The Time, InstaScrapBook

The time has come to make some changes, it wasn’t something I initially planned, nor was it something I wanted to do, but sometimes change is good. Over a year ago I published a book called “InstaScrapBook 2012 Picks,” a book that showcased pictures from my own Instagram feed in a year-by-year format. Now, the book wasn’t made to be a success, but more of a history collection—think of it like a time capsule, but in the format of a book. I wanted to share this with everyone, and seeing as I am new to all this publishing stuff, I decided to publish it; I guess I wasn’t expecting the negativity that came along with it.
Yes, unfortunately, there has been some negativity, or should I say, a lot of negativity. I’ve had many comments surrounding this book, people claim they could do better, but with that said, if they could do better, then please publish a similar book. Still, on the negative side. This book has been illegally distributed on pirating websites, which have now been banned from major search engines for their actions. When I discovered this it annoyed me, I won’t hide that fact, but after a long thinking session, I decided that there was nothing I could do, so in a way I was doing something good rather than bad. Normally when people do these things, it usually means that it’s popular and they don’t want people to pay the expensive price, so they host it on sites to allow free downloads.
I won’t repeat history, but this is why I have decided to retire the paperback version of this book and give away the eBook version for free across all the eBook stores. These changes have been submitted today (23 March 2014) and it could take up to six weeks to reflect any price changes. The paperback version could also take time to disappear, but until then, you will have every opportunity to purchase a copy, but remember this will be for a very limited time.
So, what can I say? Nothing more can really be said in all honesty, I tried an idea, but it failed. I can’t look at this as a failure, I have to take this as a lesson along the author road. No point crying over spilt milk.

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