Opinions Twitter — Public Service Announcement

This is a public service announcement regarding my recent tweets on Twitter concerning my opinions on certain subjects. Please take time to read through this announcement because it will make it clear on my intentions. 

If you have been following my Twitter feed, you will know that I have been following Katie Hopkins very frequently. Now, this initially started because I wanted to see what all the hype was behind the Katie Hopkins persona. Before following her, I always heard certain rumours, not only from the public, but within the media also. 

After following her for just a week, it appears to me that she says certain things to get a reaction, but also I believe people take some of her tweets out of context. The most notable tweet this week has been about dementia. She stated her own plans in the event that she got the horrible disease. But, people have taken this personally because she used the term “bed blockers.” This is the only part that I didn’t agree with, I totally understand the plans she has in place because I wouldn’t want to put my family through the same. 

Now, I understand why people got upset or why they attacked me on Twitter, but we live in a world of freedom of speech and unfortunately nobody will have the same opinion all the time. I want to make this clear, if you do not like what I post on twitter, or if you take offence, please unfollow because I will not be changing my opinion just because someone has got upset about it. As I have said on Twitter, if you cannot stand the forum, then do not join in. I will respect your opinion, but I will not change my mine to suit somebody else. 

If you would like to follow me on Twitter my username is @MarcSnappy 

This is the end of this public service announcement, thank you.

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