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False Sex Offender Rumour

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Right, I need to quash a rumour that people highly believe that is true about me.

It was bought to my attention as a joke sometime ago that I looked like a convicted sex offender from the United States of America. This offenders name is Mark Allan Corn, he is 5ft, 9, very thin in complexion, and he is an American citizen.

This was a funny joke at the time because I did look like this person because I was thin. Now, this is where it went from funny to a piss take, people who I was connected to decided to look this up, and decided to believe this as factual when it was false. This was then passed on to many other people, and frankly it pissed me off. I know it shouldn’t because I know the truth, seeing as I have never been to the states, and I was born here as a British citizen.

So, here you go, just to prove again that I am not this person, here’s a link for you.

If these rumours continue, I will be taking further action, and then it will be sorted another way. Do not get me wrong, as a joke I don’t mind at all to say I look like them, but when people go around claiming this is true about me, well you’ll be sadly mistaken.

FitBit Flexing Fitness

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Recently I was finally persuaded by my best friend Steve ( to purchase a Fitabit Flex. He has been supporting me a lot recently with my health, which I thank him a lot for being there, even though he is very unwell himself.
So, with this new device it follows my steps, sleep, and activity. I’m hoping this will give me more motivation to get active, and hopefully it will help me push past my anxiety.
My ultimate goal is to get back down to eleven stone (one-hundred and sixty pounds), but this time, I will be watching what I eat and losing weight the proper way (with the MyFitnessPal App).
Anyhow, signing off.



Been quiet

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Well, it’s been a week or so since my last post, I can only, but apologise for the tardiness. I have come down with a bad virus recently and it’s been wiping out. I have spent many days just sleeping, I wake up and eat, and then I sleep again. It doesn’t help that my pain killers are knocking me out, but to be honest, if I didn’t take them, I would have loads of pain.
Anyhow, quick update for you my fellow readers and followers.

Tuesday Poet

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Once you look beyond the shadows,
The darkness is extinguish by a raging light,
It guides your path to the land of success,
Even when it’s bleak or even after death,

Isn’t it true that you hold a power within?
Don’t you believe those clouds of hesitation,
With your power and patience, you can rule the world,
Hold out your hand, and here is the key to all that is holding you back,

Stand by the lock and embrace this moment,
You are going to be let free and everything will be at your feet,
Slowly unlock that door,
Pull on the door slowly,

You look beyond the crack and just see an empty path,
This is your path and it’s here to guide you,
As you walk along this, mind the bumps and the cracks,
This path is like life, a winding path, filled with challenges, and you will make it through, but you have to take the first step.

Auraglow Remote Controlled Energy Saving Light Bulb

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Black Friday came and I was looking for mood lights. I suffer from bad anxiety and I thought this might help level out my mood.
When I came across this light bulb on Amazon, it seemed like a fantastic little invention, but when I came across the reviews, I seemed on edge because some people had given it bad reviews or ratings. I had no reason to worry once it came.


Despite the reviews and reviewers whom don’t know how to use a brightness button, the light bulb works very well, and it is very bright.
The light has twelve different colour settings and four pre set modes.


According to the manufacturer the light should last approximately five years, but my figures and calculations only time this to last for four years. Even if this lasts that long, it will be a huge saving.
Currently these sell for £12.99 each, which is very cheap considering they are at a knock down price of £29.99. Grab yours on Amazon while those stocks last at the lower price.


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