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Gendering Books

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As an author I read many books, some could be biographies, fiction, or anything random that takes my fancy. Yesterday, I brought a book called Diary of a Married Call Girl, now when I showed my mother, she said ‘that’s a girly book’, which in theory she is correct, but does it really matter what type of books we read? Like I said before, I read any books, and I’ve even read 50 shades of Grey. I remember when that book was released, people were going mad for it, especially the women. Apparently it was meant to be a very saucy book, but from what I’ve read, I didn’t see what all the fuss was all about.

This leads to another thought, for years now men have been stereotyped because they buy dirty magazines, but for some reason this doesn’t work the same way with women. Even though the 50 shades of grey books aren’t graphical with pictures, they are graphical with their content. So the question is, what is the difference between the two situations? They are both graphical and saucy, so, I don’t see the difference.

The worst thing is, this type of material has been around for centuries, it isn’t anything new and people were making out that they hadn’t seen this stuff before. Both men and women have been buying this type of material for years, but back then it was kind of frowned upon, like it was some kind of secret. As the years have gone by, I think it has become more socially acceptable because we know it isn’t a secret anymore. Even young children know about sex and other things related to it, and sometimes they know more than the adults.

So, briefly, it doesn’t matter what you read because at the end of the day, we all enjoy different books and that’s the main thing. We shouldn’t put a gender label on a book because they are free for anyone to read. Anyhow, enough of that discussion, I think I made my point.

Anyway, today is Wednesday, which is the mid week, and it also means two days to the weekend. This has no effect on me because I have a busy weekend in store anyway, and unfortunately I have some bad news for you. Due to my busy day on Sunday, I won’t be posting a blog on that day because it will be too rushed. I hope you all done mind, but the reality is, I’m not Superman and I can’t make time just appear from nowhere. Wouldn’t that be amazing if I could?

What a busy afternoon I’ve had, or should I say frustrating! For weeks now I’ve been trying to publish my books to Smashwords so I am able to distribute them to other online stores. With every attempt I made, it failed because there would be errors in file, but today, I decided to put all my determination into fixing these problems, and I was in luck because the determination paid off. The books and now all listed on smashwords, and they will soon be distributed to every major online ebook store, what a big sigh of relief!

So, on that note, it’s time for me to sign off once again and I will catch you tomorrow.

The Fly Lost!

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Have you ever had one of those times where you need to write, but you have a fly buzzing around your head? Well, that’s what I’ve had all afternoon, it didn’t annoy me at first, but after thirty minutes, it was starting to tick me off. The worst thing about it was that it thought my earphones were okay to land on, all I kept on hearing was this faint buzzing sound. I decided to take action against the fly, as it landed on my paper work, I hovered my fist over the fly and waited for it to go still. In a split second I slammed my fist on the table and it squashed the fly, that’s one point to me, and now I can carry on with my writing because it isn’t annoying me anymore. Just you wait and see, some fly lover will read this blog and start a hate campaign because I killed one fly, wouldn’t that be hilarious?

Anyhow, let’s discuss a different topic. Today I decided to start sorting through my old documents, but this didn’t happen, so I decided to sort through my old cables. I couldn’t believe the amount of cables I had, I’ve got boxes of the things! I even had cables that would twenty years old, it was beyond crazy! So, would that said, I started to organise the cables into piles. I had two piles, one was to keep and one was to throw away, which kind of worked. The pile to keep was still large, but on the other hand, I still threw many cables away. Even though I threw these away, I was still in two minds whether to keep them, you never know when you could need them.

So, apart from doing this sorting out and writing, I haven’t done much else. I went into town earlier to pick up some food, yet again might I add! I don’t know what it is, but I keep going through loads of food recently. I am lucky in some respects because the amount that I eat doesn’t show, even though I do gain weight, but I guess it doesn’t show from the outside. I have to be very careful with what I eat and how much I eat because it can give me many problems with my digestion. The one thing I cannot eat is Soya because I’m highly allergic to it, if I eat any it makes my stomach and intestines inflame, which is very painful and it can make me very unwell. This is the main reason why I’ve been sick recently because I’ve accidentally ingested food that contained Soya. I’m going to be more careful next time because I hate feeling that unwell.

Anyhow, I’m going to bugger off and be a miserable sod, but before I do, I would like to wish K a very happy birthday and I do hope you party hard! So, until tomorrow, speak to you soon!

Self Publishing for Everyone!

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Well, I’m back again. I’m sorry for missing yesterday’s blog, but due to sickness, I was unable to write anything, or do anything for that matter. Now, unfortunately I was unable to attend Mia’s birthday party yesterday, but thanks to my sister, we have some photographs to share on the blog. These photos will be in colour on the blog, but in the summer season of BloggyBook, they will be in black-and-white (I will put the pictures at the end).

So, what have I been up to? Well, apart from feeling sick, nothing much! I’ve spent most of the time writing out new ideas for stories, and I’ve also been thinking of new plots for the novel I keep mentioning.

Anyway, let’s bring this blog around to something more interesting. I’ve been thinking recently about the burst in self publishing over the years. This method has helped authors achieve success, without they need to be with a proper publisher. When I first started publishing my books, I was apprehensive about what I needed to do, at first I thought I needed to approach an established publisher, but this all changed when I discovered self publishing.

Self publishing gives you complete control, no contract, no deadlines, and best of all you control what you earn from your books! If you go with the right self publisher, you are able to reach customers from Amazon and other services. The best thing about being on the other bookstores is that your book is always in stock because it’s printed on demand, now this doesn’t apply to every retailer, but most of them offer a print on demand service that allows your book to be in stock 100% of the time. Some of the retailers will offer an estimated time of delivery, this will mean that they will source your book from your publisher or other retailers because they can’t offer on demand printing. This method of sourcing your book from other retailers is a standard practice for many bookstores worldwide.

So, what are you waiting for? Get writing your new books and unleash the potential you have to become an author. If a simple man like me can do it, then so can you! Don’t think of what if’s or maybes, just get yourself out there and start writing because it doesn’t matter if you fail or succeed, the only thing that matters is that you tried and gave it your best, and who knows? You may become a well-known author in years to come.

The two self publishers I recommend are and (Amazon), I have personally chosen to stick with because that’s where I started at the beginning and I don’t want to leave them.

Anyhow, I hope you enjoyed my insight on self publishing, I’m going to sign off now and I will speak to you all tomorrow. As I promised, the photos will be after this paragraph.


Amber at Mia’s Eighth Birthday Party


Amber & Hannah (Sister Love)


Mia, Granny, Amber & Hannah – Picture together


Mia & Amber – Picture together




Third Person Writing Attempt

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I’m going to do something a little different with the blog today, and that is my attempt at third person speaking. I always have a problem with third person speaking, if you look at my books, you will know is that I write as I talk. It seems silly, but I’ve always written like that. Today will be the test of my third person speaking, so try not laugh when I get it wrong!


Johnny, always loves to play with his ball. He would bounce it everywhere, off the wall, off the ceiling, off the floor, and even off the window. Johnny’s mum would get very angry with him, ‘stop bouncing that ball!’ She would say. Johnny would just ignore her, and carry on bouncing his ball everywhere. One day Johnny’s mum decided to teach him a lesson, she hid his ball away from him. ‘Where is my ball?’ Johnny asked. ‘I have hidden it Johnny, I’ve told you many times to stop bouncing that ball!’ She replied. Johnny started to cry and went to his bedroom. He lied on his bed with his head underneath the pillow. After five minutes, Johnny’s mum went to see if Johnny was okay. She slowly opened the door and whispered ‘Johnny, are you okay?’ Suddenly there was a big moan, ‘No’ he mumbled. ‘Now, come on Jonny, I have told you about bouncing that ball around the house.’ She replied. Johnny slowly lifted his head from underneath the pillow and said ‘I’m sorry mum, can I have my ball back please?’ ‘Of course you can Johnny, but promise me that you won’t bounce the ball around the house again.’ ‘Okay, mum, I promise.’ Johnny’s mum handed his ball back and gave him a hug. From that day onwards, Johnny, bounced his ball outside.

So, that was my first attempt at third person writing, I do hope you enjoyed it and I hope I can do more of this in the future. I’m going to sign off now because I have a huge stomachache, and the chances are, I am probably going to be sick! Anyhow, until tomorrow, stay safe and be well.

Two Free eBooks

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Well, what a busy day! I didn’t even eat until 2PM this afternoon, that’s how busy it was. Anyhow, with that said, I have finally started offering free downloads to two of my books, one is an older book and the other is a recent book. The reason for making the older one free is because it’s only short and the time has come to allow me to offer it as a free download. When it came to the recent publication, I decided that it would be preferable to offer it free straight away because it will allow my readers to have something for free. So, you can now download those for free. Oh silly me, I forgot to mention which ones they were! The free downloads include moral rat and society judges, you can find links to those on the sidebar of my website, and the best thing is, they will remain free forever.

I’m sorry for the recent lack of blogs, Life is only been busy over the last couple of days and it has also been interfered with by this cold. I woke up this morning with gunk on my chest and a barking cough. This cold has certainly been ransacking our house recently, first I had it and then everybody else caught it, but then I wasn’t expecting to get back again like today. I think mine was mainly caused by an infection on my tongue, last night I stupidly bit my tongue and ever since it has been really painful, and not to mention it’s caused my throat to become sore. I’m sure it won’t take long to heal, but I’m not holding up my hopes when it comes to a quick recovery.

I was meant to do writing for the novel last night, but unfortunately tiredness took over. Talking about the novel, it seems like I’ve got stuck again with ideas. When I printed out the four pages, I started making notes down the right side of the manuscript. Once I’ve finished writing the comments, I started to write notes at the end about what could come next. I don’t want to give too much away because it will ruin the book for you, but I do hope that this writer’s block or whatever you call it will pass very soon. I think I need to follow my own advice, and that is to write anything random to beat the writer’s block.

Anyway guys and gals, I’m going to sign off now, I just wanted to let you know what’s going on, and I also didn’t want you to think I ran away or disappeared. So, until tomorrow, speak to you soon.

Mia’s Eight, and Free eBook!

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What a busy twenty-four hours it’s been! I’ve been unable to sleep and to top it all off, I’ve had many pains across my stomach. These were caused by my self-inflicted addiction to Jaffa cakes and rich tea biscuits.

Anyhow, let’s move swiftly on to today’s events. Today was Mia’s (niece) birthday, she turned eight years old. I can remember when Mia was first born, she was just a little thing. The first time I held her in my arms, she looked at me and thought ‘Oh my god, what’s that ugly thing?‘ Only joking, she lied in my arms and gave me a big smile. I think there is a photo of me holding Mia around here somewhere, but I can’t remember where it is because we have a large collection of photos.

I have also loved today because I have seen K again, which is two times this week, but I don’t mind, she is a pleasure to have in my life and a fantastic best friend. The reason for going around today was to sort her iPhone because yet again it’s failed, thanks Apple! I’m sorry to say this about a company I follow religiously, but you are starting to lose touch with your customers. The problem with K’s phone isn’t purely software issues, it’s also partly hardware issues too. I don’t want to bitch about Apple, but on this occasion I’m making an exception because you seem to blame your own software, rather than the hardware it runs on. This issue alone has started to concern me because it’s like they’re refusing to replace the handsets, which could happen to me in the future and I don’t want this to happen, it’s bad enough that I get withdrawal symptoms from not using the Internet after twenty minutes, and in all honesty, I couldn’t live without my phone, so it better not break down on me or else I am going to cry!

Now on the different subject, I have spent all night writing a free e-book about how we judge each other, and how we are all guilty of judging someone. This book is available free from my publisher ( and you can download it right now! The best thing about this book is that it will stay free forever, how about that the commitment? I will of course leave all links at the end of this blog.

Anyway, I’ve just out to the shops to pick up some food, and no K, I didn’t buy any Jaffa Cakes, wish I could, but they’re bad for me. So, on that note, it’s time for me to sign off again. Don’t forget to download your free copy of my new eBook.

Society Judges Download Now FREE! (More Options coming soon!)

Author Mentoring

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Well, I’m starting to feel much better, which means I can start writing more contextual blogs because I’m able to think correctly. Today has been very good for me, I have started to get my appetite back and I also met up with my best friend K. Talking about my appetite, this morning I started to crave sausage rolls, I don’t know why, but I did. So, you would think I only had one sausage roll, well, you thought wrong, I had four! Even after I ate those, I was still hungry, so I decided to have a whole packet of cookies, keep in mind that the cookies were double chocolate chip, who couldn’t resist those? Anyway, to say the least I was stuffed after that meal.

Anyhow, let’s discuss the topic of this blog. While I was out today with K, it came to me that I look up to K as a mentor, and I don’t mean this in a bad sense, but in a good sense. When we discuss things, it always feels like we connect and understand each other, but we also give each other advice. Now lately our conversations have been about writing, which is my fault because I like talking about it. As we discuss this topic, ideas bounce off each other and in a way that helps me to be more creative. The best thing I like about these conversations is the way K explains her feedback, for example my writing style, sometimes I will forget how to use speech marks or even question marks. This feedback has got me far over recent months, but I guess this is like any Author. We all rely on feedback of some kind, and even if it’s good or bad, we take the feedback and carry on.

I think in some respects that every author needs a mentor of some kind, whether it’s a family friend, acquaintance, best friend, or even some random person you see down at your local pub. As an author you always try to find inspiration, and the reason we do this is because our minds can only go so far. This doesn’t just apply to author, but in respect, it applies to many industries. No matter what we do as human beings, we seek inspiration wherever we go, and this inspiration can be found in anything, it could be a blade of grass scuttling through the pavement or even, the wind blowing you off your feet. The point is, we all seek inspiration, we all need something or someone in our life to give us the extra push we need to progress.

I can certainly say that K has been my mentor throughout recent months. She alone has inspired me and pushed me towards writing more creatively. When I think about it, I don’t think I would have started to progress if she didn’t come along in my life. Also, I don’t think I would have started writing a novel if it wasn’t her giving me inspiration to make something big. The one thing I do know is once the novel is published, it was certainly go a long way.

Anyhow, I hope you enjoyed this blog and I also hope that you take advice within this blog. Just remember one thing, we all need inspiration. So, I am going to sign off, speak to you next blog!

First Novel on its Way!

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I have been awake yet again for another night, these pains are not easy to deal with, it seems like every day I get growling pains. Today’s pains are unpleasant, it feels like a knife is being jabbed into me. Even though these are unpleasant, I am lucky to have all the medication I need to calm down the pains. Trying to sleep was so hard, no matter what I tried the pains wouldn’t stop.

Anyway, let’s stop discussion these problems, I don’t want to depress you all. While I was up all night, I decided to add a new part to the novel myself & K are writing together. I can’t remember if I mentioned before, but this will be the first novel I publish, which may seem silly because I’ve published five books already, but this will be the first full on story and hopefully there will be more than one book to the series. When this is published, I think I will be using a different publisher for the paperback version because it will cost less money to distribute, which means it will cost less to produce. I won’t be changing the e-book publisher because they offer better distribution to online marketplaces.

So, apart from this I haven’t got anything else to do on this lovely Sunday afternoon. I will of course carry on writing more to the novel, and I think I need to reformat the current blogs for the BloggyBook series. Anyhow, with that said, I’m going to sign off. I definitely need to get some rest sometime today because these nights are making me tired!

Coma, it was a Dream?

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Friday is upon us, well its nearly over here. Anyway, let’s stop discussing the days of the week and let’s discuss the film Coma that I mentioned in my previous blog. Before I start, I would like to say spoiler alert, spoiler alert, if you don’t want to know what happens then press the back button on your browser to view my other blogs.

After many days of reminders from K, I finally sat down to watch the film Coma. The film itself was very interesting, it had many twists and turns, and a very unexpected ending, and to this day it has annoyed me because I wasn’t expecting it to happen.

The film starts out with the student nurse (Susan) suspecting that there has been foul-play going on within the hospital. As the film progresses she finds out that patients are coming in with normal injuries and then they end up in a coma, from this point onwards I thought the hospital were harvesting the organs and taking them out once they died from vegetation. Nothing else entered my mind until Susan started investigating the Jefferson Institute. Mrs. Emerson who was a lead carer at the Institute made a frightening admission, she said to Susan that she was unable to have children and that she made a promise to God for sparing her life. As Susan tries to escape the Institute, she finds many female patients that are pregnant and their babies were still alive.

This seemed like a desperate act by Mrs. Emerson, it was obvious that she was hurting because she couldn’t have children, and somehow this was fulfilling that need, but in some respects, her actions were psychotic. Please don’t misunderstand my words, many women would like to have children, but they’re unable to, and I wouldn’t wish that on anyone, but during this film it is clear that the character was suffering from emotional issues surrounding this news of not being able to have children. (I needed to add this in, to make sure I wasn’t coming across as evil.)

While I was watching the film, I kept those two scenarios in my mind, I wasn’t expecting what happened at the end. When the film gets to the end, Susan wakes up in a hospital bed. I thought to myself, hospital bed? Then, after that Dr. Mark Bellows strolls in and sits on her bed, and says it’s okay, it was only a dream! From this point onwards I became annoyed, a dream? How could it be just a dream? This was totally unexpected, but I should have caught on, Susan has a fall at the beginning at the swimming pool and for some reason the next scene was with her getting up from that fall, it was there straight away, how did I not catch on?

Anyway, apart from the ending, the film was fantastic, like I said before it had many twists and turns and many plots, what more could you ask for? So, I’d definitely recommend that people watch this, please remember that there are two versions of this film, there was one made in 1978 and one was also made in 2012 (the one I watched). They are both based on the same storyline, but I am guess that will be some difference.

So, there you go that is my opinion about the film Coma. I hope you all enjoyed it, I am now going to sign off and try to find a cure for my sore throat, don’t forget to join me tomorrow for another blog filled with joy and happiness!

Change Publisher?

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So, today was an interesting day. As I mentioned yesterday, I was starting to do research for a book myself & K were working on. This research involves watching other crime related programs to get ideas for the story, and it also involves tons of writing. I will be writing a blog tomorrow about the crime film I watched today, it was certainly good, but then again it had an evil twist at the end.

While I’m on the subject of books, I want to discuss different self publishers. I have been thinking recently about changing my publisher, now this isn’t because they’re rubbish or anything like that, it’s purely based on cost. When I normally release a book through my existing publisher, I have to pay delivery costs and the cost of the book. I don’t mind paying the cost of the book, but I have some issues with delivery costs because there are many self publishers whom will waive the delivery costs e.g, Amazon (CreateSpace). This isn’t the only reason why I am thinking about changing, I need to work out what is more cost effective for my readers, and I also need to work out what is cheaper for distribution chains. I have found there are many other cheaper alternatives to get my books distributed. So, currently I am working out the pros and cons, and it looks like I may be changing publishers very soon, this is not something I really want to do, but due to costs I have to. I won’t be changing publishers completely, I will be using my existing publisher to publish my e-book formats because they have an easy way to get into other online ebook stores.

On another unrelated subject, I think I’ve made my dad very happy. I brought him the latest Status Quo album yesterday while I was in town. I was meant to give him it on Sunday because this was his father’s day gift, but I decided to give him it early. Myself, mum and dad were sat around his computer listening to this new album, we all enjoyed the new album, and I think my dad loved it the most. I am a big lover of Status Quo music, and most of the time I love to listen to all the other classical bands. I know this sounds weird, a young person liking all the old music that can’t be right, can it? My love for this music started many years ago when I was a child, as I grew up I was taught to appreciate older forms of music. Even though this appreciation is more for older music, I still appreciate today’s music as well. The music released years ago seemed to be more unique in my opinion, nowadays you will find that some artists copy each other, now don’t get me wrong, this happened years ago too, but it happens more frequently now. Take me as an example, as a guitarist I learn a wide range of songs, which means I am copying those artists, but with that said, I also try to write my own music and lyrics.

Anyway, enough of me babbling on, I’m signing off now because I’m starting to feel sick again, but before I do, don’t forget to check out tomorrow’s blog because I discuss the 2012 film Coma.


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