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Depression — The Mind Battle

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At some stage we have all experienced depression in some way. No matter who you are, it has probably hit you when you’ve least expected it to. Depression itself can occur at any time, and it doesn’t matter what age you are. 

When you are locked into a physical stalemate with your own mind it feels like someone has slammed you into a locked room, but the creepiest thing is, this room is your head, and your body confines itself while the world passes you by and you lose all sense of who you are. You continue day-by-day within an isolated state, it’s like living in a bubble that you can’t pop your way out of. 

Finding your way out of this state will be hard, but once you find a way to suppress the feelings that are getting you down, it will then become easier. There are medicated options that can help you, these will help increase your happiness feeling, but this is only a short term solution. Ultimately, you need to find your own ways to cope because one way might help someone else, but then it might not help you. 

Some people say that you need to keep yourself occupied, this is a simple mind trick, it allows you to put the thoughts to the back of your mind, but again, these things don’t always go regardless. 

Stay positive when you can, allow yourself to become free of depression, but it still be a struggle and the war will rage in your mind regardless. 

Safari iPhone Crash — How to fix

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Today Apple users will feel the pain with the latest bug in Safari. When using the top bar, users have been faced with it crashing each time, and Apple have yet to comment on what’s causing it. 

So, until they issue a fix, here is how I stopped the bug. As demonstated in the print screen below, you need to turn off search suggestions, Safari suggestions, and preload top hit. These can be found in settings – Safari. Please bare in mind, this bug is only said to effect iOS users, your Mac or PC version of Safari should be fine. 

This should fix the issue. 



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