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David Jason, My Life Book Review

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David Jason, My Life review:

This book is pure proof that you can do anything with determination and a willing heart. I will leave you with the words of Ronnie Barker:

Congratulations, Little Feed,
Her Gracious Majesty decreed,
That Granville, little errand lad,
And Del Boy, Frost, and others had.
All served their nation passing well,
So here’s to Granville, Frost and Del!
The old ex-Guvnor’s proud to see.
His comrade such high degree,
Knight of the Realm, and TV star
Who never thought he’d get this far.
‘Arise, Sir David,’ she will say
The sword upon your shoulder lay.
I raise a glass filled to the brim
And truly say, ‘Good Knight from him.’


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