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Younger Generation — Speech 

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If I had one thing to say to the younger generation it would be this:

Life itself can be a challenge, you have it easy now, but as you grow up, the essence of life can become an untamed battle of wisdom and strength. 

Live by your own goals, do not let others define the person you want to be. Nothing is too crazy, be a misfit, stand out from the crowd, and don’t shy away in a corner. 

Love each and every day like it was your last, wake up every morning like it was a breath of fresh air. Times can be hard, but you must rise above those times. Good family and friends will get you through the toughest of times. 

Do not judge people by the mistakes of others, judge them as a human being, we are all equal in this world. If you believe that you are better than someone else, it will mean that you’re locked in a state of no freedom, let this go, let your ego disappear, and give yourself the freedom back. 

As time goes by life will become effortless, so love, care, and don’t judge. We are all on the same path, some choose to take it differently, while others follow. Being different won’t mean that you are doing it wrong, it just means you see the world in a different light. If you follow the crowd, it will mean you choose to conform to social convention, which is fine. But, take those risks, don’t always follow the crowd like a lost puppy, define yourself and become someone who changes the world.  

Thank you, Marc. 

Ozeri Ultra Thin Professional Digital Kitchen Food Scale — Midweek Review

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The Ozeri Ultra Thin kitchen scales are beyond simplistic. You turn the scales on, place an item on the scales, wait for it to start weighing, select your measurement, and BOOM! The jobs done! 

Ozeri, yet again, maintain fantastic build quality, and sleek look. Hands down, Ozeri do make some sexy products, but as the old saying goes: sex sells. And, if you look at their products, it is clear that Ozeri want to maintain this now and future products. This product looks good in any kitchen no matter what the decor it is. 

Within this product you will find three measurement options: pounds, kilograms, and ounces. Also, with a vibrant display and big numbers, this is very easy for anyone to read. 

For the price point of $17 (correct as of 14th November 2015) it is clear that you get a quality for a low price. 

Find out More on Amazon US


Checking Signal Strength — iPhone Hack

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Have you ever wondered what your real signal strength is with an iPhone? Here is a simple little hack that will help you. 

1. Type *3001#12345#* and hit call. 

2. Hold down the power button until it appears with the slide to unlock. 

3. Then hold down the home button until the screen flashes back to your home screen. 

The end result will change your signal strength bars to a physical number. Anything close to 80 will mean you have enough strength to make a call, and anything under might result in bad reception. 

To revert back to the old signal bars, just simply reboot the phone. 



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