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FREE BOOKS, NOT always a bad thing, it’s all good having a collection of books that are free, but it isn’t a good thing when people expect books to be free all the time. Admittedly, I have many free books you can download, but this was by choice and not the expectations of someone else. Some of the books I published simply ran their course, they made a comfortable amount of royalties, I can’t complain, and that’s why I decided to make them free.
     Even though giving away free books may seem pointless, you must see the advantages. If someone comes across your book, it is likely that they will read the free preview, which is perfectly fine, but that only gives them a short glimpse of your work. Even if you have one free book, it could make a huge difference, especially if you market the book correctly, and add everything required so people can find all your other books—this is marketing at its core.
     We live in a world where people expect things to be free, it’s a well-known fact, everyone likes a bargain, but there is a way around this. Once you have someone hooked, they will pay whatever if it’s something they enjoy. I will use myself as an example, I purchased one James Patterson book, I became hooked and now I own approximately thirty of his books, and I always keep up to date with his upcoming publications.
     So, will this happen to you? Who knows? It’s simple marketing, it won’t cost you a penny to give this method a try, you have nothing to lose, but you could have something more to gain.

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