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Taking Life Easy

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After the big virus of the winter, I have started to take life a bit more easier. The last month was crazy, a big virus, and then I get sickness afterwards.
While I had this virus, it made my anxiety worse and it made my heart beat faster than normal. Just relaxing my heart would be at 115 – 135 bpm, which is fast, but luckily that’s settled down and my heart is now at 79 – 95 while resting. So, I guess that’s a plus for me.
Anyhow, even with this said, I am still taking time out, but I will be writing and continuing with current stories to pass the time.
Stay safe.

26th Bert-Day

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So, today I turned 26—Damn that makes me feel old. I always hate my birthday, another year older, another year gone, what next?
I’ve spent most of my afternoon asleep due to this virus, I’ve had it for over a month now, and to be fair, I am getting fed up because its not clearing fast.
Anyhow, I am sodding off to lay down, and maybe enjoy the three hours left of my Bert-day.
Say hello Bert!

Tuesday Poet eBook Refresh

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I have finally started refreshing some of my FREE eBooks. So, I decided to refresh one of the newest ones first. Tuesday Poet: Volume One had a very bleak cover, but it has been deeply refreshed with a new simple design. I know it may seem mad, purchasing covers for FREE eBooks, but I’m not wanting to make money, I am here to give myself to the world, and share what I love to do as a hobby.
The new cover is pictured below, and I have attached links to the cover designer and the eBook.


eBook FREE Download

Cover Designer: FrinaBookCovers

Expose Anxiety

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Well, the time has come when I have to tackle my anxiety. I’m using the exposure technique to try to overcome it. If you aren’t familiar with the exposure technique, it simply means, you gradually do things over time that cause your anxiety.
I have personally set a goal to walk from mine to a bench every day, this bench is about two streets away, so it’s good for a start. I will do this for a week, and then I will gradually increase the distance.
Anyhow, this is a quick Monday Blog to update you all. On another note, my knee and leg are still killing me, thanks for asking, not that you asked at all … Chat soon all.

Busy With Lego

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Recently, I have been taking some time out due to illness, and General wear and tare on my body. My knee has started to play up like mad, it’s got to the point where I am struggling to walk, and as I lay here, the pain shooting up my leg is making cringe.
This bug, or whatever you want to call it, is still with me, and it hasn’t settled down that much.
Anyhow, on to Lego. I bought a couple of architecture buildings from Lego to build in my spare time, which I seem to have a lot of recently. I will attach images of the two buildings, as you will see, one is the space needle, and the other is the White House.


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