Ozeri 4x3sport Digital Pocket 3D Pedometer — Midweek Review

Over the last couple of weeks, I have been fortunate enough to receive the Ozeri 4×3 Sport Digital Pocket 3D Pedometer from Ozeri for the purposes of an honest review. 

As you can see, the device has a very slim and sleek look about it, and curved around the edges, which is an added bonus, you don’t want to catch yourself on sharp corners. 

This device comes with a 30 day memory capacity, or 1 million steps. Also, this is the only device currently on the market that has tri-axis, and this will allow you to wear it in many directions and even around your neck (using the lanyard provided.) 

I do have one set back for this review, but it’s mainly to do with instruction manual, it is very small and hard to read, I had to setup and configure the device by chance and learning the buttons.    


I’ve had many step counting devices before, and this is the only one that has counted my steps correctly so far. Currently, I am using the FitBit Charge HR, and in comparison, the Fitbit is out by at least 23% on its counting, this is a general bug bear for FitBit users. 

I would totally recommend this product, and that’s even with its medium price tag. If you want your fitness to be correct, then I would certainly say, take a look and hit that buy button. 

Click Here to check out the device. 

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