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The Heavens of Sugar!

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30 July: Tuesday

The Heavens open!

The heavens have finally opened, and while everyone is complaining about the rain, I’m welcoming it with open arms! I don’t know why people complain, they hate it when it’s too hot, and now they hate it because it’s raining, you can’t win with some people! I recently overheard a conversation between a group of people and they were moaning about hot it’s been, one of them said ‘it’s going to be 20c tonight, it isn’t good at all! I like it when it’s in the middle.’ What do you class as in the middle? Dry? Wet? Bit of a Breeze? I will say it again, but you can’t win with some people!

Anyhow, with this weather keeping me confined to my bedroom for the day, myself and K have decided to start working on a schedule that will help me to become more productive. We decided to do this after I hinted several times that K should be my receptionist, I know it may seem like a cheeky thing to ask, but she has always done what’s right for me, and I couldn’t think of anyone better. So, I’m hoping this new schedule will help me to be more productive and it should help me to have more time to rest, and at least this won’t give me an excuse to forget. As I’ve always said to K, you’re only as good as the woman who leads you, and since K is my best friend I couldn’t ask for anyone better than her to lead me to success.

I won’t be doing much else today, reading and writing is the highlight of my day. The one thing I need to do is to have a shave, I’m starting to look like a goat with an overgrown beard. This is partly my fault, when I moved to my sisters, I somehow misplaced my electric shaver, but due to a busy time and infections, I’ve been unable to locate the shaver, which means that I’ve had to settle for cheap razors that will probably cut my neck to pieces! So, if I don’t post tomorrow’s blog, you will know that I’ve had a fight with a razor blade and it won!

Could you imagine having a fight with a razor blade? The razor would be like ‘I am going to cut you up! If you come any closer then you’re going to regret it!’ Okay there’s that imagination going in overdrive again! I find it hilarious how my imagination goes off on one, and it always seems to get worse once I’ve had my strong painkillers. I guess my drugs are like wine, they go straight to my head, and as we all know I’ve only got a peanut for a brain so it takes its toll on me!

Anyway, on that note, I’m buggering off to have a rest. Looks like I get an extra thirty minutes because I have time left over from my scheduled allowance for writing the blog. So, until the next blog, stay safe and take care.

31 July: Wednesday

Forgot The Sugar!

Well, what a day it’s been! I woke up with no pain (thank goodness) and I felt delightfully chipper, don’t know why this was, but maybe the medication has had a direct affect on how I am feeling today. I started my day like any other, walk through to the kitchen and make a cup of tea. I’m surprised that I am able to do this each morning because my eyes are covered in a layer of sleep, which causes my vision to become impaired.

The first task of my day was to visit the bank, obviously because I moved I needed to change the address or else some transactions won’t go through. Anyhow, after I completed that task, I headed over to Tesco to pick up some shopping. I needed to buy some sugar, but as you read on you will see that this didn’t go to plan. As I walked into Tesco’s, the first thing that caught my eye were the books, and since I’m addicted to buying new books, I couldn’t resist taking a quick look. Now as you can guess this quick look turned into a long look, and it also resulted in buying six new books. I can’t help, reading books is something I love to do, and even if it takes me awhile, I’ll still get round to reading them. I wonder if there’s some rehab class for buying too many books? That would certainly be a funny thing to attend, ‘I’m Marc and I’m addicted to buying books.’

So, with this shopping in hand, I walked home thinking I brought everything I went there for. As I started to make a cup of tea, I went to grab the sugar pot, and it was only then that I realized I had forgotten to buy some sugar. I won’t repeat what I said, but it went a bit like this ‘for fudge sake …’  Anyhow, I quickly drank my tea and headed back out the door again to Tesco’s. How stupid am I? I had to walk all the way there and back again, and even though it’s a short distance, it completely tired me out. Next time I go shopping, I am going to make a list of things I need to buy because it will save me from doing all that walking.

Anyhow, I don’t think I’ve got much planned for the rest of the day. I know I have a lovely dinner for later, so I guess that’s something good to look forward to. The chances are I’ll sit and read for the rest of the day or talk away on Twitter.

So, I guess it’s that time again, time to sign off and cause trouble somewhere else. You never know, I might get arrested or something and that will add some fun to the next blog. Until the next blog, take care and stay safe!

Um …Dumplings?

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28 July: Sunday

Um …I forgot?

Well, you wouldn’t believe this, but I completely forgot to write today’s blog, lucky for me that this isn’t the published day because I would be screwed! Anyhow, let’s get on to today! The day has been one of those relaxing, but productive days. I know that seems like an odd combination, but what do you expect? I’m probably the oddest guy you will ever meet! Ask K, she will tell you, I’m unique, and not always in a good way.

These relaxing days fit right into what a Sunday should comprise of. I must admit even though today has been relaxed, I have spent a few hours trying to sort my novels. This isn’t anything major, I’ve had some of the stuff wrote down in my notepads for a while, but I haven’t found the time recently to duplicate it all through my computer. I managed to get everything I have down on paper typed up onto the computer, how about that? Took me a few hours, but I got there in the end. I must remember to stop getting myself in these catchup moments because it could start getting me stressed.

Anyhow, this was only a quick blog, and I promise tomorrow’s blog will be even longer. So, until then, stay safe and take care!

29 July: Monday

Dumpling Search!

Today has certainly been busy, the morning started off in the local council offices, and surprisingly we weren’t waiting around long. Normally the local offices are packed and it takes ages before you see anyone. The one thing that makes me laugh is the ticket system, say for example you get ticket number eleven and the current number being called is ten, and then the next number it calls is twenty-seven. I thought a ticket system was meant to be in order? How does it get from ten and then twenty-seven? That things got a virus!

Anyhow, after we finished in the council office, we walked towards the shop to start shopping. Mum and Cassie (sister) wanted to grab a drink from Costa Coffee first, I wasn’t in any mood to have a drink today. I’ve been feeling under the weather recently, I don’t know whether its to do with my stomach or the lack of sleep, but either way it put me off having a Costa Coffee. While they were having their drinks, I decided to wonder over to WHSmith to look for some new books. This search became pointless after five minutes, the only books they had that interested me were the ones I already own. So, with no books in hand, I walked out of the shop and headed back towards Costa Coffee. As I approached mum, I looked at her and said ‘well that was pointless, they had a poor selection. The only books I was interested in were the ones I already own.’ Mum replied with her usual ‘oh well, you can look in another shop.’ I know this isn’t my mum’s fault, but I was just disappointed because I wanted to find something new to read.

After we finished up in Costa Coffee, it was time to do the usual wander around the pound shop. This is something I hate, the shops are packed, people get in my way, and it makes me feel closed in. I did my usual, I got half way round and handed my card to mum and I walked outside to wait for them. I know this may seem weird, but in all honesty I am not going to be somewhere that causes me to have a panic attack. Not long after I started to wait for them, they emerged with bags of shopping. Unfortunately, time was pushing on for mum and she needed to leave to attend a prearranged meeting. So, we said our goodbyes and we left mum to go on her way.

The next thing we had to do was find something to eat for Cassie and Amber (niece), I wasn’t having anything to eat due to the sickness. We ended up siting in Burger King, I watched Amber eat a small chocolate Sundae. She really enjoyed it, the ice-cream was going all over her face and T-shirt, but it didn’t matter, she enjoyed it which was the main thing. After this, I went to Waterstones while Cassie went outside to have a cigarette. I had some luck in this store, I brought four new books that interested me. Maybe I should shop at Waterstones more often? They seem to have a better selection to choose from, and they have a dedicated section for crime books. So, with four books in hand and £20 lighter, I walked out of Waterstones feeling happy that I found some books that I will enjoy.

I can’t help but laugh at this next part, we were walking around Asda looking at the different foods, and from nowhere Cassie randomly said ‘I fancy dumplings!’ I don’t know where this came from, but from that point onwards she had a craving for dumplings, it was like she became the dumpling monster, it’s a bit like the Cookie Monster from Sesame Street. Lucky for her though, the search for dumplings didn’t take long. I must admit she made the right choice; we had them for dinner and they were lovely!

So, as you can tell, we had a fun day. Well, apart from when I got home and then shortly after running out to collect medication. I needed to collect those anyway, my pain has been uncontrollable over the last day because I ran out of tablets. Anyhow, enough of me rambling on. I will speak to you all in the next blog, until then, stay safe and take care.

No Sleep; Rock Roadie Review

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26 July: Friday

No Sleep for Marc!

As I lie here looking out of my window, I see stars gazing like bright diamonds in the sky. I wonder what my day will bring tomorrow, Will it be the same? Or will it be a dramatic change and life will get back on track again. My life isn’t so bad really, I have a roof over my head and I’m surrounded by my loving family. I just wish this pain would go away, it’s starting to drag me down, some days I can’t even get out of bed, and it starts to take a toll on things I want to succeed with. I guess I’m letting things get to me, it’s late and my general mood is low, so I guess I’m just letting my depression screw me over. Oh well, I best try to sleep or else I’ll be a moody git in the morning.

Well, it turns out I got no sleep at all! The pain continued to play havoc and nothing was helping it settle down. I’m used to all this pain stuff, I’ve had this for many years, and in all fairness it isn’t uncommon for me to be haunted by the hindering spirit called pain. Some of you will relate to the pain I am going through, it’s the kind of pain that takes very strong painkillers to settle down, and even taking them it hardly touches the root cause. There are many complications with having this kind of pain, it causes many depressive moments, and I know firsthand how this can affect your mental state. Your limits are tested, it takes you to a dark place, and you feel like the world has reached it’s untimely sink into the black hole. Even when life gets you down, try to look up and passed the downturn because it will get better in time, you just need to give fate a chance to fill your life with happiness again.

Today’s blog won’t be too long, I need to spend most of my day resting because of the lack of sleep, and later on I will need the energy to type out a part of a novel I am working on. I’m on a mission today I’ve been to Tesco, sorted out my doctors, done my Twitter follow Friday mentions, and I wrote the blog for today all before 12pm. How’s that for hard work?

While I’ve been struggling with this pain, I thought I would use the time to be productive. I sat on my bed with my trusted pen and pad of paper just writing the night away, I had nothing else better to do. I think I wrote another five-hundred words for the novel, I wasn’t keeping count, but I can normally guess by the amount of lines I’ve used.

Anyhow, enough of me babbling on, this probably doesn’t make any sense knowing my luck. I hope that I will have a better sleep tonight, it would be a welcome change compared to last night! Until the next blog, stay well, be safe, and remember let your imagination kill your depression, you never know it might just work!


27 July: Saturday

Rock Roadie, Journey through the Rock ‘N’ Roll Era!

For months now I’ve been reading a book called “Rock Roadie.” I’ve loosely mentioned this throughout many of my blogs, and today I can finally discuss the book in full because I’ve finished the book.

Instead of me repeating myself, I’m going to add my review below that I wrote on GoodReads.

“Where do I start with this book? This book follows the life of a staring Roadie through height of the Rock ‘N’ Roll era. His life was filled with ups, downs, laughs and unfortunate endings. As you read through the book, you will be taken on a journey of the music industry, some parts will make you laugh, and other parts will leave you feeling concerned. I was certainly surprised by the real cause of Jimi Hendrix’s death, but this seemed obvious as the closing chapters came along. I won’t be giving any spoilers, if you would like to know purchase the book because it is a MUST READ!”

Take what you will from my review, but I would highly recommend this book to everyone! I want to give a big shout out “Tappy” for giving me a personal signed copy of this book, and I always want to say how sorry I am over the recent loss of your brother. I also want to thank Steve for introducing me to the book, and for the persistence for me to read his uncles book. This book was well worth the sleepless nights and the many hours I spent reading. I will leave links below to the book, and I do hope you all take the time to check it out because it’s worth reading!


Let’s get back to my life. I’ve been up most of the night due to pain. I woke up suddenly at around 1:30am, I had a pain shoot across my lower abdomen. As I’ve mentioned before, this pain isn’t uncommon for me because I suffer from digestive discomfort and major spasms across my muscles. I guess the noise from the neighbors upstairs didn’t help matters, they were stomping around for some reason, it might have been their dogs, but regardless it kept me up until 5am!

You can guess the kind of day I’ve had, it was relaxed and I spent most of the time reading books. Ever since I’ve moved into Cassie’s, there has been this new found times of peace. I’ve been able to spend most of my time doing what I love, and as I’ve mentioned before peace is all I seek within my life. Reading and writing books is all I want to do, it isn’t a big ask, but that’s all I want! I just want to sit in my room and do what I love doing the most.

Anyhow, I’m going to sign off now. I hope you enjoyed my review of Rock Roadie, and I hope it will inspire you all to buy a copy soon! Until the next blog, stay safe and take care.

Imagination and Pens

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24 July: Wednesday

Imagination Gone Wrong!

Well, today has been very relaxing. I spent the majority of the day lying on my bed and reading books, but this isn’t a bad thing because it’s what I like to do. The day started off like any other, it was calm, quiet, and blooming hot!

After I had breakfast, I went across to Tesco because I needed to buy dad a new freeview box. As I was walking across, I noticed that the local market was in full swing, cars and people were everywhere, and there was the usual upbeat noise of the radios blaring from the market speaker system. When I walked across the car park, I noticed there was the usual fight for car spaces, many cars were speeding along, some were blowing their horns, and others didn’t look where they were going. There was an elderly woman trying to cross the road and someone took no notice of this, and they continued to reverse, they only stopped when the elderly woman whacked the back of their car with her stick. Talk about a street fight! She was going to take on a car, she must have secret powers like the hulk. Annoy her enough and she will go green and roar like a tiger! Okay, maybe my imagination stretched there about the hulk, but it was amazingly stupid of the driver, sometimes I wonder how people pass their driving tests!

When I arrived at Tesco, I was in my usual speedy mode, I wanted to get what I needed and get back out again. The first stop I made was to the electrical department to find this freeview box, there were many to choose from, but I only needed a basic one, I didn’t need anything special because dad wouldn’t use any of the extra features. So, with freeview box in hand, I headed back downstairs to look at the books. After five minutes of browsing, I found three books that I wanted, and what made it even better was that they were on a special deal. I always try to get my books on a deal because I only pay on average £2 a book, which in fairness is a good price to pay. The books I normally buy are either crime related or other random ones that catch my eye. As they always say, to sell a book you need a good cover that will appeal and stand out on the shelf. Oh no, I’ve just had another imagination moment! What if a book did jump out at you on a shelf? It would be like ‘Hey buy me. Oi buy me, you know you want to!‘ Then the book tries to jump in your basket! Okay, I’m going too far with all this imagination stuff.

Anyhow, once I paid for the shopping, I headed back to the market and tackled the crowds again. This time it wasn’t so bad, there was the usual crowds, but I quickly found a shortcut and sailed passed everyone. The walk home started to take its toll on me, my legs were aching and the sweat was pouring from me. I can’t understand why this happened, I was only wearing shorts and a T-shirt, so I should have been cool enough. I guess the heat is still in full swing, I’m hoping that it starts to cool down in the next couple of days. Apparently we are meant to be getting rain tomorrow, so I could be in luck, well that’s if the weather report is correct. Knowing my luck, it will probably be wrong, and we will end up with more sun!

So, I was now home and ready to have a nap, but before I could do this, I wanted to read a couple of books for a while. This method worked again, after I read a few chapters, I felt my eyelids going, and once I rested my head on the pillow, I was out like a lightbulb.

I woke up around 5pm, and somehow I regained all my energy. Not long after this, my sister served dinner. We had a lovely curry, it definitely hit the spot, and I ate every mouthful. After I put my plate in the kitchen, I sat in my bedroom watching a bit of TV and trying to decide what to write about in today’s blog.

Anyhow, nothing more happened today, I just spent the rest of the time writing this and reading books on my bed. I hope this imagination amused you all, it will certainly help me later when I write parts of my books. This imagination is normal to me, but to other people they think it’s crazy or even dumb. If trying to be funny is crazy then, I’m completely nuts and off my trolley! So, on that note, its time for me to sign off and retire to my bed. Until the next blog, stay safe and take care.

25 July: Thursday

Pens Hide!

I can’t believe it, I’ve woken up with a sore throat, could this day get any worse? As I sit here trying to write today’s blog, my head is starting to beat like a drum, and my energy is starting drain from me like a leaking tap. After a quick lie down on my bed, it was clear that I had some bug or infection. My body feels like a very hot radiator, and for some reason my feet feel hot, its like a hot feeling shooting up my legs like electricity, this might be just a rush of bloody.

Anyhow, let’s try to get past all this sickness. How about yesterdays blog, how nuts was I? An elderly woman turning into the hulk, and books jumping off shelves for you to buy them, how crazy was that? What does it matter? I guess we all let our imagination run wild at times, mine just turns on when it feels like it, and most of the time it’s when I don’t have a pen handy! I bet all writers have had moments like that, you get an idea and then you realize you don’t have pen to write it down with. It’s like the pens have it in for you, they all hatch a plan to hide when you have a really good idea. Okay, there’s that imagination again, it must be working overdrive because of the sickness.

Anyway, that’s enough from me today. I’m off to cure this sickness and to read some books. So, until the next blog, take care and be safe!

The Cuckoo Storms!

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22 July: Monday

The Cuckoo’s Number One!

This weather is getting silly, as I woke up this morning I was greeted by the intense heat. I have said this many time’s before, but bring on the winter season! I know it sounds sad, or to some people it may seem deranged, but I prefer the cooler weather, and the winter season seems like a peaceful time. If you have been reading my blog for a while, you will know that this is all I seek in my life. Having peace helps me deal with my anxiety disorder in calm manner, if I didn’t have peace then, I would go off my trolley (go nuts).

Talking about seeking peace, I’ve spent most of my day reading “The Cuckoo’s Calling,” so far the book seems very interesting and it certainly captured my attention. Even with this said, I have one question in mind, why did J.K Rowling use a different name? Before the secret came out, this book was nowhere in the charts, and according to the news, it only sold five-hundred copies previously. When the secret was confirmed, it sold like wildfire and it shot to number one in all major book charts. I am going to be blunt here, but what was being achieved here? She has built a brand around her writing, so regardless of what she publishes, she will sell many copies every time because people love her as an author. I know she had her reasons for testing out this book under a new name, but why did she bother? She has the brand and it wouldn’t matter what she writes because people will buy it anyway. This proves one thing and that is, if you’re an established author, you will sell books regardless.

Anyhow, after I finished reading, I had a shower and headed over to the old house to drop off the “Alan-Keys,” if you’re not aware of these, its used to screw in and unscrew bolts e.g, Dining Table legs or a bed frame. As I stepped outside, it was like walking into a film of hot air, it was like being hit in the face with a blow torch. While I was walking along, the sweat was pouring out of me, I was like a walking tap! I didn’t stay at mums for long because I wanted to get back and away from all the heat.

When I got home, I had a drink and started reading again. I need to do some more writing soon or else I’m going start getting behind again. This hot weather has thrown me off the rails a bit because I haven’t been able to think properly, but this should change once the weather starts to cool down. According to the news and the weather apps, its meant to thunder tonight, so this could bring some well-deserved rain!

Anyway, let’s see what happens. I’m signing off now, so until the next blog, take care.

23 July: Tuesday

The Storms Came!

The thunderstorm came, it lit up the sky, and then the rain poured from the clouds like a waterfall. Subsequently, this lasted all night, and the garden flooded. Even though it was raining, the heat was still intense, and the air was still very dry. I will leave some pictures at the end of the blog to show you what weather we’ve had.

When the morning arrived, I went over to the shops to pick up some shopping. We ran out of sugar because I’ve been having too much recently. I know I need to be careful with my sugar intake, I guess my sweet tooth takes over at times, but I guess I’ll have to start calming it down, I don’t want it to become a health risk. As I left the house, I expected the weather to be very cold, but I was completely wrong! The weather was still hot, and I regretted wearing thermal clothes because I ended up sweating through my clothes.

Anyhow, a few hours went by and I had a call from mum to say that dad was coming to pick me up. Dad needed me to help him setup his computer and television. We started by loading up dads car with all the stuff, and after that, we headed over to dad’s house. Once we unloaded everything, I started to set up dads computer. While the computer was loading up, I decided to set up dads television (multitasking). This didn’t go to plan, I thought the television had freeview, but it turns out it didn’t. Then, we tried using a freeview box that worked, but the remote control failed to work. So because of these problems, I’m having to buy dad a new freeview box tomorrow and a new computer cable because there’s a lose wire. I don’t mind buying them for my dad, I always like to help my parents. I’m getting worried about my dad, he seems to be struggling a lot and he’s been getting out of breath. I hope he’s going to be okay because it breaks my heart to see him like this. I always see my dad as a hero, he’s always been there to take care of me, and to stand by me even when I’ve been in the wrong.

When I came home I felt exhausted, my back, legs and knees ached, and I was unable to regain the energy I lost. So, as you can guess, I’ve hardly done anything else. I haven’t even started reading books yet, but I will when I go to bed. I’m going to read more of “The Cuckoo’s Calling” and “Rock Roadie,” I’ve mentioned Rock Roadie in previous blogs. If you want to learn more about the book, just input the names into Google or go through my previous blogs.

So, on that note, it’s time for me to sign off. I’m off to settle down in bed and relax. The pictures I mentioned earlier will follow after this, until the next blog, take care and stay safe!


Storms came and flooded the garden.


Storms left the underpass flooded!

How Stupid?

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20 July: Saturday

Overcast, and Relaxing

The hot weather has been kept at bay today, we’ve had clouds in the sky all day and the temperature has stayed below 20c. Even though we were greeted by this delightful change, it didn’t stop the weather from overheating me throughout the night. I must have woken up every two hours, it was beyond a joke, and in the end I decided to give up trying to sleep. I did sleep in the end, but it wasn’t until 5am, which isn’t something I chose to do willingly.

I have spent most of the day reading books and writing new parts to the novel I am working on, I won’t be giving any details away, apart from this small clue; the book is related to my first publication. Talking about books, I started reading the book “Inferno” that I brought yesterday. I haven’t read much of it so far, but it seems to be good so far!

So, today hasn’t been too bad. The weather has been spot on, it’s been relaxing, and I’ve also been very productive. I just need a good sleep tonight and that will make my day complete! Anyhow, I have a packed day tomorrow, I’m meeting K in town and then I come back to Hannah’s birthday party.

21 July: Sunday

Hannah’s Sixth Birthday Party

Another overcast day has greeted us again, which is still a welcomed change. Today is Hannah’s birthday party, and unfortunately I won’t be attending it until later on in the day, but while I’m away for a few I’ll get Laura to take a few pictures for the blog. These pictures will be added on to the end as always.

So, the day was in full swing and I was just about to leave to meet K in town. Just before I went to leave, Dad suggested that he would drop me off into town to save me paying for train fair. I wasn’t going to turn down a free lift, so I gracefully accepted. During the journey to town, Dad asked how the new move was going for me.


‘Everything is going great’ I said, ‘I am enjoying the peace.’

‘That’s good, it’s a shame we are all apart, but this stuff happens, but it isn’t like we won’t see you.’ He replied.

‘I know, but things will be okay. This move has done me some good, I go to bed early and I am able to read & write more than before.’

Dad smiled at that response, and out of nowhere he started a new conversation about driving, how random is that?

‘You should learn how to drive, you can get an automatic. There’s no gear changing and you only have two peddles.’

I sighed and replied ‘I don’t know if I’ll have the patience or confidence for it.’

‘Oh of course you will, it’s not that hard.’

After a few minutes, we arrived in town. I opened the car door and Dad said ‘I’ll see you later, if you need picking up just give us a call.’ I replied ‘okay, I will do.’ Once dad left, I headed towards WHSmith (bookshop) to look for a book I heard about in the news. The book is called “The Cuckoo’s Calling” by Robert Galbraith, or should I say J.K Rowling. According to what I’ve read in the news, J.K Rowling wrote this book under a different pen name and someone let it slip about who the real author was.

So, there I was in the bookshop looking for this book. After much walking around, I found the book in the charts section, why didn’t I think of that when I walked into the shop? I’m such a donut! If you think this was bad, then you will find this next part even more stupid! When I paid for the book, I used the self-service checkouts. I paid for the item and put it in my bag, and then I left the shop. I went over to another shop to buy K a replacement iPhone charger. When I went to pay for the charger, I noticed that one of my cards were missing. After a couple of seconds went by, it dawned on me that I left my card in the machine at the bookshop. I quickly paid for the charger and ran over to the bookshop, to my own surprise, the card was still sitting in the machine untouched. When I saw the card, I let out a big sigh of relief and put it back into my wallet. How stupid could I be?

Once I met up with K, we headed over to Costa Coffee for a drink. We were in need of a drink because the weather became very hot, so much for the overcast weather we woke up to this morning! Anyhow, as we drank our drinks, we embraced the sweet delight of the air conditioning blowing out fine cold air. What a difference this was, it was like walking into a small freezer! I wish we could have stayed there all day because it was cool, but I guess all good things must come to an end. Before I knew it, we had finished our drinks, and it was time to find K some food.

When we were walking to the restaurant, K noticed that pigeon’s nod their heads as they walk. I laughed because it was random, but as I think about it, why does a pigeon nod its head as it walks along? If you know why then contact me by way of my website, it will be good to see what people discover, and it also saves me a night of research. K made me laugh, she said ‘those Wallace and Grommet people got it wrong, they didn’t nod their heads as they walked along in Chicken Run.’ This is a valid point because they didn’t, they just walked along normally. I had a funny theory to all this head banging, maybe if they nod their head’s faster they will get quicker? Give them some drum & bass to listen to, imagine that, they will be running while listening to that stuff!

After our short walk, we arrived at the restaurant. As K placed her order, I sat down in one of the booths. While we waited for the food to arrive, we had a chat about the book I mentioned earlier. I showed her the book and she instantly said ‘that’s about right’, I thought to myself ‘cheeky donut.’ I couldn’t help it, but it certainly made me laugh. As the food was placed on the table, the person who bought the food over said ‘here’s your garlic bread,’ and then for some reason he started pointing at the box. I’m going to be blunt, but where else would it be? This would be a funny scenario, he brings an empty box over, but then he tells you that the garlic bread is on the floor. I know my imagination is going in overdrive again and it’s starting to become unrealistic.

During the meal K became very tired and said she feeling unwell, which started to worry me because I didn’t want her to become seriously unwell. I won’t go into the details, but I hope she’s okay because I do worry about her, after all she is my best friend and I would do anything I can for her.

Anyhow, I need to stop this blog here because it’s 10pm and I need to upload this blog, sorry to be a spoilsport, but I’m getting very tired! The pictures will follow after this, until the next, speak to you soon!

Hannah Blowing out her Birthday cake candles (Party)

Hannah Blowing out her Birthday cake candles (Party)

Hannah Posing!

Hannah Posing!

Mia Posing!

Mia Posing!

Hannah making a big splash!

Hannah making a big splash!

Amber and Grandad (my dad).

Amber and Grandad (my dad).

Moved, and Heatwave Remains!

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Well, after a long day of moving, I have finally settled down into my sister’s flat. The move was completed within five hours, and with my sister’s help we got my room arranged.

The first night was fantastic, very peaceful and I felt less stressed. Yesterday was certainly busy for me; moving furniture and sorting through boxes, at the end of the day I knocked out like a lightbulb. I can remember putting a DVD on before I fell asleep, but after that, I have no clue what happened. I guess all this moving around knocked the wind out of my sail.

When I woke in the morning, I was greeted with big smiles from Hannah & Amber (nieces). I don’t think Hannah expected me to still be there in the morning because she thought I was going back to my old house. I made one mistake last night and that was sleeping under my cover, the temperature has been a steady 20c all night and the worst thing was that you could feel the heat in the air. I can’t wait for the cold weather to come along, it’s been like this for a while and I’m starting to hate it with a passion. Many parts of the UK have been issued with a heat warning because they’re expecting it to be much hotter.

I eased into the day slowly, and just took my time. As always, I started the day off with a big cup of tea, I didn’t fancy any food yet because it was only 7:08am. The time flew by and before I knew it, Hannah was off out the door to school; I guess time flies when you’re having fun. Anyhow, with Hannah away to school, I decided to have some breakfast. A small bowl of cereal and two yogurts is all I had, it wasn’t anything big, but it filled a hole until lunchtime.

When lunchtime came along, I had to grab a quick snack because we were heading over to Tesco to get some food. I know my sister won’t mind me eating her food, but I always like to have other things. So, after that brief snack, we headed out the door into the heat. The heat was okay to start with, but after a few minutes of walking, it started to feel like a laser beam shooting across your head.

So, to be brief, after we finished up in Tesco’s, we picked up Hannah and walked home. Ever since we got back I’ve been entertaining Hannah, and somehow I wrote this blog at the same time. After the hot day I’ve had, I know I will sleep tonight, and this time I won’t sleep under the cover!

On that note, it’s time to sign off, but before I do, I need to make you all aware of a change I need to make to the blogs. While this heatwave continues, I will be writing the blogs every two days, this will mean that the blog will contain two days instead of one. This may seem silly, but it will give me time in between to rest. The next blog will be on Sunday, so lookout for that. Until then, stay safe and take care.

It’s Been Too Hot!

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15 July 2013:

Today is another hot day, and this means that I will spend most of the day melting. I had better be careful because I might melt so much that I’ll turn into a big puddle. The thought of water seems very inviting at the moment, it’s currently 27c and it feels more like 32c because there isn’t any wind; the air is drier than sand paper and it feels like there isn’t any air to breathe.

Anyhow, let’s stop discussing the weather, they always say that it’s one topic you shouldn’t start off within a blog because people find it boring, but to be honest, I’m only giving you an idea of what I’m going through. The thing is, while everyone embraces this hot weather, I sit in my room wishing for rain to come along. I know I’m weird, but I can’t cope with this heat, my body starts to break down when it goes over certain temperature.

16 July 2013:

I forgot to mention yesterday that I brought a new TV, it’s only a small one, but it will do the job. The new TV is ultra thin and it has an LED screen, this makes the colours and quality more sharper.

I’m only going to make this blog quick because I have so much packing to do before the move, lucky for me that I don’t have much to pack. It is to be hoped that this move will go smoothly, but knowing my luck something will crop up to annoy me.

Anyhow, I’m off now. I don’t know when I will post the next blog, but it should be at the end of the week, or at the latest it will be Saturday. So, until the next blog, stay safe and keep cool!

The ‘Wright’ Time for Support!

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Before I start talking about my day, I need to continue a topic I mention in the previous blog. As I mentioned yesterday, my best friend Steve is going through a hard time at the moment. I can’t say what it is because it isn’t my place to say, and out of respect for Steve I will wait for him to mention it in his blog. I need my fellow readers to go across to his blog and Twitter to show him love & support. Even if it’s only a few messages, it’s better than nothing at all.

Steve can be found here:



Today has certainly been a very hot day, it must be around 32c currently. I’m having to drink every fifth-teen minutes to keep myself at the right temperature. The heat is very intense; it’s like a hot laser burning through my body. Water is pouring from my head and my body is completely soaked, I’ve changed my clothes several times today. I can’t wait for Autumn to come along; the weather will be much cooler and there will be a breeze in the air.

Anyhow, enough of the weather talk, it’s overheating me just thinking about it. Most of my day has been spent writing a new story. I can’t decide whether to write it as a novel or a short story, it’s a hard decision to make because I want it to be interesting, maybe I should see how it goes and just wait until its finished. I won’t give any details about this because it might not even get published and I don’t want to get anyone’s hopes up.

So, on that note, I am off to melt in the heat. Until the next blog, stay cool, stay safe and keep well.

New Meds and Signed Book!

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Well, it’s been a few days and there are a few things I need to update you about. The first thing is my medication. I went to the doctors on Wednesday for a medication review because I needed a change in medication. To be brief, I was prescribed the same medication, but it was slow release. The medication I have currently is used for instant relief, but I felt that I needed pain relief all day, rather than every four hours. Basically, the new drug stays in my system for twelve hours and it slowly releases throughout the day. So far, this medication seems to be working, the only problem I’ve had is the side-effects. The side-effects aren’t bad, they just make me extremely tired and this affects my lungs.

This leads me on to yesterday. I wasn’t feeling too good, the side-effects from the medication were kicking in and I was starting to feel high. K text me to ask whether I wanted to go out, even though I felt unwell, I wanted to see my best friend because we always have a laugh and it always cheers me up. With that said, I changed my clothes and started to get myself ready to go out. I was going to get a bus into town, but dad offered to drop me off in the car. So, I grabbed my bag and headed out the door with dad. After a short car journey, I arrived in town. Before I met up with K, I decided to buy some paper pads and new pens because I was starting to run out. Buying new paper pads isn’t uncommon for me, I like to keep things organized, for example I have a pad just for writing ideas, and I also have a pad for each story I write. I know this seems like a lot, but in fairness, if I was to do it all one, I would get really confused and it would cause me to get very frustrated. I forgot to mention that I bought a new thesaurus while I was in the shop.

While I was waiting for K to arrive, I sat near a fountain with my new thesaurus and started to read through the different words. I know some of you will find this weird, but I started reading it from the end. When I was reading through the book, it came clear to me that I didn’t pay any attention to anything that was going on around me. I completely zoned out all the noise around me, it was like a switch going off in my head, I found complete peace while I was sat there. The only thing I could hear was the fountain behind me. As the water slowly trickled down the statue, it gently landed in the water making little scattered splashes, and as the wind blew through the fountain, I felt a gentle spray across my head. This spray was a delight, it helped cool me while I was sat in the beam of the sunlight. After sometime went by, I started to feel dizzy because the heat from the sun was starting to affect me. At this point, I decided to pick up my bag and find somewhere else to sit inside. The shopping centre has air conditioning, which means it will be much cooler inside. I found another bench near the bus station, and again, I sat and read my book. Time seem to fly by, and before I knew it, it was time to meet K outside the local Wimpy restaurant.

When K saw me, her first words were ‘are you okay?’ I said my usual ‘yea, I’ll be okay, it’s just my new medication. So, with that said, we sat down in the restaurant with our food. As normal we had a chat about different things mad had a laugh. I think I scared K at one point because I was talking away and then my oxygen levels started to drop, which started to make me panic. K became worried, but lucky enough, I regained my breath and the attack subsided.

Anyhow, to be brief. After we finished our meal, we went to do some shopping. This shopping lasted for a couple of hours and afterwards we decided to have a drink at Costa Coffee before we went home. I had a hot chocolate with a caramel shot this time, normally I just have a large tea, but this time I was in need of a sugar boost. So, after we finished our drinks, it was time to call it a day and head home.

Let’s discuss a different topic now, a few days ago I received a package from my best friend Steve. I wasn’t expecting this, but when I opened it, it contained a signed copy of “Rock Roadie” from Steve’s uncle Tappy. When I first saw it I thought ‘Why is Steve sending me another copy? I already own the book. ‘ Then it suddenly dawned on me, I asked Steve if he could get me a signed copy a few weeks before. The signed book now sits in a protective cover that is out of reach of anyone’s hands. I want to thank Steve & Tappy for the book, I know you both have a lot going on right now.

While I have this in mind, please can all my regular readers go over to Steve’s blog and give him some support. As I mentioned, he is going through hard times currently and I would appreciate it if you all went over to give him support. Steve’s blog and Twitter details will be at the end.

So, on that note, it’s time for me to sign off. Until the next blog, stay safe & well.

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