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Facebook Tracking — How to Prevent it Web Browsers

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So, Facebook tracking, I come to your rescue again, here is how to disable it on all four major browsers—not that we class internet explorer as a major browser these days, but we couldn’t leave them out, they might get a bit upset.

Google Chrome:

Click the Chrome menu Chrome menu on the browser toolbar.
Select Settings.

Click Show advanced settings.

In the “Privacy” section, click Content settings.

In the dialogue that appears, scroll down to the “Location” section.

Select your default permission for future location requests:
Allow all sites to track your physical location: Select this option to let all sites automatically access your location.

Ask when a site tries to track your physical location: Select this option if you want Google Chrome to alert you whenever a site requests your location.

Do not allow any site to track your physical location: Select this option to automatically deny site requests for your location.

Tap the last option!


In the URL bar, type about:config

Type geo.enabled

Double click on the geo.enabled preference

Location-Aware Browsing is now disabled

Internet Explorer:

And for those of you who are using IE (why would you be using that?) Here is a link to terminate location services, somewhat long winded, but it’s outlined on their page, but it will prevent Facebook tracking.


With Safari running, choose Preferences from the Safari menu.

Click the Security tab.

Deselect the “Allow websites to ask for location information” checkbox.

If you want to disable Location Services in Mac OS X v10.6:

From the Apple menu, choose System Preferences.

From the View menu, choose Security.

Click the General tab.

If the icon in the lower-left corner is locked, click it to authenticate with your admin password (to unlock the Security pane).

Click the “Disable Location Services” checkbox.

And there we are, let’s stop the tracking, and stop Big Brother from watching you!

Facebook Tracking — How to Disable it

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Since writing up a few articles last week about Facebook, I have been inundated with several requests about the whole tracking issue. Well, your prayers have been answered, I will show you how to disable it on all latest Android and iPhone (this includes iPad) devices. I am working towards a resolution for web browsers on both Mac and PC, bare with on those.

Android Devices:

1. Pull down at the top the screen, and tap GPS until it turns grey.

2. Go to settings – Wireless and Network — Data usage, and select Facebook (also do this for Facebook Messenger). Under that you will see a tick box saying “Restrict Background Data,” tick that for both Facebook apps.

3. Go into the Facebook messenger app, then settings, and make sure location services are off (it will be a little tick box.)

iPhone/iPad/iPod Devices:

1. Go to Settings — Privacy — Tap Location Services. Now, you can either turn this off completely, or you can manually control the apps individually in the list it displays below. When you tap Facebook in the list, it will show three options, hit never. And repeat this above, but do this for Messenger (if installed.)

2. Go into the Facebook messenger app, then settings, and make sure location services are off (it will be a little tick box.)

For now, this should be the solution to this issue for the devices listed above. I will be back another time on how to prevent Facebook from seeing your location via web browsers.

Facebook Tracking — It’s Fact!

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Recently I published an article that concerned the Facebook “Active Now” messenger status, in which I outlined how it worked. 

Now, in this article I will explain about Facebook tracking, and believe me, the two articles have a lot of similarities. 

Today there has been concerns over a Chrome extension that allowed any user to stalk their friends. Basically, you add the extension to Chrome, open Facebook messages, click a user, and it will tell you every location they’ve been to recently on a map. Before anyone makes assumptions, I did not even install this software extension, my knowledge of this app came purely from articles I have read—even though it’s common knowledge that Facebook can track you with ease. 

I’ve been following the news on this closely for the last twenty-four hours and it seems people are in a panic. Let me put it like this, when you see ads on the side of Facebook and they seem to relate to places you’ve been recently, that isn’t a coincidence, it’s because they collect tracking data. I even proved recently that they pattern match chat messages and then use that for serving ads that may interest you. But, let’s give Facebook some slack here, it’s a free service, how else will they earn money? Billions of users are on Facebook, they probably have the same amount of information on you as Google, and what’s more worse, they probably have more information on you than your own government. 

The way I see tracking on Facebook is, it’s like wearing a wireless ankle tag, they know where you are, and the extension software proved with ease how much you are being tracked. Unfortunately, the extension has been disabled by Facebook now, but it openly proved how trackable we all are. 

Me, personally, I don’t see it as a privacy risk, they can track me all they like, I don’t leave my house due to anxiety issues. The ads I see are virtually non-existent, so it doesn’t bother me in the slightest. 

Charlie Charlie Challenge — Rubbish

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The new latest trend has hit the internet, and that is the “Charlie Charlie Challenge.” This involves calling on a daemon with three items, these are: two pencils and a piece of paper with yes on one side and no on the other—like this is going to work, can you sense my sarcasm?

Basically, you place the pencils on the paper in a cross like fashion, balancing the master pencil on top of the other one with the point facing forward. Once you’ve done this, sit back and openly shout things like, “Charlie, Charlie, are you there?” And somehow the pencil moves on its own … not that there’s other reasons for this to happen.

There is no way this is true, I have watched several videos where people have used stupid camera angles, and even used invisible wire to pull off this effect. One other reason would be purely down to science, if something is balancing in one position for so long, it will at some point move, whether that be left, right, forward, or backwards. I am only guessing that the kids of this generation have no concept of logic and science, who ever does this really needs their head checking because there’s logical reasons behind all of it.

Maybe I am wrong though, kids may have no concept of logic and science, but they have a true understanding of masterminding tricks, or even mastering editing software. Make up your own mind, but I think it’s a load of rubbish.

E-cig Saga — The Truth

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Over the last few days there has been a dramatic increase on the debate regarding the harmfulness of e-cigarettes, most of the articles clearly make it clear that all e-cigarettes pose a danger to your health, well guess what? Most of these are incorrect, none of them have done proper research, they have just copied the same article from other websites.

Let’s get down to some facts. The original article only makes reference to oil based e-cigarettes, not any other kind, for example e-lites which are oil free. Oil based e-cigarettes pose a danger because it damages your lung cells and the fluid collects up in the lungs over time. This means it will slowly cause damage to your lungs overtime, but you probably won’t notice a thing for several years because it does take a long time before it poses any risks to your health.

From my own personal experience using e-cigarettes for about a year or more, it has posed no danger to my health, but keep in mind that I use e-lites, these contain no oil based liquids. My advice to anyone smoking the oil based e-cigarettes, do the switch as soon as you can, but even with that said, it poses no immediate health complications.

I believe it is yet another scare tactic from the governments, it’s all about money and taxes to them, but if I am incorrect about that, then someone out there in the media has too much time on their hands to fill social media with utter rubbish that has no founded research.

Music Single Release — Charity Givings

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It has taken me several years to get to this point, but I am happy to announce that I have released a charity music single, excited? You bet I am!

Now, before I tell you about all the links and where you can find it I have to make one thing clear, all profits from download and stream royalties are being given straight to charity! I will not be making a penny from this music single, and nor will I be in the future! All documentation has been signed and agreed by myself, and the charity in question.

Charity of choice: The Little Miracles Centre (
Single Name: You and Me (Short Version)
Release Date: 16 May 2015
Label: Marc Corn
ISRC#: TCACF1595776
UPC: 859714836012
Primary Genre: Pop
Secondary Genre:
Google Play Music:

Gay Rights — Let’s Talk

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Since the news of Ireland accepting gay marriage (same sex marriage) as legal, there has been an increase of stupid meme pictures, and even comments on this debate. One comment I read went as follows: if you support gay marriage or gay rights, it makes you gay. How ignorant is that? One track minds like this are nothing, but complete scum. 

The stupidest thing is, the voters for the no campaign said, it would break the family unit and traditional values. They are wrong, there are many gay couples that are more happier with their families than straight families as I will call it. 

We live in a different era, things have changed, and change is always good. Just because someone is gay, doesn’t make them less of a person, they deserve as much right as anyone else to have the life they deserve.

Oh, and just because someone supports gay rights, or gay marriage doesn’t make that person gay, it simply means they are open to equality, it won’t mean that they will suddenly be on the turn for the same sex. 

So, all you ignorant people, get your head out your asses and wake up!   

Facebook Messenger Active Now — Explained

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Have you ever wondered why people seem very active on Facebook messenger, or you get asked why you didn’t reply to a message when you were showing as active? Well, there are some simple explanations for this, and even I was surprised at some of the causes for this.

If you are running either an iPhone or Android device that was made within the last three to four years, both Google and Apple have implemented background processing, in basic terms this means it allows a user to control services or apps within the software that is currently running within the background of the device. I have found on many occasions that this can display a negative result on the Facebook messenger app just because it has been running all the time. Bear in mind that this can be turned off, but with this turned on and leaving the app open will play havoc with this display message.

There is also the major cause of location services within new devices, this is another separate setting that Facebook can constantly look at even with the top option disabled for the Facebook apps or services. Would you believe that your device holds every movement you make? Well, if your phone knows, then your apps will know! You can of course switch these off, but since most apps away from social media require your location, you will hit stumbling blocks along the way. But, again, most device software makes this option individual to apps, you would need to check this on your device because with every software change manufactures make, it changes certain things, and this is one of those things.

Facebook games or connect to Facebook game? They will also play havoc with the active message because most people play games through Facebook, which talks to the session file of your account, meaning it will show as active. Signing up to games using Facebook is something we are all guilty of, it makes life easier because you only need to know your Facebook login details, even at that, if it’s logged into your device, it takes one tap, and that is it you are logged in. Again, this will implement the methods above, and therefor giving a false response even if you are not touching the Facebook or Messenger.

Let’s look at why this happens. Well, in essence, it’s very simple. Your account has session files that are created on the Facebook server at any given time, so if you log off completely these files will be known as ended sessions, and therefore Facebook will keep your last active time or date on their database using a time stamp. When you log back on, a new session file is created, and from that point until you log off again, it will carry on using a session file that continually updates itself and reports certain things to the Facebook services.

Can this be stopped? The blunt answer is no, purely because they use programming languages such as PHP to build and create sessions, these sessions hold your user information upon logging in, and without these you wouldn’t be able to use the Facebook service.

Now, this is the same for any site using session related programming, but some of us nice programmers put in a session cutout, which prevents hiccups like this from happening. I do know that Facebook does have a certain cutout point, but it becomes redundant when you have devices that look all the time at the sessions, and remain talking to services even when you are asleep. 


Facebook Overhaul

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I had a eureka moment yesterday, it was something I needed to do. As in any time of life it was time to make changes, clear out the dead wood, refocus the mind, and to do what’s right. 

The culling of my Facebook friends list was done for a reason. There were people I didn’t talk to, people who cause drama, and people who didn’t need to be part of my private life—it was that simple. Most of the time having some people on my list was just to keep up appearances, as I used to be part of the YouTube crowd, but due to other commitments and health issues, I’m not wasting my time on pure drama dribble. 

Those who remained on my list are ones that won’t, and don’t cause me hassle. The pure drama queens who are now gone will remain that way, and no I’m not having a mental breakdown. I am putting those who I love first, like it should be. 

So, to those whom are reading this that now can’t find me, or even text me (yes over two hundred people were mobile blocked too), then I give you my apologies, but I won’t be undoing any blocks, there’s no exceptions. 

In the words of the two ronnies, it’s goodbye from me, and it’s goodbye from him. 

Ozeri 4x3sport Digital Pocket 3D Pedometer — Midweek Review

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Over the last couple of weeks, I have been fortunate enough to receive the Ozeri 4×3 Sport Digital Pocket 3D Pedometer from Ozeri for the purposes of an honest review. 

As you can see, the device has a very slim and sleek look about it, and curved around the edges, which is an added bonus, you don’t want to catch yourself on sharp corners. 

This device comes with a 30 day memory capacity, or 1 million steps. Also, this is the only device currently on the market that has tri-axis, and this will allow you to wear it in many directions and even around your neck (using the lanyard provided.) 

I do have one set back for this review, but it’s mainly to do with instruction manual, it is very small and hard to read, I had to setup and configure the device by chance and learning the buttons.    


I’ve had many step counting devices before, and this is the only one that has counted my steps correctly so far. Currently, I am using the FitBit Charge HR, and in comparison, the Fitbit is out by at least 23% on its counting, this is a general bug bear for FitBit users. 

I would totally recommend this product, and that’s even with its medium price tag. If you want your fitness to be correct, then I would certainly say, take a look and hit that buy button. 

Click Here to check out the device. 


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