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Tuesday Poet – Social Media

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Tuesday Poet – Social media

Social media is such a drag,
Watching people sat on their ass,
Nothing to do but they light a fag,
Must be that social media smoke glass,

You go through the feed like it’s the Bible,
Chanting everything verse to verse,
Social media isn’t good,
It’s just a curse,

The chat on Facebook causes problems,
No matter what you do you’re active now,
Someone needs to sort that,
Facebook is being a cow,

Go outside and drop those devices,
Social media is colliding,
Ruining your life filling it with drama,
Go and make friends, or buy a lama!

E-cig Saga – Costing

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E-cigs, do they really cost more? In this blog post I will be discussing the cost of E-cigs compared to normal cigarettes, you’ll be surprised what I discovered.

The basic e-cig will set you back £7 for the equivalent of 40 cigarettes, or 400 puffs. If we now take into account the cost for the same amount in normal cigarettes it will be around £15 approx. As we look at these numbers, it is clear that it would give you 50% more just using an e-cig.

Let’s look at and discuss another e-cig option. An e-cig starter kit can range from £10 to £40 this will depend on the brand you choose, but for the purpose of this argument I will be using the Vype ePen as an example.
The Vype ePen starter kit starts from £14.99 and in that you get two cartridges, which is equivalent to 2,000 puffs or 200 cigarettes. Compare this to the example above,  you will get 5x more using a Vype even, which 1600 puffs or 160 cigarettes more, bargain!

I went to the extreme earlier and compared 400 normal cigarettes in cost to the cost of e-cig refills with Vype.
On the British high street 400 cigarettes will cost £250 approx. While the equivalent in cartridges for Vype will be around £7. If we divide those two figures, 250 ÷ 7 = 35 (ish). In each Vype ePen cartridge there’s 1080 puffs or 100 cigarettes approx, and in each pack for £7 there’s three cartridges (300 cigarettes.)
Now, here’s the math. 35 x 300 = 10,500. This is 10,500 cigarettes or 1,050,000 puffs. You would get 10,100 cigarettes more just using a Vype ePen refills for the equivalent cost of 400 cigarettes, mind blown!

In conclusion, the math speaks for itself, and appears to be more cost effective using a Vype ePen.
This took me a few hours to calculate and all costs are correct apon posting this blog.

Vype ePens can be found here

Ex Twitter Slander — The Truth

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Recently, my partner went on Twitter and found that my ex had put up a nasty tweet about me. The ex claims that I was bad news and arrogant. Bare in mind that she is only saying this because I refuse to answer her emails. I have a life!

Anyhow, once my partner saw it she tweeted the ex and said: it’s funny, we’ve been together nearly a year and we haven’t had any issues. The ex didn’t like this for sure.

To be brief, the ex hated that we caught her out, she made out that I was some nasty person, trying to get people to unfollow me, and even tried to say I hacked her twitter account.

The worst of it was that the ex threw insults at my partner for defending me.

But, who knew exes could be this crazy and jealous. I am glad I don’t have to put up with her again.



Mikey Bolts — Family Guy Needs Him

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After watching Mikey Bolts on YouTube for the last few months, it is a apparent to me that he has a pure talent for voices. 

The list of voices are endless, and the comedy is off the charts. Mostly basing his entertainment on Family Guy voices, he seems to mostly excel at parody music videos. 

Some people think that Mikey is related to Seth McFarlen because they look alike in many ways, and even Mikey has made funny jokes at the rumour. 

This brings up the question. Could Mikey take over from Seth, or be an understudy for some episodes? He sounds exactly like Seth, and he can do the voices for most of his shows. 

Have your say in the comment section. CLICK HERE to subscribe to Mikey Bolts. 

Shane Dawson — I’m Bisexual Confirmed

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Recently, YouTube sensation Shane Dawson has made a video confirming that he is bisexual. 

The YouTube star said “he has been sexually confused for the last year.” While others suspected this years ago, it has took Shane several years to come out and be true to himself. 

According to reports, Shane and his girlfriend Lisa have parted on good terms after four years of being together. Lisa has told Shane to live his life and be who he is. 

I can’t put into words how much this video touched me, not because I’m that way sexually, but he will help millions of people who are struggling with their sexuality. 

Shane’s video can be found here: CLICK HERE!

Apple Chargers — The Ultimate Pain

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If you own, or owned an Apple device you will know how much these devices cost, and how much Apple charge for new charging cables, and I’ve bet you have felt the sting when purchasing replacements—it isn’t cheap for sure!

I’ve personally owned Apple devices for around eight years now and in that time I have probably gone through hundreds of replacement cables, keep in mind that I’ve had every iPhone since its release in 2007, and several iPads and iPods. For every cable I got with a device I would buy another one for it, or in some cases two depending on how paranoid I got about Apples’ flimsy charger design. It soon adds up.

The actual design of these chargers may seem like they are sexy and simple, but in essence, they are flimsy and break easily—maybe this is done on purpose to make money? These replacements from Apple cost £15 a time, which is good, considering they used to be £30 a time between 2007 and 2014. Maybe Apple felt sorry for themselves and decided to drop the price—they make 150% profit on everything they make anyway, it was about time they dropped prices on overpriced products. 

This is a true story, but at times I’ve had to tape up broken cables just to make them last longer, and on some occasions I’ve used electrical tape on new cables to form a thicker protection around the cable. Do the math, make a cable last longer and save £15, or replace it every time it breaks and watch your bank balance slowly disappear, I know what one I would choose! 

Ultimately, you have only a couple of choices, and either way it won’t help you, unless Apple decide to change their charger design to make it last longer, who knows? We might be lucky. 


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