t want to do anything stressful.
I started out the evening by watching some episodes of Frasier on Netflix. When I was halfway through an episode, I got a text message from Steve, he was inviting me to join a video chat with him and Carl, well I couldn’t say no because they are my best friends and I would never pass up an opportunity to chat to them.
We had another couple of hours of laughs, and just a great time all round.

Anyway, the rest of my evening was spent relaxing. I didn’t have anything else to do, so I just finished up parts of my books again.
So, with that said it is time to sign off, but before I do, I will leave you with these words of wisdom.

A life spent making mistakes is not only more honorable, but more useful than a life spent doing nothing.

George Bernard Shaw –

Until tomorrow,


Cold day, and Warming chat

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Today started out with a gentle tap from Hannah (niece) and a big cuddle, she said morning Marcy (Marky) it is time to wake up. So, with that said I got up and headed towards the kitchen. I switched the kettle on and made myself & Hannah a cup of tea, which she didn’t drink might I add, she decided to eat six of my yogurts instead.
After we ate our breakfast, Hannah thought it was a great idea to pull around everywhere and jump on me. While Hannah was running me ragged, everyone finally decided to get out their pits and come downstairs.
Anyway, skipping over the usual routine, it was time to get Hannah ready to go home. As I mentioned previously, Hannah was going to see her other grand parents today, so she had to go home early.

After Hannah went home, we decided to head over to the park for a walk and to take some pictures. I wanted to have a walk because I didn’t want to start feeling faint, like I did yesterday.
While we were walking towards the park, the snow started coming down even more, which started battering me in the face, keep in mind it has been snowing since yesterday morning and none of it has settled on the ground. The weather was really bitter, as the cold breeze hit my face, it sent shooting pains up my nose into my sinuses, and yes that was painful, it felt like someone was putting pins in my face.
After twenty minutes of taking pictures, we decided to head home because the cold breeze was hitting us and making us feel really cold, every time I took a picture it felt like my fingers were going to drop off.
When we got home I only had one thing on my mind, and that was to get the kettle on to make a cup of tea.
I really needed to warm up, it felt like I was carrying a bag of ice cubes up my jumper, see this is what I get for being really thin. While I was making a drink, I decided to have something to eat because I was starting to feel very peckish (hungry).
My lunch was the usual, spaghetti and yogurts, of course not mixed together, but as separate courses, it would taste awful mixed together, and that’s coming from someone who has tried all sorts of combinations.
The one combination I remember eating was baked beans and monster munch mixed together. I always remember eating this after school, and I would sit up in my room watching children’s television shows. These food combinations were something I tried when I was trying to gain weight, believe me, if you want a sure fired way to gain weight then this will work for you, but word of warning, when you gain weight it is meant to be done progressively and not rapidly because it can cause health complications.
I acknowledge that I no longer eat these food combinations because I have weak swallowing muscles and it panics me if I start choking on the food. My diet is very strict now, and in a way I am glad it is because I am very scared about choking.

Since the age of thirteen I have suffered from this problem and over the years it has gradually got worse. I have seen many specialists about this problem over the years, but each time had no success. The specialists concluded that it was my cerebral palsy causing the muscle weakness and I would have to put up with it for the rest of my life. This wasn’t a shock to me, after all I had put up with it for years already and it seemed normal to me. The only let down to this is that I use large amounts of kitchen roll because I dribble a lot, this isn’t of my own choosing, and honestly something I could do without.

Anyway, skipping ahead to the afternoon. I had the pleasure of talking to my two of my best friends Carl & Steve. We were talking for around three hours, it is always a delight change when we have our chats because we have such a laugh together, and the best part is that we are all really close. I speak to both Carl & Steve everyday, and they certainly bring a big ray of sunshine to my day.
After a few hours, I had to sign off to take some tablets. I wasn’t in much pain at the time, but I just wanted to take the edge off the pain for a while so I could do a bit of writing. I have to take a mixture of tablets every four hours and if I don’t take them the pain becomes unbearable, and it also affects how I feel or how I think if I don’t keep the pain under control.

When I had my tablets, it was time to start writing again, at this point I had only written a few paragraphs in my daily blog, and in all honesty I felt like I was letting myself down by not writing much. I know many bloggers would say it doesn’t matter how much you write, but I always aim to write one thousand words a day no matter how long it takes me.

So, the evening has come and I have spent most of the time watching television, I know, such a lazy evening, but oh well, we can’t have an exciting life all the time.
I think the rest of my evening will be spent reading books and lying on the sofa, what a good way to end a cold and bitter day.

Before I sign off, I will leave you with this joke to warm up your laughing muscles.

My daughter was born yesterday. I named her after my mother-in-law, she’s called ‘passive-aggressive psycho’.


Until tomorrow,


Friday Fail

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The day started with a very light dusting of snow, and when I say light I mean it, someone could rub more dandruff out their hair and make a bigger pile. I do hope this cold weather goes away soon, my body doesn’t take cold weather well because it gets into my bone’s and causes pain.

So, it is Friday again. I can’t believe the week has flown by, and I thought winter was meant to be the longer months, I must be living in a faster dimension because each day flies by really fast.

As I mentioned yesterday Hannah (niece) is staying over tonight, she has been looking forward to it all week, we were meant to have her tomorrow, but she has to go and see her other grandparents, which is completely fair because we get to see Hannah most of the time. I wonder how long it will take before Hannah asks about playing on the Playstation, I do hope it isn’t too soon because I want to have my daily drive on Gran Turismo.
Talking about Gran Turismo, I finally got up to one million credits again, I know it isn’t something big, but I have worked hard to get it (yes I know, I am sad, get over yourself). I previously had one million credits and I ended up wasting all of it on so-called high performance cars that were complete failures.

I feel so tired today, it feels like I haven’t slept all night. This might be because I went to bed late again, to be honest this shouldn’t be effecting me, I slept most of the evening so I don’t understand why I feel like this. I definitely won’t get an early night tonight because I am sleeping on the sofa and everyone goes to bed late in this house.

Anyway, after a couple of hours, I decided to go downstairs to have some food. I wasn’t really in the mood for anything big, so I just had yogurts and an ice- cream. I made my family laugh, it is snowing outside, and I am chomping down an ice-cream. My mum said to me: only you could eat an ice-cream while it is snowing outside, I just laughed and replied well, I don’t care, food is food, I am going to eat it anyway.
Once I had finished my food, I went upstairs to do some drawing. I can’t remember the last time I did some proper drawing, it must have been a couple of months at least.
Last year I went through a big drawing stage where I would spend hours drawing different cartoons, each drawing took a minimum of eight hours to complete, and this didn’t include any colouring.

After a disastrous drawing session, I decided to give up because it wasn’t going to plan and I was starting to get frustrated. The best thing I can do is stick my feet up and rest, maybe I should play the Playstation while I have a chance because I know Hannah will be playing it later on with Laura (sister).
Well, that didn’t go to plan, I ended up feeling really faint and I had to lay down. After five minutes of playing the Playstation, I could feel my head become heavy, it felt like a dead weight had been dropped on my head. So before I completely collapsed, I jumped into my bed and just fell asleep.

After I woke up, I went downstairs to make some food, but this time something more nutritional. I ended up making some spaghetti from a tin. When I finished that myself and Laura needed to go across to Tesco to grab some shopping.
Anyway, to be brief we got the shopping and got back home. I feel terrible, but the walk done me the world of good.

So, the day is at an end, and it is time for me to rest, but I will leave you with this joke.

How do frogs die? They Kermit suicide.

Until tomorrow,


Early Call, and Package

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The day started out with pains through my gut, lucky I knew what they were because some people mistaken it for a grumbling appendix. I am going to skip over the obvious reason why, but during the time I was in the toilet, the phone rang and since it was early, I quickly jumped off the toilet and ran into the living with my jeans around my ankles. I picked up the phone and said: hello, nobody replied, so I stood there waiting for about 10 seconds and suddenly it started ringing. After all that, a voice piped up and said they other person has cleared. I wouldn’t mind, but that could have been something important since it was 7:10am. I can only guess the call was from a call centre that wanted to find out if I had been miss sold PPI insurance, wish they would stop ringing because I know I haven’t and no matter how much I tell them, they go on like they know your financial situation better than you do.

Anyway, enough about that, but thanks for waking me up! The day started out really cold and it was lucky I didn’t have to go out because I would end up with body parts dropping off. As I sit here writing, the heavens have opened and snow is flurrying in the air. I had a feeling that it would snow today because the temperature was staying at a steady 1c and you could feel the bitterness in the air.
After an hour of chatting to one of my best friends Mark, we decided to play Gran Turismo on the Playstation. We didn’t do any head to head races, we just tried beating each others times around the track. During the game I was repeatedly disconnected because my wifi connection would become overloaded.
After a couple of hours went by, I had to sign off so I could take my medication, and the constant drop outs were starting to annoy so the timing was great.

When I was getting something to eat, I was interrupted by a knock at the door, it was the postman, he had a package for me. The package was from my best friend Steve, he sent me a new Big Bang Theory T-shirt, two iPhone docks (one for mum and one for me), Polar Express (for Hannah) and a Borat Mankini. I laughed when I saw the Mankini, but I don’t think I will be wearing it any time soon, maybe I will wear it in a photo or a video, time will tell.
I really love the new T-shirt, the quote on the shirt says I am not insane my mother had me tested. The shirt is fantastic, I know some people might think that’s weird, but I don’t care I love it!
Mum and I really love the iPhone docks, they work perfect, and now mum can stop moaning at me about nicking my other stand, she sends a big thank you. I also can’t thank you enough for the gifts, you are a true blue friend.

When I finished up lunch, it was time to move my cable modem upstairs. I was glad that I was moving the modem upstairs because I could take full advantage of my 120mb connection speed without any dropouts. This also means I can play on the Playstation and not get disconnected, which I am very pleased about because it was starting to get really annoying.

After a short while, Cassie and the gang came around. Hannah (niece) was her usual self, she gave me a big cuddle as always. I gave her the DVD sent and she was really happy, she said thank you Mr. Steve. Amber (niece) was lovely as always, she spent most of the time asleep, wish I could sleep that much.
Hannah is staying over tomorrow, which will be fun, but it also means I will lose my Playstation again. I don’t mind her playing on it at all, it keeps them quiet after all, but sometimes I want to play it as well.

Anyway, I have started to feel much better after this morning’s pain attack, and I think this cold has started to disappear, I knew it wouldn’t take long, but it is always rubbish when I have a cold because I feel like I am dying.
I think I was wishful thinking because after a few hours on Gran Turismo again, I started to feel sick again and the cough was back again, at least the sneezing has stopped.

Before, I bore you all, I think it is time for me to rest. This cold is really starting to hit me and after waking up early in pain, it has all started to catch up with me.

Until tomorrow,


Town Life, and inspiration

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Well, after that long day of sneezing yesterday, I thought I would have cleared most of this cold, ha, wasn’t I wrong! Today started out with a bitter walk to Tesco, it was a needs must situation, I ran out of kitchen roll and I wasn’t going to use toilet paper, one sneeze and you will blow a hole though it.
Anyway, skipping ahead. We got the shopping and we got back home in record time. If I remember we left at 9am and got home at 10:10am, not bad for a quick shop, and I didn’t even have a Costa Coffee.

As we got through the door, mum decided to tell me that everyone was heading into the town and asked would I like to come? I replied well, okay then, but I want to grab a Costa Coffee while we were there. This of course was fine with mum, as she loves Costa Coffee just as much as me.
Before I knew it, we were away into town. I really wished I wore a better jumper because the wind had picked up and it was rattling through that town, and it was bitterly cold. The first stop made was to Costa Coffee. While I think of it, maybe I should get Costa Coffee to sponsor my blogs, after all I mention them a lot, sponsor please? Now who’s wishful thinking? Anyway, back to what I was talking about. I had my usual two drinks, but with a slight change, instead of having hot chocolate on its own, I had a shot of caramel with it. That went down a treat, and I think I will have that every time I go to that Costa Coffee. I would love to get it from my local Tesco Costa Coffee, but it is only a franchise, and they don’t do the shots like the proper Costa Coffee’s.

So, we finished up our drinks and headed towards the shops. I always hate this part, it means I have to part with money, not much just enough to make want to cringe. I don’t mind spending money on my family, but my mum must think I am some sort of bank because she always gets anything she asks for, this isn’t a bad thing, and I am not complaining, but I just wished she picked a better time to spend money. So, mother next time, find a suitable date, only joking, after everything you and dad have done for me, you both deserve the earth. I know I wasn’t the easiest child to bring up, after all the problems, you and dad were there standing by my side every step of the way. I couldn’t wish for better parents, and no this isn’t a suck up, it is simply the god’s honest truth.
I have book in the making that will explain everything about my life and how my parents have turned their whole world around for me, and once you read it, you will fully understand me why.

Skipping a head several hours. We were finally home and to say the least glad. I did my usual, switched the kettle on and made a quick cup of tea. I brought myself something new to try, they were milk chocolate ice-creams. They went down a treat, apart from when I read they contained Soya milk, which I am allergic too. So, with a belly full of Soya milk, I had to ride the waves of stomach spasms, lucky I have medication to prevent it from flaring up badly.
After I had eaten, I decided to play on Gran Turismo. I didn’t do any race events today, I just wanted to look round the dealership for another car that I had my eye on. The car was a classic Subaru Impreza, which is a classic rally car. First, I started out by modifying all the parts to the highest level possible, if that isn’t greedy I don’t know what is! Then, I painted the car light blue and changed the wheel rims to gold to match the original car. So, the only thing I had left to do was to take it out on the track for a test drive. When I took the car around the track, it didn’t seem to have the power and control I was expecting, as I turned each corner the car kept on going off. I can only assume that the car requires more configuring before it will be up to racing standards.

After many hours of playing Gran Turismo, the evening was in full swing and it was time to unwind. The evening times always brings out my creative side, I sit on my sofa and think of new story ideas that people might love. I have sat for hours sometimes just thinking, thinking of what I could release next. The hardest part about writing new stories is bringing across to the reader as something new and exciting. I could write several stories in a week, but only one of them would make sense. This story writing isn’t a waste, after all every story can be completed and enjoyed by millions of people if you put the time and effort into bringing the story together.
So, if there is one piece of advice I can give to new authors, and that would be never give up, even if you think it is rubbish, never give up faith, a true story comes from the heart, and you find that your work will be loved by millions of people, your needing the reassurance that you’re not wasting your time, but time is great. And, those who love your will carry on supporting you, through good and bad.

Anyway, it is time for me to sign off and retire to my bed. I do hope that I have inspired many people with this post, and remember one thing, life is complex and it will test our full abilities, so when it throws you a lemon, just make lemonade and ride the wave we call life.

Until tomorrow,


Sneezing Sickness

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Well, today started out with more aches and pains. I tried my best to get out of bed, but for the life of me, I really couldn’t get up. The pain in my back and legs were terrible, I felt really stiff (excuse the obvious crude pun), and with every move I made the pain would shoot across my body.
After ten minutes, I finally pulled myself together and sat up on the sofa. I couldn’t really decide what to do, one part of me was saying I can’t be bothered to move, but then other part of me was saying go grab a hot chocolate from Costa Coffee. I was in such a dilemma, do I resist the urge to have a smooth hot chocolate, or do I stay at home and be a lazy bugger? I bet you can guess the one I chose, and I am not ashamed to admit that a healthy addiction to Costa Coffee hot chocolate.

The walk to Costa Coffee was bitterly cold, my nose and ears felt like pins were being put through them. I was finding it hard to breathe because the air was freezing and it felt like I was breathing through a small straw, obviously I could breathe, if I couldn’t I wouldn’t be here writing this obviously, but it just felt like I couldn’t breathe.
When I arrived at Costa Coffee I sat down in our usual seats, and I waited for Laura’s partner (David) to bring the drinks over. I had my normal, two cups of hot chocolates with a load of sugar and David had a cup of tea. As I sat there looking over at the window, I just gazed across and watched the world go by as I slowly drank my boiling hot chocolate. The hot chocolate felt like I was drinking fire, with every mouthful I took I had to softly blow on my drink so that it would cool down enough to drink.

Once we finished our drinks, we made our way downstairs into to Tesco to pick up some shopping. I only wanted to buy a little bit of shopping to see me through until tomorrow. While we were going around the shop I felt my stomach fill with wind, the reason for this was that I hadn’t had anything to eat. As went down a couple of isles, I felt my stomach become more tense, I couldn’t hold it in, and suddenly I let out one of the loudest farts ever! I don’t know why people were giving me looks of disgust, it wasn’t like I could hold it in, I was going to explode if I didn’t let it out.
After we picked up all the shopping, we headed back home to finally rest and have something to eat.

When we got home I started to make a small breakfast, and I use that term loosely because it consisted of three mince beef and onion pasties, which I would later regret eating. After I ate breakfast, I decided to take it easy because cold was starting to get worse, and over doing it would make me feel even worse.

So, as you might have guessed, my day has consisted of sneezing, coughing, taking medication and farting. I know, I bet your thinking why did he highlight farting? Well, the simple answer is the ultimate truth. I have been farting all day, and before you ask, yes I did use the toilet, but it still didn’t stop them occurring throughout the day. If I carry on farting like I am, I think I will cause a hole in the ozone layer and NASA will have to put me on their radar so they know if I cause any more damage to the world.
Sneezing has been another thing annoying me all day, every five minutes I have sneezed, how can one person produce so much mucus? I have gone through three kitchen rolls already, and it is lucky that I am going back to Tesco tomorrow to pick up some more shopping, if I didn’t I would have to start using couch pillows to sneeze into.
After reading through that part, I bet most of you laughed and thought, Marc your one sick person. Keep in mind that my humor is lighthearted, but also wacky. I don’t intend to cause offense, but you either love me or hate me, either way, I still carry on being who I am regardless what anyone thinks, and if people don’t like it then that’s their problem not mine.

Anyway, as the evening came in, I sat and watched television. I couldn’t be bothered doing anything else, being this sick knocks it out of you and the energy levels just go to an ultimate low. The evening at most was relaxing, it was a welcome change from the normal daily grind.

So, on this final note, it is time for bed. Well, that’s if I don’t sneeze to death or pull my back in the meantime.

Until tomorrow,


Friends, and inspiration

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The day started out cold and foggy, it isn’t massively cold, just a light chill that can be felt throughout the house. I hope the weather starts warming up soon, spring is just around the corner and hopefully it will bring some sunshine.

Somehow the weather read my mind, the sun came out in all it’s glory and there is nothing, but blue skies. This is such a change in events, the morning was cold and foggy and shortly after, it started warming up.
I always love the start of spring; freshly cut grass, flowers blossoming and warmer days, it utterly blissful! The only downside to spring is that wasps start to appear from nowhere, and might I add I hate the little pests! They’re like little ninja killers with wings, and come out from nowhere to give you a right sting!

Skipping back to the early hours of this morning. I was having a chat with my best friend Steve. We were talking about how blogging has helped us both focus our minds, and how we inspire each other to carry on blogging.
Steve has always been a big inspiration to me, when I wanted to learn about photography, he spent many hours with me on the phone teaching me the basics of photography. I have come along way with Steve’s guidance, throughout the last year I have taken over one thousand pictures and some of the ones I have taken people have really loved them.
The most important thing Steve has inspired to do, was to carry on writing books. I initially wrote my first book in 2010 and it was a small success, but months afterwards I felt that my writing abilities were substandard and I couldn’t get past that thought, so with that playing on my mind, I gave up writing for whole year. When I met Steve later that year, I expressed to him how I wanted to progress more with my writing, again we sat for hours talking, coming up with story ideas. The funniest part was when we took those story ideas and twisted them completely, we just let our mind’s wonder down the road of fifth and funnies.
When it came to writing I didn’t have much knowledge on how to deal with grammar or how to construct a story that would until the end. This is where Steve helped me again, I received a package in the post, which took me by surprise. As I opened the package a book fell out, it was a book called how to write your life story, inside the book, it teaches you many writing styles and techniques that you could use in your own writing.
I couldn’t thank Steve enough for sending the book because it has helped me tremendously. When I am writing I purposely have the book next to me so I am able to use it as a reference.

If it wasn’t for Steve inspiring me, I wouldn’t have written my other books, and this is a fact because I lost focus after writing my first book and the inspiration pushed me to carry on, no matter what I thought or how I felt.
So, if I had anyone to thank for the success of my books, it would be to Steve, with this said I send big thanks to Steve and one lasting message, your inspiration will never be forgotten and if I ever make big, remember it was because of you and I will make sure I look after you, will a sports car be okay?

The most of my morning was spent with Hannah (niece) singing along with music on my phone and playing Angry Birds Star Wars on the MacBook. She is a little master when it comes to that game, when we get stuck on the game we ask her to do the level and you can bet any money that she will pass the level.
I forgot to mention yesterday that Hannah was staying with us last night and tonight. She is off this week because her school is on half term, so mum arranged that she could stay over for a couple of days.

Skipping ahead to the evening. I spent some time on the Playstation (again) racing around on Gran Turismo 5, the one thing I remembered to do was to buy the BMW M5, 08 for Mark (another best friend). I was going to buy it when I did Steve’s car during the week, but I was running low on credits. Before I could buy the car, I had to do a couple of events, it was lucky I had a few fast cars, so it didn’t take me long to complete the events to get enough credits to buy Mark’s car for him.
The reason I wanted to buy the car for Mark & Steve was because we play online together and I wanted us to have a race together using the same car.
I love our races online because if you have any stress, you can burn it up on the race track, and the best part is we have a laugh together. The one thing we laugh about is how we try to knock each other off the road, or one of us tries to undercut on the track (I never do that, even though Mark & Steve do not believe me, don’t know why…)

So, after all that fun, I started to relax myself for the evening. I am hoping that I will have an early night, but I will wait and see what happens.

Until tomorrow,


Sunday Sinus Cold

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Today started out with a lack of sleep and an almighty sinus infection. I ended up going to sleep at 2:30am. After feeling completely rejected yesterday, I couldn’t settle my mind, it was kicking thoughts around my head. Most of the night was spent waking up every hour, I felt very unsettled and tired.

After I had breakfast, I decided to play on the Playstation. I wasn’t in any sort of mood to do anything productive, well apart from a little bit of writing in the evening of course.
The morning flew by, when I started playing on it the time was 10am, and when I had finished it was 2pm. I was completely knackered, it got to the point where my eyes felt really heavy and the room felt like it was spinning, it was like someone had spun me around a million times and I was ready to throw up everywhere!

While I was playing the Playstation, I started to upgrade some cars that I already had in my Gran Turismo garage.
I didn’t really want to waste credits on newer cars because it would be a complete waste.
The car I focused on was a classic 1969 Volkswagen Beetle, it was a complete random choice, and it was also a risk to my credits because it wasn’t very upgradeable.
So, after I upgraded the Beetle, it was ready to hit the race track to give it a good old run around. The race started out fantastically well, everything was going along smoothly, until I reached the first corner. When I turned into the corner it suddenly started lifting the opposite side I was turning, so if I turned it left, it would lift the right side of the car. I tried many configurations, but it was still trying to rollover. The only way it stayed on the ground was when I put the suspension down low, and as I said before it still didn’t solve the problem.
As the race went on, the problem became easier to deal with. The actual problem was due to weight and speed, so as you turned sharply it would lift, but this all depended on how fast you were going.
Anyway let’s move on a couple of hours. As the afternoon set in, I started to feel even more sick. This sinus infection was certainly running me into the ground and no matter what I did, it didn’t want to settle down. I don’t know if you have guessed, but I suffer from colds, flu’s and infections a lot. I don’t know if this will sound right, but I don’t mind if I get a small cold. I know this seems weird, but there are some advantages about getting a cold, you tend to get hungry and this means you can eat loads of food.

The rest of my afternoon was spent talking with my best friend Steve on FaceTime, we had some good laughs as always. After I spoke with Steve, I spent time with my nieces, Hannah and Mia. They didn’t run me around like they usually do, which was an advantage for me because I didn’t have it in me to run around anyway.

Skipping ahead to the evening. Everyone had finally gone home and I could finally start writing again. I don’t even know if it will go to plan, but I will wait and see what happens. I will probably do myself a favor and go to bed early.

Until tomorrow,


Gran Turismo, and Rejection

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The weekend is upon us again, and I had pure determination not to rush anything. I got up around 8:30am, instead of rushing out of bed, I casually pulled the duvet off of me and sat up slowly. I hadn’t made any plans, so it was a free day for me.

After I had my breakfast, I decided to go up to my room and play on the Playstation for a while. I hadn’t played on it in over a week at this point and I needed to catch up on Gran Turismo. I have an addiction to this game, after all, I am male and anything motor sport related keeps us hooked.
The game is geared towards modifying your own cars and as you go through each event you earn credits to buy more cars or modifications for existing cars in your garage.
This morning I had to buy a new car because I needed it for an event I wanted to enter. The event itself had only one restriction and that was each car must be made in Germany, with only a few cars to choose from in my garage I had no choice, but to buy a new car. I had to put my thinking cap on because I couldn’t remember which manufactures were German, the only one that I could remember was BMW. So with that said, I went across to the BMW dealership page and looked through their range of cars. I had to keep in mind that the event I was entering would contain other cars that were heavily modified for performance, and the car I required needed to be fully customizable.
I ended up finding a BMW M5, 08 edition for one hundred and thirty-two thousand credits, it was stylish and it also appealed to my inner speed ninja. The car itself was only basic, it only had standard parts, which wouldn’t get me far for the event it was being entered into. So this meant I had to spend extra credits to buy all the mods. I was lucky in a way because I had over one million credits that I had won in a previous event.
After ten minutes, I had the car fully modified and ready to race. The modifications worked perfectly because I won the event and I ended up lapping everyone in each race.
During the event I received a text message from one of my best friends Steve, which meant I had to pause the game, but I don’t mind that because it wouldn’t take me two minutes to get back in the zone again.
After a couple of texts back and forward, I told Steve about the new car I had brought on the game, he seemed really interested about it. So being me, I said I would give him the same car to see how he got on with it. I don’t know if he has been on his Playstation yet to test it out, but I am sure he will love it.

Skipping ahead a couple hours. I remembered I needed to call Carl, who is also another one of my best friends. The call wasn’t for anything particular, it was more of a catchup call because I didn’t have time during the week to ring him. As I have mentioned before, both Steve and Carl are two amazing people and they have stuck by me through all my ups and downs.
While I was on the phone to Carl, my niece Hannah came upstairs and asked me if she could play Little big planets on my Playstation, I tried explaining that she could, but she needed to wait until I had finished on the phone and she also had to wait until I finished the event in Gran Turismo. She took it onboard that she had to wait, but if you know anything about children their idea of patients and time goes out of the window when they are waiting for something they want to do, every two minutes Hannah would ask me if I had finished yet and I would tell her no, not until this event is finished.
After ten minutes, I said to Carl that I would ring him back later, which he said that was okay, but I felt like I was being rude by going as quick as I did.

Once I had put the phone down, my sister (Cassie) shouted up and said come we are going to the park. This meant I had to go with them, which was fine because I needed to get out the house for some fresh air.

Skipping ahead to the walk in the park. As we were walking through the park, I started to think about things that were playing on my mind. I had this one thought that wouldn’t go away, it was about rejection and those who have rejected me over the years. The rejection feeling stems from years of being rejected by so-called friends and even girlfriends. When it comes to rejection, I take it to heart and I start to think that I have done something to make it happen, the likelihood is that people just don’t want to know me anymore or even care about me. I don’t know maybe I am wrong, maybe I am just over thinking it, who knows really because people chop and change their minds more than anything these days.
What I don’t understand is when people suddenly stop talking to you and they ignore your calls or texts, it is like they are saying screw you I don’t want to know anymore. I always find that this way is very harsh, you should be allowed to know why they don’t want to talk anymore, after all that would be the adult thing to do.
Anyway, enough of this rejection stuff, people are going to do what they’re going to do no matter what happens.

Once we had reached the main playing area, I sat down on the bench and just watched the world go by. I needed to relax, these thoughts were starting to trigger my depression and that is the last thing I want to happen. After about twenty minutes, we all walked across to the pond to feed the ducks. I decided just to watch on because the grass near the pond was all muddy and I didn’t want to get more mud over my trainers.

So, with the ducks fed, it was time to head home. I enjoyed the short walk with everyone, but I didn’t enjoy those mind wrenching thoughts that plagued me for twenty minutes.
When I got home I needed to have lunch and take some medication, everything was aching and I needed the pain to stop, which it did after I had them.

The rest of my day was spent playing Gran Turismo again, you wouldn’t believe how relaxed that game makes me because all the bad thoughts completely disappeared and it meant I was able to play the game with a clear mind.

Skipping ahead to the evening. As the evening came, I became really tired. I think that walk to the park had knackered me out, or it could have been that four straight hours of game play in the afternoon, either way I had fun during both activities so I don’t care.

So, today was an easy day and fun was enjoyed by all.

Until tomorrow,



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