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Who is Mr. Git?

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The title of this blog says it all, who is this weird fictional character that insists on moaning at everything? Well, if truth be told, not even myself or Steve (co-author) know exactly who this character is, sounds stupid because we were the ones that came up with the whole idea of Mr. Git. I think the idea loosely came from me—not that I’m trying to credit hog. During one evening of October 2013, I sat and thought about making a character that had many comical traits. Now, by all means making a new character is a big task, but I’m lucky, I’m always around funny people and this helps the process go along smoothly—more smoothly than you would think, it took me five minutes … No joke.
Let’s take a look at whom I chose, some of them might seem obvious, but it was a no brainer. Firstly, I started off with my father. His humour and wit is at the core, it’s what drives Mr. Git along, and without this he would boring. Secondly, I wanted Mr. Git to be a miserable old man, someone who would be moody, but at his core, a harmless human being. So, running through the choices, I knew there was only one man, or should I say attitude that I was looking for. This man was the one and only Victor Meldrew, if you’ve seen the BBC sitcom “One Foot in The Grave” you will understand why I chose this character. Finally, the last person I based Mr. Git on was my best friend and co-author Steve. He has a fantastic sense of humour that tops off this character’s sense of humour and complements it perfectly. I feel that it’s a privilege to work alongside a best friend, especially when he finds out the drawings on the covers are based on him too—but I know this won’t offend Steve, he knows me too well.
Throughout this series of free ebooks, myself and Steve think of different subjects to moan about. These subjects could be anything, but of course within reason, and written in a way to bring across a valid point without offending the reader.
So, head over to one of these stores to download the ebooks for free: Smashwords, Goodreads, Barnes & Noble, or the iBookStore—there are many others, but I’m not sitting here all night listing them, that’s what Google search is for.

Anyway, I’m off, chat to you all in the next blog.


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