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I tried, and choked!

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Well, this blog was meant to be written yesterday, but due to some events that happened I was unable to bring myself to write anything. I was out with K yesterday, we were going to see a film at the cinema and we were also going to have a meal together (which went down the pain, I will explain later).

Anyhow, the day started out sunny, and it also started out with a well-deserved Costa Coffee. I hadn’t had a Costa Coffee for a few weeks, so I think it was well deserved, and on a serious note, I think I was getting withdrawal symptoms (no joke, I need that boost from time-to-time). I didn’t get two drinks this time instead, I only brought one hot chocolate, but it was a large so it was like two drinks, but in one cup.

I had some extra time to kill because I was waiting for K to arrive. So, with that said, I headed over to the local Asda store to pick up a nasal inhaler because I could feel my sinuses were blocking up and I didn’t want it to mess up our day together. So, anyway, back to the Asda store. When I was browsing the items I noticed that Maltesers were on offer, these are one of things I know K enjoys, so I thought why not, she will enjoy them.

So, with those in hand, I headed over to the railway station to wait for K to arrive. After an hour of waiting, K turned up and we headed towards the bus station to get a bus to the cinema. The buses seemed to be all over the place, both myself and K were getting confused over the timetable, it didn’t help that the map application decided to tell us the wrong information. Anyway, after all the confusion, we were finally on the right bus and we were heading towards the cinema. During our bus ride both myself and K were talking about all different things, which was great because I always love our chats.

After a short trip, we were finally off the bus and heading towards the cinema. The day was certainly getting hot at this point, stupidly I was wearing my black coat which made me feel much hotter. I know, such a stupid idea wearing black in warm weather. So, anyway, we were standing in the cinema trying to decide what movie to watch, I left this choice down to K because I didn’t know what movies were out (she knows more than me). This time round, we didn’t have one of our funny arguments because I said you can choose, I don’t mind what we watch. In the end K decided on a film called Identity Theft, which I must admit, it was an awesome film.

So, we had an hour to kill before the movie started, which was good timing because I was in need of a drink and something to eat. We headed over to McDonalds to grab something quick, I only had a McFlurry and a cup of tea which was nice. I didn’t want to have too much because I knew we were going out for a meal after the film. While were eating, I remembered that I brought a signed copy of my book for K, she seemed very pleased with the book, which was the most important thing. I did also leave her a personal message in the book for her, this is what I do for all my signings because it helps the reader feel more connected with the author, but when it’s for-close friends like K, I always leave a message that says how much they mean to me, I know my friends are there for me, but I always like to say how much they Mean to me.

Skipping ahead to after the movie. As I mentioned before, the movie was awesome, but for some reason I can’t remember most of it, maybe I am in still in shock after what happened yesterday. When we were having our meal, I started to choke badly on the medicine and tea I had, as I was choking I was struggling to breathe and I started to have a major panic. I haven’t choked like this for many years, well I don’t think have throughout the whole time I have had my eating disorder which must be around ten years. So, as I was sitting there choking, I didn’t know what to do, K quickly jumped up to give me some help, she gradually rubbed my back to help, and out of nowhere I coughed up all my drink, I also ended up spitting most of the noodles out also, which wasn’t something I wanted K to see because it was disgusting, but it couldn’t be helped, I was choking to death after all. Anyway, after that, I went into a fit of panic, I ended up drinking two pots of tea in a short space of time because I felt like I was still choking. I kept on asking K, do I look okay? She was constantly reassuring me that I was fine, but I am guessing the panic took over me.

I want to personally thank K for saving my life yesterday, I know I probably scared her, but I honestly didn’t mean too. I just wanted to have a nice meal with her because I treasure our friendship, and she has also been one person that has helped me through some of my hard times in recent weeks. So, K, from the bottom of my heart I do thank you, I won’t forget this ever and I will always be there if you need me too. I also hope I didn’t scare you too much.

After this terrifying moment, we decided to head back because I was still having a panic attack. We were supposed to get a bus, but in the end we decided to walk because the bus would take ages to arrive. I nearly got us lost while walking back because the map application I used on my phone was playing up and I wasn’t in the mood, in the end I decided to call a taxi, it was much easier and it saved us a bit of time. When we arrived into the town, we went across to see if Costa Coffee was open, but on this occasion it wasn’t because they closed before we arrived in town.

So, in the end, we decided that it was time to head home. I never like saying goodbyes, and after what happened I felt like I messed up the day completely. When K went home her train, I waited in the station for my time to arrive. As I was waiting, I sat on a bench in tears because I felt like I messed everything up, including our friendship, I know this might sound stupid, but it did shock me in that way, and even when I think about it now, I still think I have messed up our friendship. Anyhow, with that said, even though this did happen, I still enjoyed our day together.

I think it’s going to take sometime to get over this, and this is why I have decided to stop writing & blogging until the start of June. This means that the spring series book comes to end today and I will be back at the start of June writing the new series. I am sorry if this has disappointed anyone, but due to the circumstances surrounding my eating disorder, I don’t want it to go back to how it was because I was doing really well. So, until June, catch you soon!

You’re a Nutter, Lovely Meal

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I am guessing it is going to be a long day, it is now 12:11am and I am wide awake watching the webcams at the haunted house in York that I went to recently. I can certainly say that was an interesting experience, but I will tell you about that at a later date because I want to dedicate a whole blog to it.

Anyway, as I was saying. The time is certainly getting on here and it seems like the weather is getting colder again. I don’t know why it is getting cold, we had beautiful hot sunshine earlier, it was so hot that I could walk around with my top off, glad the neighbors didn’t see because they would have got a shock! I mean walking around with no boxers on is enough to scare anyone, I bet your all thinking you dirty bugger, don’t worry I didn’t do it really, but wouldn’t it be hilarious if I did? Okay, you all have mental image didn’t need, job done! Now, look what I have done! I have scared you for life, oh well, at least I will be in your thoughts, just promise me one thing though, no stalkers!

So, it turns out that I get very funny when I get tired. As I look back at what I just wrote, I am thinking are you nuts? The short answer to that is yes, but in my own defense, crazy is the new normal, it makes life more fun, don’t you agree? I bet you all just answered no to that question, and I even bet some of you rolled your eyes in disgust and called me an idiot.

I have just realized something funny, it feels like I am having a conversation with someone, but I am on my own in the dinning room, how weird is that? I think this is a sign, and it says you’re a complete nutcase. I once passed a sign on the motorway saying nutcase’s this way, I just thought it was the chocolate factory, but I guess I was the nut they were looking for. Anyway, before I get myself in trouble, I am off to sleep, well try to at least.

After many went by, I finally had some sleep, okay it was at 7am, but at least I had some sleep. Anyway, today was reasonably hot, I regret wearing my coat because I was sweating like a pig. I won’t complain though because it means more warmer days are ahead, and it also means we will get a hotter summer.

I am going to skip ahead a few hours, you will understand why I want to do this later. We all went to my sisters (Cassie) for dinner today, it was a lovely meal, I certainly enjoyed it. My sister made sausage casserole, mash, vegetables, and for afters we had chocolate cake & cream. I ate everything, including extra’s. I am beyond stuffed, I had a McFlurry after we left my sisters, and I regret eating it because I feel stuffed & sick!

Anyway guys & gals, I am going to sign off now, I am beyond stuffed and I feel like I am going to throw up.

Until tomorrow,


No Service? You’re Paying!

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18 – 19 April 2013:

Well, after a hectic few days, I am back and ready to do. Over the last day or so, I have been restoring my website because some lovely person decided to hack into it and cause me problems. This kind of thing happens from time to time, but I wasn’t expecting it to happen to me. I was very annoyed when I found my site had been hacked, but in a way it was a wake up call because I can analyze logs that will help me prevent this from happening again. I don’t know why they decided to pick my site as a target, it seemed very weird. I forgot to mention that Steve’s site (The Wright Times) was taken down also by the same hacker. I won’t mention how I fixed the sites or what I have done under the hood of the software, but I am hoping the extra work will prevent it from happening again. So, anyway, it was a challenge, but I got through it and it didn’t take me long to get them back online, the only problem I did have was when I noticed the time, it was 3am when I finished and I wasn’t happy!

I want to touch briefly on the mobile saga again, the updates are that they still haven’t fixed the issue and their first line support are still unable to get me reconnected. When they rung on Wednesday they seemed very apologetic, but it still didn’t stop them from trying to charge me for a service I can’t receive. So, to be brief, in the end they gave in and said they would give 50% off, which I wasn’t happy with because I shouldn’t have to pay anything. Anyway, I was checking my bill today and it turns out they were trying to charge me an extra £40, for no reason, when I saw that I hit the roof. I wasn’t prepared to pay them any money because I have no service, no one should be expected to pay anything hen it is the networks issue. When I rang them up to explain, they took on everything I said, but they were confused by what’s happened because there were no extra charges, I mean how could you get charges on a mobile phone that is unable to connect to their service, I swear they make it all up as they go along. So, with that said, they credited me back the right amount to correct the bill and they also took more money off because it was their problem (yet again). I hope that their higher management ring me soon or else I will be starting legal proceedings against them for breaking their own contract terms, everyone has this legal right, so don’t forget, if mobile companies screw you over, seek help from the right authorities because you signed a contract and this means that they have to keep to their word as well.

20 April 2013:

So, it turns out that the mobile company didn’t deduct anything yesterday, and there were no notes left about the call I made. I was livid with them because I haven’t had service for five weeks and they were expecting me to pay for it. I think they have lost the plot, I will not be paying for my service until it is working, they are breaking their own terms and conditions as it is. I will be on the phone to their regulator on Monday because this is utterly ridicules. Anyway, I will discuss this further on Monday.

Today has been a very relaxed day, even though I have had pains through my shoulder, but it hasn’t dampened my spirits. I have been in a funny mood since last night, I kept on sending jokes to K, she must think I am nuts because I laughed my head off at each joke, I must have a very weird sense of humor, but oh well that must mean I am unique. This good mood has been funny to say the least, I don’t know why it makes me very happy and weird, but it doesn’t matter, it is better than being deeply depressed and sad.

Anyhow, the rest of my afternoon has been spent shopping and going to McDonalds for some more McFlurries, and yes I am aware that I eat them too much, but they are tasty. I will challenge you all to try them, walk into your local McDonalds and ask them for a Cadbury Cream Egg McFlurry without the chocolate topping, you will thank me afterwards, but beware, don’t have more than two because you will start feeling sick, I have done this and it does upset your stomach. When I had three today, it started making me feel sick, but I think that’s because I haven’t had anything proper to eat all day.

When the evening was upon us, I decided to have the noodles I brought from Tesco’s earlier. I wasn’t very hungry, but I needed to eat something more than ice-cream and yogurts. So, with that said, mum prepared my noodles for me because I wasn’t able to due to my shoulder pains. I don’t know why my shoulder is like this at times, but I guess it is one of these things I have to put up with. Anyhow, to be brief, the noodles were really nice, and I know feel very stuffed! I am currently writing the blog and I feel like I want to sleep, it seems crazy all this tiredness. I had a good sleep last night, well apart from I woke up at 5am needing the toilet (I know too much information).

I can’t wait for bedtime to roll along, my head will hit that pillow and I will be knocked out. I must remember to take my tablets tonight, it might help with the pain I wake up with. I know this will sound bad, but I haven’t been taking my tablets how I am supposed to because I have been feeling bad with depression, I end up thinking screw it because I can’t be bothered to move.

Anyway, on that note, it is time to sign off. Let’s hope that things start going in the right direction because I have had enough of all these issues.

Until tomorrow,


Choking Cough, and McFlurries!

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16 April 2013:

Choke, choke, choke, that’s what I have had to put up with during the night. I don’t know what’s causing it, it’s like my body wants to kill me in my sleep. As each hour went by, I was rudely woken up by a choking cough, it was happening every two hours and in the end I gave up trying to sleep because it was starting to annoy me.

Anyway, with a long day ahead, I stayed up and watched television. I had nothing else to do, I couldn’t play the guitar because it was 4am and I don’t think the neighbors would appreciate it, and I couldn’t do writing either because my mind was all over the place due to my medication.

17 April 2013:

So, it turns out that I went on a downer after writing that last paragraph. I don’t know what came over me, it was like someone took over my body. I ended up spending all yesterday wrapped up in bed, I couldn’t be bothered facing the world. While I was in bed, I constantly thought silly things, blaming myself for things that weren’t my fault. I even wrote a three page document about how I feel, I haven’t read it back yet, but I do know I had a few swear words in it. I know I shouldn’t blame myself, but I always worry, and I guess loneliness is getting the better of me.

Anyway, on to today. The day started out with a walk to McDonalds to get some McFlurries, I was in need of a real sugar boost. While I was walking down, I thought I would text Cassie (sister) to see if she was at home, she was home, so I decided to pick up the McFlurries first, and then I will walk over to Cassie’s to eat them.

When I picked up the McFlurries, I put them down on the table to peel off the Monopoly stickers. As I pulled all four stickers off, I found that I had won a free big Mac meal and I also won a free cheeseburger, it has been a long time since I had won anything and I was surprised my luck was changing, but even though I won, I couldn’t eat that kind of food anyway because I can’t swallow it.

So, to be brief, I arrived at Cassie’s and I sat down with my McFlurries & a cup of tea. While I was eating, I spotted Amber (niece) was eying up my ice-cream, so being the good uncle that I am, I decided to share it with her. This was a hilarious task because I was shaking like a leaf and the ice-cream was going all over Ambers face. Once she had the first taste of the ice-cream, she went nuts for more, all I could hear was Amber saying yum, yum, yum. After a couple of spoonfuls, I decided to let Cassie feed her some of the spare McFlurry I had. She didn’t have all of it, but I think Amber had other ideas about that because she loved it. When she got to half way, we decided to stop because the chances are, she will throw it up later, and that’s one thing we didn’t want to happen.


Amber Sucking My Knuckle

Once Amber was finished with the ice-cream, she wanted to suck on my knuckle because she is teething. When she was gumming on my knuckle, I could feel the full force of her gums on my knuckle. I didn’t mind because she is teething, but she certainly has a good chomp on those gums.

After thirty minutes went by, I decided to head home. I was starting to get hungry and I needed some painkillers. As I walked home, I was enjoying the peace, all the kids were in school, and for some reason there wasn’t many people about, which made it extra peaceful.

So, to be brief, I got home and started writing the blog. I haven’t done much of the blog recently, it isn’t like I haven’t had the time, I think my depression has been causing me some issues this week, but I think it will pass soon. I did have some good news today, I had my first revenue payment from my publisher, okay it wasn’t much, but it was a start. I have been writing for over two years, it is about time I had some sort of payment after all this time.

Anyhow, on that positive note, I must sign off. I am starting to feel very tired, and I need to find something to eat, even though after four McFlurries earlier, I am starting to feel a bit sick.

Until tomorrow,


Ninja Wasps, and York Pictures

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Well, it looks like the weather has started to warm up. My day started out at 10am with a large cup of hot milk, I didn’t feel like having something to eat because I felt unwell, and I also felt very heavy from the big dosages of medication I had yesterday. Anyhow, after I had my drink, I decided to head out to the shops. I had to go over to McDonalds because I won a free cup of tea yesterday (again), the staff at that restaurant must think I drink tea by the gallons each day, this will be the second time this week that I have won a free cup of tea, oh well, I won’t complain, it is free after all.

After a short trip around Tesco, I went across to McDonalds to pick up my free and McFlurry. When I go to McDonalds I always order the same thing, two teas and two caramel McFlurries. I only found out recently that I could have caramel sauce on my McFlurry, I was previously having them plain which got very boring after a while.
So, with my food in hand, I headed back home. While I was walking back, I was stunned by a wasp trying to get at my McFlurry, so, in pure ninja style I waved my hands to get it away, well and I also ran too, but oh well. I hate damn wasps, they are evil little things, no matter what happens, they just want to sting you for the hell of it.

I am having to cut the blog short, I have a lot to do, but don’t worry, nothing I can’t handle. I hope to hear from the mobile phone company tomorrow to sort out my no service problem. The last time I spoke with them, they said that higher management are very annoyed by the way I have been treated, and they were also disgusted by the way I have been spoken to by two managers, so lets hope they will sort out this problem quickly because I am starting to get annoyed.

Anyway, I am going to sign off now, but before I do, here are the pictures from York I promised.


River Picture in York, Remastered by FStopPhotographs


Looking down a lane


A nice Church Clock


More River Reflections


Pigeon detailed shot


Carl, Close up.


Steve, Biggles Hat


Denise wearing a hat

York Trip Part Four

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Well, the April showers are finally here, it has been raining most of the day. According to the forecast, this weather is set to stay with us for the next month, so if you live in the United Kingdom, get your umbrellas out because we are expecting loads of duck weather!

Anyhow, back to the York trip. The day was Saturday, and the time was around 12:30pm. We were heading towards a fountain in the town centre because everyone was meeting there. Apart from the people I have already mentioned, there were only a few more that were coming to the gathering.
Once we arrived at the fountain, we all stood around waiting for everyone else to turn up. I was surprised to see that there was a good crowd of people already standing by the fountain, this was good because we didn’t have long to wait. While everyone was waiting around, myself, Steve, Denise and Carl went across to the local market to have a look around.

After ten minutes of watching Steve trying on new hats, we all headed back to the main group at the fountain. When we were all at the fountain, we started heading towards a pub called the Black Swan, this is where everyone goes each year to have a meal together.

I am going to sum up the gathering because I am currently feeling unwell, and I need to get many things in this blog that I have missed out over the last few days. The meal at the Black Swan was fantastic, I didn’t have anything from the pub to eat, but I did bring some tube yogurts with me to eat. After the meal, we all sat and listened to Andy, Kevin & Stevie play the guitar. They were fantastic, everyone was asking me to play the guitar too, but I felt a bit shy, well and other reasons, but I won’t go into that. I ended up making up an excuse, but I knew everyone saw through that because each person has seen me play the guitar before. Anyhow, enough about that, I already feel guilty enough as it is.

The whole gathering was fantastic, I loved meeting everyone, and I hope that they all make next year’s gathering. I must admit something, the trip to York went by very fast, I should have booked a week there, it would have been better for me because I spent most of the time feeling sick.
When Sunday came along, I felt very saddened because I had to go back home, and I also had to say goodbye to Steve, Denise and Carl. I always hate saying goodbye to close friends because it feels like I won’t see them again, I know it seems very silly, but I am always like that with close friends.

Anyway, let’s get back to reality. Over the last week I have been feeling very sick, for some reason I have been unable to shift this cold. I don’t know why this won’t go, I have been looking after myself, so I don’t know what’s causing this. Anyhow, I will have to ride the wave, if it doesn’t go in a couple of weeks I will mention it to my doctor.
I think I will sign off now, but I will be back tomorrow with pictures from the York Gathering.
As you will see by the blog dates, I have been missing days out, this hasn’t been done on purpose, it was more to do with this infection and the lack of energy that comes with it.

Until tomorrow,


York Trip Part Three, and Funnies!

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So, it turns out, I started writing yesterdays blog, but due to my depression and pains, I decided to step away from the computer because it was starting to tick me off. I couldn’t think straight and life in general was starting to piss me off, and sorry for using that word, but oh well, this is my blog and not yours!

Anyway, where were we up to yesterday? If I remember correctly it was the end of Friday night. So, it was Saturday morning and I couldn’t sleep. I had been up most of the night because of the sickness, oh and the pain, believe me the pain was kicking my backside!
I got out of bed at 7am, and headed out of the hotel to find a local Costa Coffee or Starbucks. I looked at my iPhone maps application to locate the local shops (it wasn’t Apple Maps, couldn’t risk getting lost), it turns out Starbucks was closer, this meant I had to put up with second best, yes second best, you read that correctly, don’t judge me because I am a Costa Coffee Junkie! I swear, Costa Coffee need to sponsor me, I would drink there every day if they did, and no that isn’t a joke! I must ask my receptionist to write them a letter, after all, if you don’t ask, you don’t know if they will or not. I am making myself laugh with that receptionist line, who would silly enough to put up with my craziness? I wonder if K will? Saying that just made me giggle, but as I always tell K, a man is only as good as the woman who leads him.

Somehow I went off track there. So, I found Starbucks and asked for my usual order, and of course you will know what that is, big drum roll… One hot chocolate and one tea, see it never changes does it? The funniest thing was, the woman behind the counter gave me a weird look, it was like she saw a zombie walk in the shop, I don’t blame her really, I did look like death warmed up because of this cold.
So, with drinks in hand, I walked out of Starbucks and I headed back to the hotel. The walk was blissful, it was delightfully warm and peaceful. I was so relaxed, I took every step with smile on my face and the feeling of warmth running through every vain of my body. As I walked across the bridge near our hotel, I watched the sun slowly rise. The sky was blue and there wasn’t a cloud to be seen, and as the sunlight slowly came across the lake below, you could see the buildings reflect softly into the ripples of the water.

When I got back to the hotel room, I noticed that Laura (sister) & David (Laura’s partner) were still asleep, which was fine because it was only 8am, but I wasn’t going to sit around in the dark waiting for them to get up. So, I finished up my drinks and headed out again with my DSLR camera. While the morning was blissful, I thought it would be a fantastic opportunity to take some pictures, well and I was also bored, which didn’t help matters.

After thirty minutes of taking pictures, I headed back to the hotel in hope Laura & David would have been out of bed. I was totally wrong, they were still in bed, and I still had nothing to do. Laura heard me come through the door and she said we need to get some medicine for David because he wasn’t feeling well. So, with that said, we both headed out to the local Tesco express store to pick up some painkillers. When we brought everything we needed we walked out of the shop, and as looked to my left, I noticed a Costa Coffee express. Well, from there my Costa senses were tingling, I couldn’t resist, I had to have one! Okay, maybe I didn’t, but I did anyway, it wasn’t like I was going to turn down Costa Coffee!

So, with more drinks in hand, myself & Laura headed back to the hotel. When we got back, we found that David was waking up, which was good because he needed to be ready for the main gathering. I won’t say much about the gathering, but I was meeting some other friends from social networks that I am on.

After ten minutes went by, I received a text from Carl saying he was in our hotel lobby. So, with that said, I went down to meet him. Carl seemed like he was in good spirits, which was fantastic because I was too. When I met up with him, I still holding my drinks, so we sat down in the lobby having a chat, while we were waiting for everyone else to get ready for breakfast. I didn’t pay for breakfast in the hotel because I had my own yogurts, but this didn’t stop everyone else offering to get me food while we were in the breakfast bar. I would have done the same thing to be honest, can’t see friends go hungry.

So, to be brief, after a long game of hide-and-seek by Steve (yes Steve fouled us all), we all sat around a table in the breakfast bar. There was myself, Laura, Carl, Steve, Denise, Jo and Stevie sat around the table. We are a very close set of friends, and it was a pleasure to spend time eating breakfast together.

After everyone had finished breakfast, it was time for Carl to do the marmite challenge. This challenge is like a yearly tradition, all you have to do is take a spoonful of marmite and eat it without spitting any of it out or throwing up.
As Carl ate the marmite, you could tell by the expression on his face that he didn’t enjoy it much. I am hoping they don’t ask me to do it next year because I know it will make me throw up, or it will make me choke, which won’t be good because it is all recorded.

I am going to stop the story here for now because I am starting to get very tired. I have been in such a happy mood today, let’s hope this happy mood will be with me tomorrow.

Until tomorrow,


York Trip Part Two

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What a terrible day! I have hardly slept all night, and when I did wake up I had more rubbish news to deal with. I don’t know about you, but there are certain things that are getting on my wick lately, I wish I could share them in the blog, but I can’t because it is personal and I don’t want it out in the public domain. My depression has also been a pain in the backside. I end up blaming myself for everything, it seems stupid, but I do this all the time, and it will explain why I have to take strong pills for it.

Anyway, on to part two of the York trip. We were on the train heading towards York, I was so glad to be on the train, but then again, I wasn’t looking forward to the numb bum it would give me, after all it was two hours sitting around.

So, after a long train journey, we arrived in York twenty minutes late. As I mentioned previously, I was in York meeting a group of friends that I have known for sometime, and a few of them are really close to me, two of those close friends are Carl and Steve. I have met Carl before, but it was my first time meeting Steve. This may seem weird, but I was so nervous about meeting Steve, I don’t know why this happened, my legs went like jelly!

As we were walking along the platform, I was trying to see where Steve was because he was meeting me at one of the local Starbucks shops. Once I got over the bridge in the station, I looked over to my right and there was Steve, D & Carl (also other friends) sitting around a table at Starbucks, this was a massive delight to me because I was finally around my friends. When I reached the table, I was greeted by big hugs from Steve, D and Carl. I was lost for words, I don’t know why, it was like someone took all my words and hid them under a carpet.
After the initial stunned silence, I started to relax and open up, it seems silly, I talk to Steve everyday over the computer, but for some reason I couldn’t say anything. Anyhow, once we had our drinks, we headed towards our hotel.

Skipping ahead to the evening, sorry for doing this, but my memory is going haywire at the moment, those close friends will know why this is happening, but don’t worry I will talk about other things another time when I feel with it, this will include the visit to the haunted house. The evening was upon us and we all went to a lovely restaurant. I didn’t have anything to eat, but I did have plenty of tea to drink, even though I later regretted doing this. Once everyone was finished, we headed over to a local pub (public house).

When we got to the pub, the drinks started flowing and everyone sat around a table having a fantastic time together. After an hour went by, I started to feel very sick, and for some reason I started to feel faint. When this happened, Carl looked at me and said are you okay? I replied no, I am going to be sick, he noticed I was going pale. After this Steve asked the same thing, and I replied I need to get out of here. So, with that said, me and Steve headed outside. I felt like I could hardly walk, I had a massive shake going on because I was starting to get scared. Thanks to Steve, D and Carl for being there for me, they noticed how sick I was and helped me get back to my hotel room.

I have to cut the story here for now, I am starting to feel my depression kick my backside again, but oh well, I will be back tomorrow with more of the story.

Until tomorrow,


York Trip Part One

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Monday is here unfortunately, and the weekend trip to York has ended. I had such a fantastic time in York, such a delightful place. I loved how everything looked different, and how life seemed very relaxed. I currently live in a little place in Essex, it is quiet, but it doesn’t have any character, well it does, but those weird characters are the people who live around in the area. I don’t want this to turn into a rant post, but everyone is different, I just prefer places that have more character, e.g. Old buildings or the countryside.

The trip to York started last Friday at 6am, it was very early for me, I had no energy, but this was caused by a cold.
After much messing around with train companies, myself, Laura (sister) and David (Laura’s Partner) hopped on the train and headed towards London Fenchurch Street railway station. I couldn’t believe how many people were on the train, they must have wet the bed or something because the train was packed, this is something I really hate because I hate being closed in.

Once we arrived at Fenchurch Street, we had to go over to the ticket office because the tickets we had were issued wrongly the day before by our local railway station. Anyway, to be brief, after many arguments with the ticket office, we got our tickets changed. The time was now 8am, and I was in need of a well-deserved drink. I hadn’t had one for several hours, so I think I was in need of a top up. There was one problem with this though, there were no Costa Coffee’s close by and I had to settle for second best, which was Starbucks. Anyhow, with my drinks in hand, we went over to a bench and had a rest.


Kings Cross, Platform Nine and Three-Quarters

So, after I finished my drinks, we headed towards Kings Cross Station. We didn’t need to rush because our journey was messed up by the train network, which meant we had five hours to waste, well I say five hours, well, it was more like three hours after all the arguing, but either way we had to find something to do. When we arrived at Kings Cross Station, Laura wanted to go over to Platform nine and three quarters because it was where one of the Harry Potter movies were filmed. I have never been a Harry Potter fan, maybe it is too complex for me, or maybe it isn’t something that interests me, who knows?

While we were waiting, I felt my stomach twinge, it was having big spasms and it certainly wasn’t shy about showing how bad the spasms were. When the spasms got worse, I had to rush to the toilet. Which wasn’t such a task this time because I didn’t have to pay to use them, normally it is 30p a time, but I was in luck, the change machines had broken which means the toilets have to be open without charge. I was sitting in the toilet for over thirty minutes trying to cure this pain, but it was having none of it.

Talking about these pains, I have to sign off now to take some medication. I will be telling this story in parts, so bare with me because it will get interesting!

Until tomorrow,


Part Two London, and Meeting K!

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Today was certainly one of the best I have had for such a long time, but before I talk about today, I want to finish off talking about yesterday’s London trip.

As I mentioned yesterday, it was the afternoon and I was struggling with loads of pains. When the pains got to much for me, we all decided to grab some drinks from McDonald’s. When we were standing in the queue I decided to take the advice K gave me about eating out, so with that said, I brought myself a plain ice-cream. While we were waiting for our drinks, Laura noticed that my ice-cream pot had a monopoly sticker on it, these stickers can be used to win prizes. So, anyway, she peeled the sticker off and it said you have won a hot drink, I thought YAY! I never win anything! I just ordered another hot chocolate.

Anyhow, with drinks and ice-cream in hand, we headed over to the national gallery to sit down near the fountains. I have been here before, the last I visited was when I met one of my best friends Carl. So, anyhow, skipping to my point. When we sat on the benches, I just sat quietly and slowly ate my ice-cream. While I was eating the ice-cream, I could hear K’s voice telling me that I could do it, so K thanks to you, I was able to eat an ice-cream outside the house.

So, to be brief, after we had our drinks, we started heading home. I had to hold on to mum the whole way home because I could hardly walk, my legs were in agony and I needed that extra help to get me through the last leg of the journey. The journey home went along smoothly and we arrived back in record time, it only took an hour, the train must have had a rocket attached to it.

Right, now I can get back to today’s blog. The day started out with the usual lack of sleep and early start, I didn’t mind this because today meant a lot to me, and I wasn’t letting anything get in the way. If you have been following my blog for a while, you will know that I recently started talking about a close friend of mine called K. I have always kept her identity hidden because I respect her privacy. Anyhow, I was meeting K for the very first time today, I was so excited to meet her because our friendship has become stronger as each day has gone by, it is surprising how much life can change in a short space of time because I couldn’t go a day without K in my life.

When I woke up this morning, I couldn’t stop thinking about meeting K, it was like this young child like spirit took over me, it felt like I was young again, and yes I know, I am still young, but sometimes I do feel old, it sounds crazy I know. The day started out with a very excited text message to K to see how she was, which is what I do normally because I like to make sure she is okay. Anyhow, after a few texts, K said to me that it was really windy outside, as I read that, I looked outside and there wasn’t any wind from what I could see. So, I thought I would have a laugh and send a picture to her showing no wind, keep in mind I was sitting on the sofa wrapped up in a duvet at the same time. I found it hilarious because I like having cheeky little jokes, and K wouldn’t expect anything less from me, I am always like that and I wouldn’t be who I am if I wasn’t cheeky sod.

After thirty minutes went by, K text me and said she was nearly finished at our local hospital. So, with that said, I headed out the door and headed towards the hospital. When I got on the first bus to the bust station, I was feeling really nervous, but that was more to do with excitement. I am going to try to write without sounding boring, but as you can guess the first part of all this just involved traveling.

Skipping ahead thirty minutes. The bus arrived at the bus stop were I was meeting K, as I got off the bus I looked over to my left and there was K waiting to meet me. I don’t know what it was, but I spotted K straight away, I was worried that my eyesight would screw up on me and then I would end up getting worried, but lucky for me this didn’t happen. When I first saw K, I was stunned for a couple of seconds, I thought to myself dreams do come true.

Anyhow, after the initial hello’s, we both walked into town. During our walk, we passed the time talking about all different things, well and we were battling the traffic too, which meant I had to be sensible and not get hit by a car! When we got into town, the first stop off was to Costa Coffee, no day could start without it. As we got into Costa, I said to K that I would pay for her drink, but she wouldn’t allow me, which meant we had a little moment where we were both laughing about paying for drinks. I had my usual order, hot chocolate & tea, but I had a shot of caramel in my hot chocolate. I needed that extra sugar burst because I didn’t have much for breakfast, which would be the second day in a row that I have done this, yes I know it isn’t good for me, but oh well, it could be worse.

Once we finished our drinks, we headed over to the inside shopping centre to use the toilets. I had loads to drink before we went into Costa and there was no way I could hold any longer.
After we finished up in the toilets, we headed over to a local phone shop because K needed to get a new iPhone charger. I kept on telling K that she could have one of mine because I have loads of spare charges, which lead to another laughable moment. I find these moments funny because we both care for each other, and like I always say if you care for someone it doesn’t matter what it is, and it is better laugh together about it.

Well, on a different note, it turns out that I knocked out after writing the last paragraph. I was so tired last night, it got to around 1am and I felt very sick. So, anyway, let’s carry on from where I left off.

When we left the phone shop, we started walking towards the inside shopping centre again because K need to get some stuff from the body shop. I never knew we had a body shop in our local town centre that shows how much I know about our town centre, and I wouldn’t mind, but I have lived here for nearly eight years, yea that’s scary when you think about it!

I need to skip ahead to the Wimpy restaurant because my memory is failing me today, I know it sounds bad, but I do have these moments. Anyhow, as I was saying. We sat in the restaurant and looked at the menu, I had my usual order, two hot chocolates. When I told the waitress my order, and for some reason the waitress seemed confused about my order, she asked me twice if I was sure, and both me & K said yea I will drink both of them. So, with that said, the waitress put my drinks on the table. The hot chocolate was okay, it isn’t as good as Costa Coffee that’s for sure! I don’t know about you, but Costa Coffee should sponsor my blog, after all, I talk about them a lot. As time went on, some old man came in and chatted on about whether they could get a foreign news channel on the televisions, I wouldn’t mind, but who would understand it, the last thing I want to watch is some news channel that is speaking in some foreign language, I don’t know about you, but I don’t carry a language book with me (resisting the urge to laugh). Anyhow, both myself and K had finished, and it was time to get up to pay. I said to K that I would pay for hers, which again left us both laughing because I put my foot down and said no, I am paying for yours.


Secret Miss K!

Skipping ahead, myself and K sat down on some seats outside some shops, as you will see by the picture above. I think we will both leave you all guessing at the K’s identity, or maybe one day we will surprise you all. So, the day had flown by very fast and I loved every second, I even wish that I could do it all again because she is certainly one in a million.

When K had to leave, we walked back to the train station. I was so glad that we met up today, certainly was a fantastic day. As we got closer to the station, we had a hug and said our goodbyes. When I was walking back to the bus station, I started to miss K a lot and I even had a few tears, it seems silly I know, but she is someone I have a close connection with and I didn’t want the day to end, but I must remember that there will always be another day, which I can’t wait for. Anyway, after that, I got on the bus and went home. I couldn’t help feeling sad, after all it was a fantastic day, I guess it is my emotional side getting to me.

So, with that said, let’s get back to today. When I woke up, I had a cold, it felt like someone had beaten me up during the night. I couldn’t let it beat me because I have a busy day ahead. I am off to York tomorrow and I need to get my bags packed, which hasn’t been done yet, but oh well, I will get it done. I won’t talk too much, but I want to make you all aware that I am taking the days off and I will update the blog in four days time.

Anyway, on that note, I will be back soon. Please stay well and safe.

Until Monday,



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