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Bad Colic, and Dictation Trick! #WritingTips

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28 May 2013:

Well, it’s the end of the May bank holiday here in the UK. Mine has ended on quite bad note, I have been struggling with pain since the early hours of the morning. I knew this would happen because I had pain in the night before, and I had classic symptoms of a bad colic attack, so I knew I was in for a rough ride. I think this was my own fault really, I have been gorging on loads of food recently because I’ve been feeling lonely, this means I’ve been comfort eating to cover up the loneliness I feel. This isn’t really a bad thing because I need to gain weight, but in all fairness, I have brought this on myself because I have overate. I am hoping these pains go away very soon because I’m starting to get very tired and the pain is starting to get on my nerves.

The current time is 6:34AM and the rain is pouring down, such lovely British weather, you would think we would be used to it by now, but no, we still complain. I haven’t got much planned for today, maybe I’ll write some more of my books, it just depends on whether I shift this pain or not.

Talking about my books, I have recently been working hard on my life story, this will be the first part of my story. I plan to write my life story as a series of books rather than one book because I feel that I have more of my life to share, and obviously you cannot share that in one book. Some people say you can write your life story into one book, but in fairness I like to go the extra mile and add as much detail as possible. I don’t really have a timescale on these books, after all life changes very fast, and who knows what could happen? I don’t want to go into what if’s, but at the end of the day it’s reality. Maybe I will release a book every five or ten years, or I might carry on working with the BoggyBook Series and release a book every three months. I’m not sure really because the BloggyBook Series focuses on current events in my life and it’ll be quite hard to drift away from this routine, like many writers we have book series and at times we don’t want to drift away from this because it’s fulfilling its purpose, but in this instance I am missing huge chunks of my life that I have yet to write about, which means I’m going to have a few extra book in between the blogging series. I don’t see this as a bad thing, but I do see it as more work for me. I just hope that all is hard work will pay off and people will enjoy reading my books.

I’m going to share a writing technique with you all, recently I’ve been using dictation on the Mac to write my books. I have found that this helps me to be more creative and more free to my own writing style, and it has also helped me write faster. Normally when I write it takes me on average four hours to write a five-hundred word blog, but now after using dictation, I am able to write five-hundred words in thirty minutes. As you can see this is huge time saver, but this will only help when you have created flow, if you are suffering from writer’s block this will prove more challenging for you, but then again there are methods to cure writer’s block. I do hope that Apple won’t remove this feature because I would be completely stuck, and I would have to go back to my old method of taking ages to write. I believe dictation; can be found on many platforms, and that even means the mobile phone or tablet device. So, have a look round and give dictation ago because I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

On another about my books, it turns out the person who was pirating them has been busy yet again. This one person is continually re-posting my books to file sharing websites, which means every time someone downloads those books I lose money in revenue. I completely understand that this stuff happens, and it is happening to many people, but what I don’t get, is how this person is continually re-posting it to other websites. Some people say it is because you’re getting popular, and in fairness this is wonderful, but I am no one special. I’m just one man with a passion for writing and I share my life with everyone. In this situation the money isn’t the major problem, the issue is with distribution. I never authorized this person to distribute my books and neither did my publisher, if this person would have contacted me, it would have been a whole different story, but they didn’t, and even if they did it would incur costs. Unfortunate incurring costs are unavoidable because I incur costs and I need to cover myself, so in reality we are in a no-win situation on either side. I do encourage this person to remove my material from file sharing sites, and I also asked that they do this for other authors that they have ripped off.

29 May 2013:

Oh fiddlesticks, it looks like I forgot to post yesterday blog. I was feeling very rough yesterday because of my gallbladder, it certainly caused me some discomfort, but nevertheless today is a new day and it seems like the problems are out the way.

I will quickly go over what I have done today, and the reason for this quick summary is that I have writing to do and it needs to be done.

Today was mostly spent shopping and sorting some other things out. I was running out of food again, which meant spending more money. I don’t know what it is recently, but I have had a huge craving Jaffa Cakes and rich tea biscuits. I know I shouldn’t have loads of these, but I can’t help myself, I’m a creature of habit and I will eat what the hell I like, but I will of course share them with those special people. The only extra thing I brought when I went shopping was Baileys ice-cream, which didn’t last long I must admit. When we walked through the front door, I sat down on the sofa and opened the Baileys ice-cream. I am sorry, but I love Baileys ice-cream and I can eat tubes of it, well if I had the chance to I would, but I’m not allowed because of my gallbladder, there’s always something getting in the way of my fun.

I certainly enjoyed the ice-cream and I’m now going to sign off to nurse an ice-cream bellyache. Before I go don’t forget there are only three days to go until 1 June, this will be the start of me blogging daily for another three months and you will find this published in the summer season of BloggyBook. I will of course let you know when this is published. So until then, bye for now!

Post What I Like!

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So, I have been thinking. Over many years people have always walked all over me, and no matter how much I have tried to stop this from happening, I have never found the confidence to do it, until now! That’s right, I will not allow anyone to take advantage of me, and I won’t even entertain people who judge me. I don’t care what people think any more, life is short living in the day I cannot be bothered with people putting me down every day.

I find it funny how people can judge me on the way that I look or by my disability, if I was to do the same thing to them, it would be a totally different story altogether. When it happens to other people, they don’t like when the shoe is on the other foot, they soon bitch and complain about this person, but its okay for them to do it beforehand? I don’t think it works like that. Everyone is equal no matter who you are, if you can’t accept backlash from your own actions and don’t dish it out because you’re making yourself look like an utter fool, as the old saying goes, and if you haven’t got anything nice to say then don’t say it at all.

Anyway, from this point onwards, I am going to be more assertive, and if those people don’t like it, or that their problem not mine. This means I will only care about those people who are close to me. Everyone else is just secondary. I know this might sound mean, but at the end of the day I am fed up with people trying to walk all over me or tell me what to do, those people aren’t worth my time.

What this will also mean is that, I won’t give a toss about what I post online, you either love me or hate me, either way I don’t care what you choose, but it isn’t going to affect my life. With this said, it may seem harsh about my choices, but I think on a whole, it will be better for me and my daily life.

This conversation has been a long time coming, and it only since recently when I have spoken to K about this that I have taken her advice and said she is right, and I am not going to stand for it anymore. What also pushed me towards making this decision, was those people who would complain to me over inbox on Facebook about what I post. Don’t get me wrong, I am used to people complaining at me, but I have been sat thinking about the situation I have found myself in over recent months. I have been blamed for many things recently, and all these situations were not my fault. These were started by mindless rumours that one never true, and when it came to me defending myself that was a whole different story because people believed the lies over what was the truth. I don’t know how these people can sleep at night, they go around acting like a baby, passing around malicious rumours, and then they like they have done nothing wrong. I am no longer going to be involving myself we certain people, and if that means I lose friends, then I don’t care. I don’t deserve this trouble, I have a lot on my plate as it is, and it is a lot more important and worrying about mindless idiots.

Anyway, enough of this rant. I am going to bed now, but before I do go, I wanted to say that I needed to get that off my chest.

Always Keep Close Friends

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Well, it looks like my knee has started to play up again. I don’t know what caused this, but ever since I came back from seeing K yesterday, it started to get gradually worse. If my knee continues to give me problems, I will have to visit the doctor to see what he thinks because the pain at the moment is really bad and it’s starting to annoy me!

Anyhow, let’s discuss the day out I had yesterday with K. The day started out at 10am at the train station, K was going to meet me there, and then we were going to get a Costa Coffee, well hot chocolate. After about twenty minutes, K arrived and we were heading towards Costa Coffee. I was glad that K arrived because I was dying to use the toilet. So, after a short walk, we arrived at Costa Coffee. Before I discuss more about this visit, I want to put out a brief hint, Costa Coffee, Sponsor? Sorry I could resist, back to the visit. Once we brought or drinks and sat down, I said to K that I needed to use the toilet, if I held on much longer there would have been a mini pond appearing in the shop, and in all honesty, I don’t think Costa Coffee would have appreciated that. Anyhow, after I finished in the toilet, we sat talking about all different things. I found it funny when K was unimpressed by what cup she was given. The cup had two handles, and it looked the bottom of a child’s sippy-cup, all it needed was the top half of the spout, and there you go, you have a child’s sippy-cup. I think Costa Coffee was giving her a hint, but I won’t comment about that because it made me giggle, and if I laughed anymore she will be entitled to slap me.

Once we finished our drinks, K mentioned that she was hungry, so we decided to go into the shopping centre so she could grab something to eat. I always have a laugh with K when she tries to decide what to eat because she goes from one restaurant to the other to see what she fancies. We did the same as last time, started off at the Jacket Potato restaurant then read the menu, then went over to the Noodle Bar and then K read the menu there, as she was reading the second menu it was making me giggle because this was the same as last time. I don’t blame K for being picky though because we all fancy different things, and sometimes we don’t fancy some foods, I am like this at times … okay I am like this all the time! Anyhow, after a couple of minutes K picked what she wanted and we sat down together. We did our usual, we chatted about all different things. On a different note, I forgot to mention that I gave K a signed copy of my book and a big bar of Galaxy chocolate. I brought her the chocolate because I ruined her Sunday of Eurovision, and I needed to make it up to her.

During our chats, we spoke about how things are between us. Since I met K, I have been getting stick from my family about them thinking there’s more going on between me and K. I have protested with them on many occasions that myself and K are just best friends, but for some reason they don’t listen. When myself & K spoke about this, we agreed that we are just best friends, which is fine with me because at the end of the day, I would rather have her as a best friend than nothing at all. Even though we all wish for things to be different, we can’t always have that difference, but we can have something instead of nothing. I know with myself & K we will always be close, and nothing will change. I will always be there for her and she will be there for me, and that’s better than having nothing at all because in reality, I couldn’t live without her because she has become a big part of my life, and I don’t want that to change.

So, with that said, it was time to do shopping together. I needed to get food because I was starting to run out and I didn’t fancy taking any from my sisters cupboards. I asked K to come with me because she has more knowledge on foods I could try, and it was also nice to have her there giving me extra advice. The shopping trip was certainly fun, and I was also being stubborn. I always try to stick to what foods I know, which means I don’t try new things, but that’s why I had K with me. Even though I was being stubborn, K picked out about eight other foods that I agreed to try. The one thing I loved about doing the shopping with K was that she suggested different foods, but she didn’t force me to get food that I felt off about. I know K has a big heart, and she looks out for me, and she sees that I am getting stronger with my eating, which she wants to see that get better.

Anyhow, the trip went perfectly, and I can’t thank K enough for doing this for me. I know that she does it out of love and kindness because she cares about me, and like I said before we are best friends, nothing more; that one is for my family members who are trying to be funny, you are aware you can be good friends with someone and nothing more?

Anyway, with that said, we headed back to Costa Coffee. I didn’t want anything this time because I wasn’t thirsty, but K had an iced strawberry drink. Once K had finished her drink, we headed over to the train station because it was time to go home. This is always the one part that upsets me, I never like saying goodbye, but I know I will see K again.

I am going to stop this blog for today, but I want to leave you with some words of wisdom.

Always keep hold of what you do have, don’t seek for what you don’t have because it is better to hold on to what you do have and not what you don’t.

Mini Break, taking it easy!

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Well, today is Monday, such a joyful day, the one day of the week we all crave to start and finish as quickly as possible. I can see why people hate Mondays, it’s a new week, and they come to realize that they have to go back to work or return to some normality. My Monday on the other hand is quite relaxing, nothing to do apart from watching TV all day, and stuffing myself silly with food! I am spending five days at my sister’s house to look after her cat while she goes away on holiday with the rest of my family. I don’t mind staying at my sisters to look after the cat, it gets me away from my house, and it also means I am not stuck in my bedroom sending myself mad.

Anyway, backtracking to the weekend. On Sunday I had the privilege of talking to K for most of the day, we spent most of the time chatting about the Eurovision contest that was on Saturday night. We had a fun day talking, well apart from when I upset K, she said to me that she didn’t want to know who won the competition, but I accidentally gave her hints about who won. I know, I am a bad person, but I was just trying to have a laugh together, either way I will make it up to K, but at the moment, I don’t know how I can make it up to her. So, with that said, let’s get back to today’s events. I haven’t done much today in all honesty, it has been a long day for me, but it has also been relaxing. I spent most of the afternoon just sleeping and eating, it can’t get any easier than that!

The best part about today was that I found my sisters stash of Rich Tea biscuits, but I think I went overboard, I ended up eating all the Rich Tea biscuits, this now means I will have to replace those tomorrow. Anyhow, I have to sign off now because I have an early start and I am meeting up with K, so look forward to reading that blog tomorrow.

You Little Pirate!

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So, some smart delinquent has decided to pirate my books. I discovered this while I was doing a google search of my name. When I saw this web page appear in the results, it put on edge, something about the address triggered my curiosity, the description quoted “Free InstaScrapBook 2012.” This was very because InstaScrapBook 2012 isn’t free, the only way people can get the book free is through me, I am the only person who can authorize free copies, this is for both digital and print versions.

Anyway, I checked the site, and it turns out the person has placed my book on a per-to-per download website, which means they have removed all digital rights management (DRM) on the file that protects it from being shared. I am not happy about this at all because I worked very hard to put that book together, and I don’t expect someone to rip my work off, it isn’t right, and I will be seeking full damages for their actions! I won’t discussing the action I have taken, but the law is on my side, and they have broken copyright law.

Putting this aside, I have been feeling sick over the last twenty-four hours, my stomach has been playing up like mad. I think I know what caused it, the night before I had a whole packet of Jaffa Cakes. I didn’t think it would have caused me any problems because I eat cakes most of the time, and even now when I think about it, I want to eat some more! I know this is self-inflicted, but what can you do? Everyone likes different things, and sometimes it is healthy, and other times it’s unhealthy, oh well, who cares? We have to eat, and at the end of the day, I don’t really care what I stuff myself with! Today has been no exception either, I have been eating a lot, noodles, yogurts, spaghetti, who cares? Later on I will probably do the same! One of these days, I am going to eat enough food to make my belly pop, but I guess until that day comes along, I will carry on stuffing my face.

My day so far has been very relaxed, nothing major has occurred. I have been listening to BBC Radio Four all afternoon, it has been very relaxing, it has been sometime since I listened to this radio station, and after today’s show, I think I will start listening more often. I must remember to write some more later for my new books, I am starting to get behind and it’s starting to annoy me because I feel like I am letting myself down.

So, on that note, I am going to sign off. I need to have a nice golden cup of tea, and then I must get on with writing. Don’t forget Eurovision 2013 is tonight, so be prepared for a political run vote and for England to get zero points!

I slept, and Jaw hurts!

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Finally, my sleep pattern has gone back to normal, well for now anyway. After a few days of no sleep, I finally knocked out last night. I think it was all the creative writing thoughts I had that sent me to sleep, and believe me, my imagination went off the scale, it also went very rude at the same time! I will be writing books of this nature at some point, but until I am happy writing about a certain subject, I won’t be making any progress any time soon!

So, today started okay, the rain was pouring down on and off, but there’s nothing I can do about that, after all, I can’t control the weather, I wish I could because at times it really annoys me! Anyway, enough with my complaining, I can’t sit here all day moaning about things when I need to get some writing completed.

I started out my day with a bowl of pasta for breakfast, it may seem weird to some people, but I enjoyed it, which is the main thing. I had two kinds of pasta, one had a tomato taste, and the other was cheese flavor. This certainly made an interesting taste when I mixed them together, these are very easy to make, all you need to do is pour the contents into a bowl and add boiling water, it couldn’t get anymore simpler than that. I must admit something though, I don’t think I let it cook for long enough because there were some crunchy bits of pasta, and as any experienced person knows, pasta should be soft when it’s cooked, it shouldn’t have any crunch to it.

I am feeling so tired at the moment, it’s like my body needs more sleep. When I try to concentrate on anything it goes out the window because I am feeling exhausted. I am trying to do writing at the moment and that has been a failed attempt, it’s like my body is overtired, maybe I need to go for an afternoon nap? Saying that though, I don’t want to sleep during the day because it plays havoc with sleep pattern and it also messes with my head if I don’t have the right amount of sleep.

So, it turns out that I fell asleep, don’t know where all this tiredness came from, but oh well, nothing I can do, I think my body is trying to catchup with the lack of sleep. The sleep didn’t help me in all fairness, I woke up feeling dizzy and sick, and somehow during my sleep I managed to take my jaw out of its socket. This really hurt, it felt like someone had punched me in the face. So, with that said, I had to align my jaw again. I pushed on the opposite side of my jaw and it suddenly popped back in to place, but when I did this, I opened my mouth again and it popped out of place again, which was very painful! Anyway, ever since I did this, I have been feeling horrible. I must have caught a bug because the symptoms I have point to a virus. I will keep an eye on it and see if it passes.

Anyway on that note, I am signing off for now because this dizziness is getting annoying!

Instant Cure Writers Block @JeffBollow

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I have just seen a funny, but weird video, it outlines a process of curing writer’s block. This video really spoke to me because I suffer from writer’s block most of the time and somehow, the video has found a solution to my problem!

From on now on, when I get writer’s block, I will sit and write absolute rubbish until the words start flowing again. So, for example, I could write, ET phoned home to order a pizza, or the big dog found himself down the wheal with Timmy. I guess the choices are endless, I could even go as far as saying, Timmy chucked himself down the wheal because he wanted to see if he could fly, what a weird ending that would be!

This video can be found on Youtube, just search “fastscreenplay” without the quotes, and then you will find a video called “Writer’s Block instant cure.” Even though this theory seems outrageous, it does work and even though your writing rubbish, in they end it will make sense to you and you will go on to write some amazing things.

So, thanks to @JeffBollow on Twitter, for giving all fellow authors a cure to the painstaking illness that us authors like to call writer’s block! As you can see, it has worked for me, so it will work for you. Who would have thought it, a simple technique and it unleashes our creativity instantly!

Weekend Break to Torquay!

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10 May 2013 3:36am:

Well, I am off for a weekend break to Torquay with my parents. I can’t remember the last time I went away with them, it must be over four years at least! I have been up most of the night in pain with my stomach, this has occurred a lot recently. I know the main cause is, but I won’t go into detail about that, but what I will say is the side-effects take my energy away.

Anyhow, before I talk more about current events, I need to tell you a few updates before I forget. Let’s start off with the mobile phone saga, you will be happy to know the problem has been resolved. I don’t want to say much about this, but even though it has been resolved I have been left feeling let down by the mobile company because I was treated like dirt. When the problem was resolved, I had a call from the head manager in customer relations. They explained that the problem had been resolved and that he could close the ongoing complaint, at this point I became very annoyed, they were trying to get away with everything they caused! I said to the manager that the problem is resolved, but the complaint was not resolved. After an hour of explaining, the manager agreed that it wasn’t resolved, he asked what they could do to resolve the complaint to make me feel like a happy customer. So, to be brief, I requested a reoccurring credit for a certain amount of months. They accepted the offer I made without questioning it, which was good for me because the problem could finally be resolved and I could put the stress behind me.

The final bit of news is about my recent book launch. Since the launch of BloogyBook Spring Season 2013, there have been several downloads through the iBookstore and the kindle, which is fantastic news because people are loving the books I publish. I guess things can only get better!
Anyway, I am going to lie down for an hour, well that’s if I can, I might get some sleep because I am starting to feel exhausted.


So, after a few hours sleep, we were all up and heading on the road towards Torquay. I am sat here multitasking: tweeting, writing and playing games on my iPhone. There is one let down to writing on the move, and that is the poor handwriting caused by the bumps in the road. On a different note, all this multitasking is helping me take my mind off the urge I have to use the toilet, and before you even say it, yes I did go to the toilet before I left the house!
I am currently playing a game with K called Hack Run, we have both became addicted to the game. This game is a simple computer simulation and your job is to hack into the system, as you go along you will uncover different things, including government secrets that their hiding.


After six hours had past, we finally arrived at the holiday park in Torquay. We did have one stop on the way, but that was because I was dying to use the toilet. While we were having a break, I brought everyone a drink because it was starting to get hot, and I was starting to get very dehydrated. I had a terrible hot chocolate, it was small and it tasted awful, where’s a Costa Coffee when you need one? See I am promoting Costa Coffee again; hint, hint, sponsor?


So, it has been many hours since we arrived, and the weather has been it’s usual crappy self, the rain has been pouring down for hours! Even as I write this, I can hear the rain bouncing off the roof of the caravan. The rain is beautiful at times, it is so relaxing to hear the rain as it slowly trickles across the roof, it makes you feel safe and at peace with your inner self. I am glad the weather is cool tonight because for some reason I am feeling very warm, I don’t know what’s causing it, but I know it’s starting to annoy the hell out of me! I must admit that it could be withdrawal symptoms from my medication because I haven’t had any today, which means I am going to get told off by many people after they read this.

Anyway, let’s hope tomorrow is a better day. I am hoping to take more pictures for the blog tomorrow, I did take some today, which I will add after this. So, off to bed I go!




11 May 2013 11:07am:

What a rubbish nights sleep I had, every hour I was waking up. If it wasn’t one thing, it was another. I was feeling rough before I went to bed, so this bad night was to be expected. I remember waking up during the night with stomach pains, these pains went away after I over on to my other side. The most concerning thing about last night was that I woke up with toothache in several teeth, especially the baby tooth I have in my lower set of teeth.

Anyway, putting this aside. I crawled out of bed at around 9am and I felt all clogged up in my stomach, which was causing me to get many pains across my abdomen. I had to take painkillers quick or else it would take over the way I feel, and it would start to make me feel much worse. Mum made me some spaghetti and toast for breakfast, which I really enjoyed, I ate all of it, and I even ate all the toast!

On an unrelated topic. I have been having issues with my iPhone 5, for some reason it keeps coming up with a message saying no Sim Card installed. I am guessing there is something wrong with the Sim Card sensors because it has been doing it for a while, I can usually fix the problem myself if I had the Sim Card ejector tool, but seeing as I forgot to pack one, I will have to wait until I go into town to sort it, but for now rebooting the iPhone usually sorts it for a little while.


What a weird chain of events, I think Lady Luck is on my side today, but before I tell you about that, I will tell you about our trip into the local town centre. We were going into the town to get some shopping and to take some pictures with my camera.
When we arrived into town, we went across to the harbour so I could take pictures of the expensive yachts. As we were going around the town, I took a few good shots, but the saddest part is, I didn’t take take as many pictures as I would have liked too.
After our walk around the harbour, we went on the search for a hot drink. I wanted to have a drink from Costa Coffee, but according to my iPhone there wasn’t one for thirty-eight miles, which was totally wrong because we found one two streets in from the seafront. So, with that said, mum went in to Costa Coffee to buy the drinks. I had a large hot chocolate with no caramel shot, I wasn’t in the mood for the extra sugar boost because I was feeling very sluggish. While mum was grabbing our drinks, I went across to the local EE store to see what was wrong with my iPhone. I explained my problem to the assistant, and he confirmed my own suspicions, he said I think you have a faulty Sim Card sensor in your phone. I said to him that it was fine, but for now could he clean my Sim Card, he said sure I will do that for you. I knew this would be a short-term fix, but it will see me through until I get back home to Essex on Monday.
So, with that done, I walked back across the road to wait for mum. After a short wait, mum finally emerged from Costa Coffee with our drinks, it was busy in there. Anyhow, with drinks in hand, we needed to find a place to sit down. There were plenty of benches about, but we wanted to find somewhere quiet. So, to be brief, we found a bench and had our drinks. I didn’t like the taste of mine, it was very bitter, I think they used too much chocolate powder.

After we had our drinks, it was time to head back to the caravan, well that’s if we don’t get lost first! Mum ended up getting us lost by giving dad the wrong directions. So, we were lost in the middle of the countryside, I had no choice, but to use google maps to direct us back to the caravan. Surprisingly the maps took us the right way, and we arrived back at the caravan.
I think I will stop writing for tonight, I am starting to feel rough. I will carry this on tomorrow, off to the land of nod I go!

12 May 2013 19:48pm:

So, this Lady Luck stuff yesterday, it was the FA Cup final and Wigan was playing Manchester City. When the game had twenty minutes left, I could sense Wigan were going to score a goal. So, with that said, I followed my gut feeling and placed a bet on Wigan to win via my iPhone. Anyhow, to be brief, Wigan scored a goal from a corner kick, and they won the FA Cup. I ended up winning £22, which I was pleased about because I made £16 profit.
This wasn’t the last of my luck, I had £5 left over from my winnings and I thought I would have a quick flutter on the greyhound racing. So, with that said, I put the £5 on one dog and it won, this gave me £10 in return, talk about doubling your money! Anyhow, in total I won £32, which isn’t bad for a gut feeling!

Anyway, back to today. The day started out with a lovely breakfast, I had six pieces of toast and spaghetti. Even though I had this large meal, I still felt hungry afterwards, so I had no choice, but to have a yogurt to fill the tank. I was stuffed after all that food, it felt like I was going to pop like a balloon and fly around the room!

I was in luck today because we were staying on the holiday park. I was okay with this because myself and mum were going to go for a short walk to take pictures of the surrounding scenery. So, with that said, we went out and took the pictures, I will include these pictures after today’s events. After we took the pictures, we headed over to the Cafe and had a Costa Coffee together. As we were drinking our drinks outside, we were looking at all scenery around us and appreciating the view we had of Torquay. Several minutes had gone by and it was time to make a move because we needed to get some stuff from the shop. As ŵe reached the shop, we noticed that all the lights off inside, we thought the shop wasn’t open today, but it turned out that the workers were on their break.

Anyway, to be brief, we picked up some shopping an hour later, and since we came back, I have been lying in bed because I have been feeling unwell. So, on that note, it is time for me to sign off. I have a long day tomorrow because we are traveling home and it takes about six hours in total. So, tomorrow for me will be spent sitting in a car getting a numb backside, how exciting is that?

13 May 2013 22:36pm:

So, it turns out I forgot to write today’s blog. I don’t know how it slipped my mind, maybe old age is catching up with me, keep in mind I am only 24 and I am complaining about being old!

Today has been an easy day, four hours in a car, and then when I arrived home I went back to sleep again. While we were traveling home, I was dying to use the toilet again, I couldn’t believe it, I went before we left. I think my bladder has a mind of its own, it selects when it wants to work and ignores when I need it to work!
Anyway, after an hour of crossing my legs and feeling hot, we stopped at a service station to use the toilet. Once dad stopped the car, I jumped out and started heading towards the service station building to find a toilet. I was trying to run, but I couldn’t because it felt like I was going to wet myself, and the last thing I wanted to do was to make a miniature pond in the car park. So, to be brief, I found the toilet, and it was now time to refill my tank with a cup of tea. I don’t know why mum did this, but she only gave me half a mug of tea, you couldn’t even drown an ant in it. After I finished the tea, I thought to myself that wasn’t enough, so with that said, I decided to go over to Starbucks to get a large hot chocolate. I don’t normal buy drinks from Starbucks, but recently I took a liking to their hot chocolate, and don’t worry Costa Coffee, you’re still my number one choice! Anyhow, with drink in hand, I downed it quickly because dad wanted to get back on the road. I could have drunk it while we were driving along, but for some reason I don’t feel right doing that, maybe it’s the panic disorder taking over of my mind, either way, I don’t know why I can’t drink it while moving along in a car.

I am going to skip ahead here because it is getting late and I am feeling sluggish again. We arrived home around 1pm, and the first thing on my mind was I need something to eat. I only had a small breakfast, so as you could imagine I was starving! I ended up making myself some spaghetti hoops on toast, it was lovely, and it certainly filled a hole!

Anyway, after this, nothing much happened in the afternoon, I spent several hours in bed because I was feeling rough. Before I went to sleep, I received a call from Steve, we had a good chat, well we tried having a good chat, but my iPhone had other plans for that call. Throughout the call my iPhone dropped the call five times and in the end it made me very frustrated. I have restored the phone to see if it makes a different, but if it carries on, I will have to make an appointment to see Apple because it does look like the phone is faulty.

So, it is now time for me to sign off. I hope you enjoyed the blog and pictures, I will be blogging randomly until the start of June, but when this does arrive I will be writing every day of the summer season. Anyway, time to check this for mistakes and then I am back off to bed.





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