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Tech Support Scam

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This was so funny. We received a phone call today, it was from a company called PC Tech Support, who also claimed to be from my internet service provider—take note British Telecom.
The call started out along the lines of “I’m Bob from PC Tech Support, your internet service provider.” Instantly I chuckled to myself, and I couldn’t resist myself, I asked them again to repeat what they said. So, he repeats, and I replied ‘what is the purpose of your call?’ He replied, ‘we have discovered that you have a problem with your computer.’ Again I laughed. He said they required access to the machine to fix the problem, and I replied with a laugh again—he didn’t ask why I was laughing, well until this next part.
Keep in mind within twenty seconds I knew the scam, gain access to control your computer to get bank details. So, before he got down to his script, I asked him again what company he was from, this time with a bigger laugh. I replied to him and I said you’re on a scam, bye bye, your number will be reported to the telephone preference service.
Here’s a bit of advice, when someone calls you pretending to be from your internet provider or Microsoft, do not continue the call, put it down. They just want to empty your bank account. The number that rang was: 02082082088 – keep a lookout.

Tuesday Poet

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Down at the bay Poem.

I once met a person on the bay,
They seemed lonely, subdued, deep in thought, far away.
When I got closer, I started fill up with a tremble, it coursed my veins like a racing car.
Yards between and yards apart, could I get closer to make the conversation start?
The person looks up and sees me creeping, they shout hey and I say hey back.
What do you want Sir? I heard him say, I replied just a 99 that I can eat walking along the bay.
Isn’t funny the people we meet, I only crept up on him, and the ice-cream man just freaked.

Plans Float Away

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Bank Holiday Monday, the three-day weekend we all crave for each time it comes strolling around. What did you do with your bank holiday I hear you ask, well, I spent most of the day nursing a sinus problem and lying on my bed in the dark—blackout curtains, they work wonders. If you’ve followed me for a while, you will know about my repeat episodes of sinus problems. Sinus problems are always the worst, it always feels like someone has punched me in my forehead, and like today, I had two lumps above my nose.
I had loads planned for this blog, but then my dad needed my help with his computer, so instead of writing, I was messing about with spreadsheets—can you sense the sarcasm? It was certainly bad timing because I was in the zone, millions of words floating around in my head, and they were all dashed by one moment of change, sigh … Tomorrow is a new day.
Side tracking away from this topic, today was the start of another Ronnie GITT eBook, I am aiming to have it complete in the next few days. Keep an eye on this space.
Anyhow, I am going to sign off, time to grammar check this, and then I am off to bed.

Laughter Cures

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Some people call this a myth, but I call it a natural healer. As I always say, and this is a true fact, it takes more muscles to frown than to smile. This is why we have to carry on and smile as every day goes by, there’s no point being miserable, it will just get you down.
If we think about this logically, laughter has proven to cure certain aliment. I will use myself as an example. I have serve anxiety and I am required to take a 2.5mg beta blocker every morning. Now, over the last two weeks I put the laughter cure to the test, and I was surprised by the result.
When I first started it didn’t seem like it was working because I still had many anxiety attacks, but after a bit of persistence, the laughter cure was working it’s magic. I was happy as anything, making jokes, feeling happy, depression was low, and in general I felt very happy. My anxiety attacks started to settle down, and I could even think straight again, but unfortunately this didn’t last long.
Thanks to a cold and other stress, my anxiety has kicked up a fuss again, even though I’m trying not to focus on its grilling side-effects it has on my body. The worst thing I hate about this cold, is that it clogs me up, which in turn has a direct effect on my lungs because I can’t breathe properly, and the cough I have isn’t helping matters.
But getting back on track. I believe that laughter can help cure certain things, but I don’t think it will be the almighty cure. Laughter just suspends reality for a while, masking the pain, taking your mind away from the problem for a while. It won’t cure everything, and that’s a certain fact.

Energy Bill, No Shocks

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As we all know, the energy bill is always the worst, we all await every quarter for its arrival, and sometimes this arrival isn’t always met with a happy smile, it’s usually met with a cringing look and a pale glaze over ones face. I wonder what Edison did when he connected those two wires up and then he received an estimated bill through the door, I bet he thought, who’s British Gas?
Anyhow, today I had to speak my energy company because they haven’t produced a bill for four months, not that I am complaining of course, but someone has to pay the bill in the end. So, after a quick online, it was all sorted, £89 for electric and £66 for gas; £155 in total if you don’t want to do the math. This was a big relief, I was expecting it to be double that because fellow peers rumoured that I was with the worst energy company, but it turns out that I’m actually with one of the cheapest.
Putting that behind me. Today hasn’t been too bad, apart from the hey fever of course, it’s getting very irritating, feels like someone has smacked me in the face, and my nose keeps bleeding. Time to relax the bones, I’m off, take care.

Flowing ideas Standstill

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As a writer, I always find it difficult to construct suitable ideas for stories or blogs; my brain has a massive block, I call it an engine breakdown. Even as I write this, it feels like I’m clutching at the bottom of the barrel to scrape up ideas.
Today started out fantastically for ideas, they just flowed like a stream, slowly trickling down to the bed of my note pad, but that’s as far as it went, and it didn’t last that long either. I thought to myself, this is going to get things done today, but I was very wrong. I think all writers get like this, you will have brain blast moment and spend time noting things down, then suddenly that dampens and it stops flowing.
Maybe this is typical for any writer? I don’t know, bring on many more brain blast moments, I really need them right now.


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