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Facebook Details – Career Rumour

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It has come to my attention that fellow readers seem to believe that I work for Facebook due to my extensive knowledge of the social media site.

Unfortunately, my fellow readers, you have it all wrong, I do not work for them, nor do I have tools to gain information. The rumour about me having tools was believed by someone I knew, and in essence it was used to push certain people to tell the truth.

While I do not have tools, I do have contacts who pass me information, and no, they do not hack, these contacts will remain anonymous. I’ve had these contacts for years, and I never question what’s been given to me; I don’t even know how it’s obtained, I just get sent print screens.
But, it has helped me from being taken for a ride over the years.

The only things I know how to do are URL tricks, a lot of these are public knowledge, just Google them. And, no, these aren’t hacks.

Again, I do not work for Facebook. I don’t work for anyone, due to ill health.

In terms of my knowledge of Facebook, in my younger days I did a lot of programming and I taught myself a lot about PHP, and this is why I know a lot about the logics of the site. Even though I haven’t done PHP for over eight years, I still keep up with the changes, and I look at demos a lot to see what’s new.

I hope this clears up rumours, I’m too ill for all this, my life is tiring enough with all this pain.

Facebook – Dislike Button Coming

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Facebook have finally buckled under and listened to user demands. But, it won’t be what they’ve all asked for.

According to Mark Zuckerberg, it will be in the form of a “sad” button, he feels that a dislike button would be insensitive to other users.

Even though Facebook admit that this button will be used for showing negativity, but I think they are prepared to take the chance.

After researching, there appears to be no conformation on dates that they will be rolling this out.


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