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Life Changes You

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When I think about my life, I can’t help, but to think that it’s always on a never ending downhill slope that will lead me to a bottomless pit. The never ending health complications, anxiety, panic attacks, the list goes on. Does this mean my life is going to be a never ending list of problems? Well, who knows? I can’t even answer that myself. The worst thing about all these complications are, I try everything I can to cure them, but they never stop. In hindsight, I’ve made bad choices in my life, especially my teenage years, and I could go as far as to say I’ve made similar mistakes even now at the age of twenty-five.
Some people say life changes you, but is this really true? When you look at lifestyles and choices, it is clear that we have a direct impact on how our lives change. But, with that in mind, would you apply the same logic to those whom look after themselves and try to do the right thing to live a healthy life? If you think about it, some parts of life are simply illogical, people die for no reason, hatred is spread worldwide, politics rules us all, and in the end, all we are is a number, and in the end that’s all we are, even when we are dead and gone. That may have seemed morbid, but this is fact, we don’t live a fairytale story, we live in this tangible place called reality, it’s not made up, it’s what we live.
Life isn’t a fairytale, if it was, well, this life would be a happier place, and I guess that’s the reason that people watch the Disney channel because they can escape reality, even if it is just for an hour.
Enough of my ramblings, stay blessed, stay well, I am sure this blog will enlighten, or at best get your mind thinking.

Accentuate The Positive

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While the Mr. GIT eBook series carries on to have some download success, and much enjoyment, not only for the readers, but for myself and Steve as well. We have now decided it’s time to start expanding our little miserable character into to something more tangible. In a recent discussion, it was clear that we needed to make changes to Mr. GIT, not just in the way he is, but his name as well. As you know, we’ve always loved this character because in some way we all know someone like him, or even have a family member like him. The one thing that sets this character apart is his ability to use an open mind to say what we’re all thinking on different subjects.
Now, nothing major is changing, we just needed to make adjustments to stop any confusion with the definition of “GIT.” The original series will remain the same—it would take time to amend the current eBooks,—but from the next publication Mr. GIT will be known as Mr. Ronnie GITT. The adventures of Ronnie GITT, rolls off the tongue don’t you think?
In terms of pricing, the eBooks will remain free, and that includes any further publications under the new name. So, don’t worry, eBooks will remain free across all stores. Even though these will remain free, there will be other things added in terms of merchandise and paperback/hardback books to help fund this project. Some people may think this is a bad move, but I see it as a projection towards something we believe in and have a massive passion for.
With that said, I’m signing off, time to lie down, tiredness is kicking and this iPad screen is becoming a blur on the vision of the already impaired eyes of the user.


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