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Subconscious Book Reviews

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HAVE YOU EVER bought a book, and then decided to take a look at the reviews even before turning a page of the book? This is something you shouldn’t do, even though reviews are helpful and they can be an ultimate decider for some readers, but you must make up your own mind, and give a book a chance.
     Say you brought a book, and then you looked on popular review web pages to find that the average rating is low. Subconsciously, you will be thinking that the book is a load of rubbish, and chances are you wont even finish that book or even get into it because your mind is set on what the reviews have said. Unfortunately, we are creatures of habit these days, reviews take over our thought process and makes the decisions for us, and yes, these can be helpful, but other times they aren’t.
     You need to disconnect yourself from the review process, take no notice of those stars, whether they are high or low, always make up your own mind, remember most books have a free sample which you can download or where you can view them online, and hopefully that will help you instead.
     I wont deny that I have let reviews take over my thought process in the past about a book, but I have learned overtime to read it before dismissing it. I know from experience that dismissing a book forces you not to learn something new, it could be very inspirational, and you’re refusing to take notice because of a review. Never put a book down until you have read some of it, once you give it a chance, I can assure you that it will look a lot different from those reviews.

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Tuesday Poet

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Who knew Anxiety?

Anxiety breaks and dampens the soul,
Shaking the nerves with pure vibration,
Controlling my life day and night,
Who knew it could take over me?

Lying on the bed with my heart beating fast,
Chest beating like a drum,
Ribs echoing loudly with the beat,
Who knew it could take over me?

Breath becoming short and muffled,
Cheeks are rosy and hot like a grill,
Chest tight and crushing,
Who knew it could take over me?

Coursing powers start to release,
Chest loosens like an elastic band,
Breath coming back slowly,
Who knew it could take over me?

I sigh with relief and feel the release,
Vibrations gone and I am calm,
Fresh air fill the lungs to the max,
Anxiety is gone, it was just an attack.


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