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Summer Season 13 Ends

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13 August: Tuesday

One-in-Five Children Cyber-Bullied

So, even after twelve hours of sleep, my body is craving more! I guess this gastroenteritis isn’t playing nicely with my body, feeling physically sick like this isn’t something I would have chosen. Anyhow, we must look past all these problems, and somehow grab the world with both hands and rock ‘n roll!

When I watched the news this morning, I was stunned to learn that one-in-five children are “Cyber-Bullied”. These figures are scary, but then again we must look at both sides of this debate. Children of young ages are being bullied across these networks, but we must ask ourselves a couple of questions. Where is the parental guidance? And, why isn’t the social networks stepping up and taking control? I understand that several popular networks use filtering tools to look through their sites to detect malicious content, which is fantastic, but as all know these tools can only go so far. So, can the networks be held responsible? Or should parents play a bigger roll to prevent this from happening? If you have any input to this, please leave it on the comment section for this post. If you’re reading this via my book, simple type the date of this post into the search bar and you will find this post there.

Anyway, not long now until my next book is released, and I can honestly say I am very excited about it. This would be my sixth publication (five in print, and one edition only), certainly daunting because when I published my first book, I wasn’t expecting it to get anywhere, but out of nowhere this book was brought many times and downloaded over three thousand times. For a first time publication, this is an amazing achievement. I do hope the next publication takes off like my first one, well I can at least hope that it does. We live in a world filled with unexpected results, some will go your way, and others won’t. Always remember the results you least expect, will be the ones that go in your favor. Think of it like, expecting the unexpected, you must wait and see what happens, these things don’t happen overnight.

Well, the day has gone by quickly, someone’s been turning those hands of time quick again. I have been informed that I have to be up early tomorrow because we have workman fitting new windows. Can you sense the joy running through my veins? Or should I say the sarcasm sailing through my peanut shaped brain! The modern age technology will come to my rescue (thanks iPad!). Anyhow, I’m off to read another book, so lookout for my commentary on Goodreads, Facebook and Twitter! So, until the next blog, stay safe and take care.

14 August: Wednesday

Summer Season 2013 Ends

Well, today started out early. We’ve had workmen here all morning fitting new windows and doors, this is a welcome change, but I didn’t appreciate the early start. I was surprised at how alert I was this morning, I was up until 12:30am just tossing and turning, it didn’t help that the weather was cold last night and this many pains across my body.

I need to mention something while it’s on my mind, the summer season blogs will be finishing today, I know this might be unexpected, but I urgently need time off. If you read my blog regally, you will know that I’ve been feeling unwell over the last couple of months. Now, these illnesses will always come and go, unfortunately I have a low immune system and this means I need to let my body repair. I don’t mean to be a spoilsport, but I don’t think it’s worth risking my health. As the old saying goes, you need to think about yourself and your health first. Everything else is secondary.

So, with that said, I’ll be back on the first day of September. Before I come back, the next edition of BloggyBook should be published everywhere and I hope you all will enjoy it, don’t forget to look out for secret content that you can only find in the book. Anyway, until September, stay safe and take care!

Hardest Challenge Starts!

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11 August: Sunday

Hardest Challenge!

I’m probably facing the hardest challenge of my life right now, and that is to write about bad times in my life. This isn’t easy for me, and no matter what happens I know I have to push myself through it for my own sake. I know one thing, this will make many people proud of me, but then again, I know some people will get upset by the whole story.

When I publish this book, it won’t be done to get sympathy, it will be to highlight the struggles I went through and to raise awareness. Some people out there of course will try to make something crude out of it all, but then you will have the audience who will listen and feel everything I went through.

Let’s go on to a different topic. You may have noticed that the blogs have started to get shorter. Well, this is simply because we’re coming up to the end of the summer season, and I really need a break. Writing is something I love, but when you’re doing every day, it starts to become stressful, and that’s something I need to avoid. I want to make you all aware that the last blog of this season will be August 19th and the book will be published on or around September 1st. So, on that note, I’m off to write my story. Until the next blog, stay safe and take care.

12 August: Monday

Suffer the Little Children Book Review

Over the last two weeks or so, I’ve been mentioning a book across Twitter and Facebook. As I reached the end of every chapter, I would give a quick review of what I just read, sometimes it would be a nice comment, but then other times it would be anger, I would go off the rails and let my opinion out, and I wouldn’t care what those people thought, most of the time people would like what I posted, and then they would re-tweet or share my posts. I want to make an apology for losing it, but in some ways, I felt that these feelings of anger and frustration were necessary.

So, let’s get down to the review on Goodreads. I want all to keep in mind that I held my anger back because I feel the book is fantastic, and I didn’t want to give the book a bad name.

“As I reflect through my notes on this book, I feel the overwhelming to get something off my chest about this book, but I’ll retain my composure and explain my review calmly. These girls put trust in the nuns who cared for them, and that was totally dashed once they abused their position as a nun. While you read this book, you will feel many emotions. You will feel everything poor Frances goes through, and in some ways you will feel the urge that you need to help her.

As the story continues, you will uncover Frances special powers after she loses her father. After reading the next chapter, I became very annoyed, maybe this was because I felt every word that was being said. This happened throughout reading this book, and in some ways I was glad to finish the book. Now, don’t misunderstand me, the book was fantastic and I would read it again, but my sadness was contained within me as I read every word.

I’m glad that Frances was able to sort her life, and to find justice against those who did her wrong. No one deserves what the girls went through, and I do hope Karma comes around and bites them on the backside because all they did was abuse their position, and they knew no one would second guess them because of who they were.

Enough said, a fantastic book, and well worth reading!” 

Link to review and notes:

I know this review is very opinionated, but once you read the book, you will understand why I’ve been stern in my review. This story was worth every moment I spent reading it, and I’m sure you will enjoy it too!

As you can probably guess, I wrote this part the night before. I did this to prevent myself from forgetting, and rushing around at the last minute to finish up the blog. So, on that note, I’m off to rest. I have a busy day tomorrow, and I need to be up early, but sure, I’ll discuss that tomorrow.

I can’t believe it, it’s currently 12:34am and I can’t sleep. I don’t understand it, I’m yawning my head off, surely I should be fast asleep? I think I know the two main reasons for this happening, one, my shoulder and spine are killing me, and two, my mind is wide awake and overactive. Anyhow, let’s try attempt number two to see if I’ll sleep.

Well, it looks like I’m very unwell again; I don’t know what’s caused this, but changes are, it’s something that hasn’t agreed with my stomach. I wouldn’t mind, but I felt great this morning until this came along at 10am. This all started while I was walking through the shop with my sister (Cassie). I think I’m just catching everything these days, one bug after another, let’s hope this only a twenty-four hour thing.

Anyhow, I must go back to resting. I hope everyone stays safe and well, until the next blog take care.

Two Pens, and Cover Fail!

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8 August: Thursday

Two Pens in Three Weeks!

So, it’s currently silly o’clock in the morning and my body doesn’t know what it wants to do. I feel very tired, but my body wants to stay awake, it’s like my body is out of sync with my brain. I’m sure this will pass and I’ll go to sleep very soon.

Anyhow, let’s discuss something amusing. While I was writing a short story entry tonight, I noticed that my pen was starting to run out of ink, which annoyed me because this was the second pen I’ve used up in three weeks. I didn’t even know that I wrote so much, but I guess that will explain the amount of notepads I get through. This means I’ll have to buy more stationary in the morning, but I think this time I’ll buy pencils and a rubber instead because I waste ink just crossing things out. Can you believe it though? Two new pens completely used up in three weeks. Hopefully all this writing will lead to something productive, and it won’t seem a waste of money in the long run.

Well, on that note, I think I’ll try to get some sleep. I did sleep in the evening time, but I think I’ll need many more hours before my body is totally rested.

This is going to sound weird, but I keep waking up feeling very heavy, I think my body is half asleep because I tried looking at my phone and it was just a blur, and my hand had extra trails as I waved it in front of my face. I guess I’ll have to try to sleep again, but knowing my luck it won’t happen.

The morning was finally here, and for a change I felt fantastic! I had no pains and felt cheerfully refreshed, did I wake up in a different world, or is this an inverted dream where everything goes well? I don’t know how the pains disappeared, but I’m not going to question that because I’ve needed a rest from all the pains and sickness for a while now. Anyhow, with these good feelings running through my veins, I jumped out of bed at around 7:20am and I continued towards the kitchen to make myself a cup of tea. I didn’t bother having any breakfast because I didn’t feel hungry, I thought I would leave it until I got back from Tesco’s because I would have worked up and appetite by then.

I dashed around Tesco’s as quick as I could, I didn’t want to be too long because the hunger was starting to build up inside me. Anyhow, when I got home I decided to eat a few yogurts to start me off. I’m going to start having food on a little and often basis because it might help me in the long run.

Sorry to cut this short, but I need to lie down, my medication are kicking me again. So, until the next blog, take care and stay safe!

9 August: Friday

Book Cover Fail!

Turns out that I needed an early night. You wouldn’t believe this, but I was in bed by 8am. I was completely exhausted, and for the life of me, I don’t know why. Anyhow, it looks like the long sleep, done me the world of good, well, apart from all the yawning!

I will warn you all now that this blog won’t be long, I’ve just noticed that the book covers for this book have been formatted incorrectly. I made the book cover a few days ago and I’ve only just noticed my schoolboy error with the formatting. So, this means, I’ve got to spend another afternoon in Photoshop formatting and scaling the existing cover. I don’t know why I’m complaining, it was my own fault, and all I need to do is copy the existing design, how hard could that be?

So, today has been it’s usual mundane routine, got up, went to the shop, and came back home. Then, I sit at a computer for several hours and write parts of novels that I’m working on. I am hoping this routine changes soon, it’s getting a bit boring, I need some excitement to give me inspiration. Anyhow, I’m looking forward to my day off tomorrow. I will probably spend all the time reading or on Twitter, no doubt Twitter will be a huge chunk of the day. Anyway, I’m off now, I need to correct the book cover or else I’ll be late with the deadline. Until the next blog, stay safe and take care.

The Book Upset Me!

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6 August: Tuesday

Away with The Fairies!

Well, another day with scaffolding noise. I woke up late this morning, my brain had this crazy idea, it thought ‘Marc doesn’t need sleep, let’s mess with his head by giving him story ideas.’ Keep in mind that this was at 2-3am, and I really needed to sleep. Even though my appreciation for this wasn’t welcomed with open arms, but I certainly appreciated the story my mind gave me at the time.

Today seemed weird, it was like my mind was away with the fairies. Everything seemed to be a blur to me, each time I tried to regain my senses it seemed to fight against me, it was like a mini battle within my mind and senses. I think this was caused by a couple of medical problems I have, well and, the medication I took previously to halt my pain yesterday. Ironically, as I write this blog, my mind seems to be away with the fairies due to the medication I’ve taken.

I’ve had a bad day with my condition today, it seems like the pain doesn’t want to settle down, maybe I’m pushing my body in some way and not noticing it?

Anyhow, I’m going to stop the blog here, I’m off to lie down and read a book. So, until the next blog, stay safe and take care.

7 August: Wednesday

I was annoyed, and in pain!

What a bad night that was! Every hour that came by I was hit by pain that shot through my abdomen. Anyhow, I couldn’t let this ruin my day, after all, complaining will get me nowhere.

I want to get something off my chest, I read a chapter from “Suffer the Little Children” and I was utterly disgusted by what I read. Could you believe that children in a convent do not get presents for Christmas? I’m not going to lie, and I am sorry if this sounds rude or out my nature, but this did piss me off! Every child deserves a present at Christmas, who the fuck do these nuns think they are? There is nothing right about what those nuns did to those girls, and if there is a God, they wouldn’t condone this type of abuse or negligence on children. Again, I am sorry for this outburst, but you have to read it to believe what the girls went through. I would certainly recommend this book to everyone, believe me you won’t regret it!

I had to collect a book today from my local Waterstones store. The reason for having this delivered to store was that they tried to charge me extra for having it delivered to my house. I thought that this was a bit of a con, why should I pay for delivery when I can have it shipped to the store free of charge? I know what I am going to do in the future, there’s no way I’m paying when its shipped the same way to the store. I know this may seem like I’m being a cheapskate, but come on, every penny counts these days, and it’s just a waste of money of money when I can just pick it up from the store.

Anyway, I was now on the bus into town. The bus journey seemed to be very enduring, as we went over each bump I could feel my stomach churning as it went through the motions, it was like my stomach was a portable washing machine! I tried to ignore the vile feeling pulsating through my stomach by listening to an audiobook. This didn’t help 100%, but it did help pass the time. What normally takes around ten minutes, felt like it was taking forever to complete this journey into town. Maybe I was focusing too much on the sickness? That could explain the dragged out feeling.

So, there I was walking through the shopping centre. I had a stern expression across on my face, it was like a bulldog chewing a wasp. I was on a mission, I just wanted to get in and out of there as quick as I could. The visit to Waterstones went okay, I just collected my package and headed straight out the store, which was strange for me because I normally have a browse through the books. My next stop was to the local WHSmith to have a look through their offers. I had a 20% off coupon in my pocket and I thought this would be a fantastic opportunity to grab myself a bargain. Anyway, to be brief, I brought myself four new books, well three new books, the other was for Cassie.

When I was waiting on the bus to go home, I noticed that an elderly woman in a wheelchair was told that she had to wait for another bus because there wasn’t enough space for her. This was a load of rubbish, the second bay was fully empty on the bus and there was plenty of room for her. I swear some people can’t be bothered to help the elderly or disabled, it’s disgraceful the way they get treated. I would understand if the bus didn’t have a ramp, but this one did. I don’t want to get on my high-horse about this, but it’s disrespectful.

The journey home was long and relentless, it felt like it went on forever! I tried listening to my audiobook again, but this failed and I just sat there feeling even more sick than before. As I stepped through the door my guts and pain were getting worse, it was like someone stabbed me with a knife. After I took many tablets, the pain started to subside, but due to the side-effects I was feeling hungry, it was like I hadn’t eaten in days. Once dinner came along I was over the moon, and luckily this cured my hunger.

So, as you can see, it’s been very up and down over the last couple of days, but don’t worry I will be okay, it’s something I’m used to, and thanks to my condition, it’s something I will have for life. I’m signing off now, time to read some more and relax. Until the next blog, stay safe and take care.

Writing Method Exposed!

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Writing Method Exposed! – 4-5 August 2013

4 August 2013: Sunday

Sunday, is for rest!

Core …I’ve been tired over the last day or so. When I came to writing yesterday’s blog, I thought to myself ‘You’re tired, take the day off and get some rest.’ I think I was half expecting not to get the blog written because the evening was already in full swing, I was stuffed from dinner, and we were watching a film called “Vamps”. This wasn’t helped by the fact that my knees were very painful.

Today is what many people class as a day of rest, it’s where you have the excuse to lie around and watch mindless television all day. I’m thinking about doing the same because I haven’t got the energy to do much, I’ll just lie on my bed reading books with the television on in the background.

I wasn’t going to make this blog long today, the lack of energy combined with a low mood has forced me to make things quick and simple. I think the lack of energy has been caused by my ongoing digestive discomfort problems. There’s nothing I can do about it, apart from ride it out. So, on that uncomfortable note, I’ll speak to you all in the next blog.

5 August 2013: Monday

Finding your writing method!

If you’re an enthusiastic author like myself, you will appreciate how hard it is to produce new books. Some days the ideas will flow, and then other days it will stop dead in its tracks leaving you clueless. I’ve faced this many time’s throughout the years, and it’s only recently that I’ve found a method that helps my ideas flow. I wouldn’t say this is a proven method, it is simply something that’s helped me, so don’t go getting your hopes up and think you can write like a professional overnight.

This method involves reading many books, watching many films, carrying a notepad & pen, and finding the right level of peace so you can focus. The most important part of this, is to find your focus zone, if you don’t have focus then, you won’t concentrate 100%, and that will mean the information you’re trying to feed yourself will only be acknowledged by your brain to some degree. The best way to find peace is simple, you turn everything off, or in silent mode, and sit in a place that you feel comfortable with. This method of finding peace works in the daytime and nighttime, but I‘ve discovered that this method works better if you do it in the evening time (7pm onwards). Depending on personal circumstances in the household, it may be difficult for someone to find peace. Many people will have to use trial and error before finding the right level of peace, it isn’t something that you can accomplish overnight, but once you do find your peace zone, it will mean that you’re able to concentrate 100%.

Let’s carry on under the assumption that you’ve found your focus zone. The next part of this involves taking on many different media’s e.g, books, films, and documentaries. While you’re absorbing this media, it’s best if you do it over time, this will stop you from straining your mind with large chunks of information. When I read books, I read them over time, I read small segments and then I would take a break for a while. This will allow your mind to relax, and it will also retain anything you’ve read. Think of this like an exercise schedule for your brain, like any exercise, if you strain yourself it won’t be effective, but if you maintain the right level of exercise it will make you stronger. So, all you need to do is to find the right schedule that works for you.

Okay, so far we have concluded every statement I mentioned above apart from the last one, and that is carrying a notepad & pen. This one may seem logical to some people, but to others it’s something they completely forget or disregard in their writing process.  Take this scenario as a good example. Your out somewhere and suddenly you have a story idea, but you don’t have any way of writing it down. Now you have to remember it, and the chances are you will forget by the time you come to write it down. So, for that reason alone, I suggest you carry these items with you because it will prevent dilemmas like this!

So, there’s my method exposed. I do hope you all can take something from this to improve your own workflow. I am off to read for a while and then I’m off to sleep for a few hours. Anyhow, I needed to get this written down before the tiredness kicked in.

Well, that was a rude awakening, I woke up to the sound of scaffolding being erected outside our house. We knew all about this of course, they are fitting new windows to each flat, but why did they start so early? I was tucked up all nice and warm, and then I hear the clacking of scaffolding pipes. I thought ‘Damn, do those guys even sleep?’ There was no chance of me sleeping now with all that noise, so I got up and started my daily routine.

I was going to go out today, but the weather seems to be muggy, it’s hot, but overcast. We did have some spots of rain in the afternoon, but that soon changed. Anyhow, with nothing else planned, I’m going to lie on my bed and read for the rest of the day. Before I sign off, I want to recommend three books for you all to read. They are: A Place of Safety by Helen Black, Suffer the Little Children by Frances Reilly, Private Down Under by James Patterson, and The Cuckoo’s Calling by Robert Galbraith (JK Rowling’s secondary pen name.) These are very interesting books, and they’re worth a look! So, until the next blog, take care.


Don’t Judge!

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1 August 2013: Thursday

Judge Me for a Disability?

Why am I always judged? No matter what I do throughout my life, someone always pipes up with an opinion. I just don’t get it, why can’t people just keep it shut, and let me get on with what I want to do? I’m sorry that I seem annoyed, but I’m fed up with being treated like this! So, I have a disability, it doesn’t mean I’m thick, and it doesn’t mean that I am unable to publish books either! Having a disability isn’t something I wished upon myself, it was what I was born with, and thanks to someones negligence I have to live with further injuries caused by them. Do you know what everyone? Some people out there are so narrow-minded, they’re so far up their own backsides that can’t see how these words can affect that person!

I don’t want you all to think that I’m being nasty or arrogant, but do I really deserve all this? I write every day because it’s what I love to do, and unfortunately due to my health this is the only thing I can do. The one thing people need realize is that I never asked for all these health problems, I was born with most of them, or they have been caused by bullies inflicting injuries upon myself. This is why I have bad back because some nice bully thought it would be funny to purposely try to break my back for me over a science table! One day karma will come back round and bite them on the behind, what goes around, comes around that’s what I say! Anyhow, I’ll leave this conversation for now. I’m off to bed to read a nice book, and maybe I’ll wake up with less hassle tomorrow, I can only hope!

Well, it turns out that I woke up in a heatwave again. This famous British weather is doing it’s usual, it doesn’t know whether it wants to be hot or cold. When I opened my eyes this morning, it felt strange because I woke up without any pain crippling me. This was a delight to me, I could finally get through my day without the intense pain kicking me six-ways from Sunday.

Anyhow, this blog won’t be long today. After last night’s problems, and due to a lack of sleep I haven’t got the energy to write massive amounts. I tried my hardest to sleep properly last night, but my body and mind were having none of it! I even put on an audiobook to try to help, but that was useless, an ashtray on a motorbike would have been more useful to me last night, or even a chocolate fireguard. As you can tell by my writing, I’m being very sarcastic. I guess tomorrow will be a better day, and I hope it will be because I hate feeling like this.

So, with that said, I am off to lie down on my bed and regain some energy by having a quick nap before dinner. Until the next blog, stay safe and take care.

2 August 2013: Friday

K’s Little Helper!

Well, what a lovely day it’s been! The day started out with a roars of thunder, and then for extra measure we had tones of rain. I will leave a picture at the end of the sky, it’s certainly a must see!

I have spent much of the day with K, she needed some help because she’s been very unwell recently. This was a pleasure to help K because she’s my best friend, and after all the help she’s given me over the recent months, it was my pleasure to help her in return.

So, my day started out with a short train ride, and a short walk to K’s house. After a few tasks were complete, myself and K went on the hunt for books & DVDs. I wasn’t interested by any of the DVDs we saw, which is weird for me because I normally have a browse through. I think my mind is just set on books, it’s like an addiction, I can’t stop buying them.

I learnt one major lessor from K today, and that was ‘Do not judge a book by its cover.’ Now this may seem logical to most people, but for some reason I’ve found myself doing this each time I buy a book. I normal have a method for buying books, it goes a bit like this. I look at the title and then the cover, and that’s it. If the cover catches me and it matches the title then the bookshop will definitely have a purchase from me. Today K showed me a new method for picking books, she said ‘you need to read what the books about on the back, you might be missing out on a good read.’ Which I must admit she was right; I did buy a couple of books that I wouldn’t normally buy. Anyhow, once I’d picked a few books with K’s help, we headed over to the checkout to pay, and I must admit myself & K wasn’t expecting what happened next. We got talking to the cashier woman about the differences between an Amazon Kindle and their Kobo reader. The woman gave us a running lecture, it was like the Kobo was the next best thing to slice bread. I agreed with many of the points she made, but there were a few that I need to personally check because it could mean that Kindle users have a chance of losing books they brought through the Kindle store. Now, I haven’t taken this as the truth, but I will be doing my research to make sure. I am a big purchaser of kindle books, and if the rumour is true then, I’ll be ditching my Kindle for their Kobo reader. When it comes down to it, if I’m not the sole owner of what I purchase then that’s it, I’m not just throwing money at a company so they can go ahead and delete the books later and then you can’t download them again. When you purchase an eBook, it should be solely your property for life, they should have no control over whether it’s yours or not. If this is true, it’s daylight robbery without a gun. Before I go making any assumptions, I will do the proper research and see what their terms & conditions say about owner of content material.

So, after this ten minute lecture, myself & K left the shop laughing because we weren’t expecting it to happen, and to be honest I was struggling to believe the rumour she’d told us moments before. I ran through my mind the possibility of this being true, but for some reason this didn’t seem possible because I publish my books to the Kindle and this is the first time I’ve ever heard of this before.

The next thing we needed to do was to grab a drink from Costa Coffee. K only had water because she is very unwell at the moment, and to be honest I do hope she gets better very soon. I worry about her because how much trouble she’s been through and now having these health problems, she really doesn’t deserve all these problems all she does is to try to help people, but they throw it back in her face. – Personal note to K, you know I’ll always be there for you, like today proved I’ll be there whenever you need a hand or someone to talk to because I know you would do the same for me. Anyhow, as I sat at the table with my large cup of tea (thanks K), we had a chat about how K was feeling and about other random topics. After a couple of minutes went by, K noticed that her mum went past the window. K knocked on the window to try to catch her attention, but those attempts seemed to fail. We both laughed because it was one of those funny moments when you think ‘how could she not see us, or hear us?’

As the day went on, we decided to head back to K’s house to relax because we were both worn out. While K was doing the washing up, I spent the time playing with her cats Pixie and Mabel. This brings back memories from my childhood, I grew up around cats and I had a special bond with one of them because we had him from a few weeks old. Pixie was such a sweetheart, she kept on rubbing up against me, this was so cute. I keep saying to K that I’ll hide Pixie in my bag and take her home, I would love a cat like Pixie because it would give me a bit of company, but unfortunately I won’t be able to do this because my sister already has a cat in the house. I guess I’ll have to wait, but until then I’ll attempt to kidnap Pixie, and before I get animal right groups on here calling the RSPCA, I wouldn’t kidnap a cat, so you can put your phone receivers in the downward position.

After all the fun, it was now time for me to leave because I needed to get home for dinner. We were having dinner from the chip shop tonight and I didn’t want to come home to reheat it because it wouldn’t taste as fresh. So, after our quick goodbyes and a hug (sorry if I hurt you K), I went on my merry way to meet the train I needed to catch.

I would like to personally thank the young lady who came chasing after me at the station, she noticed that I had a limp (caused by cerebral palsy) and she went out of her way to make sure if I was okay, which I thought was really kind of her to do.

So, after a short walk, I arrived home. I was completely soaked, my shirt was soaked and my legs were dripping with sweat (I know it sounds disgusting, but live with it).

Anyhow, that was my day, and I must admit it was fun! I must go now because my knees are killing me, but I do hope my efforts to push past the pain to produce this blog was worth it. So, as I mentioned before, the picture will be below, and I will bid you fair well for now.


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