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Facebook Messenger Active Now — Problem

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The same old plagued question with Facebook: why am I showing as active now? This question is always being asked within Facebook’s support centre, and it’s about time someone put logic across to explain how this is happening.

Previously I explained about the “Active Now” message and what it meant, but even after explaining this, it still seems that millions of users are facing this issue. I am also one of those users who face this issue, and at times it has caused issues.

There will be specific reasons why this is occurring, most of which you wouldn’t even think of, but I do believe this could be the reasons why.

Being a new Android user I have found that using Facebook Messenger “heads” has caused my account to be active all the time. As you can tell this is a big glitch, but one Facebook could fix. When you use Facebook heads it essentially checks for new changes (messages) regularly, and because it’s always looking the master session doesn’t reset and there for producing a false active now message.

As I explained in previous articles, Facebook games and also other apps can cause the false “Active Now” message. These games and apps cause the session to become active because it touches the Facebook server, but sometimes the server forgets to timeout the session which leads to the false reporting of your account session.

If you’ve read the previous article, you will know that I said “There isn’t a way to fix it,” but I now believe that there could be a way to fix it. Whether it is an app or desktop site, it should have an automatic session timeout request where it talks back to Facebook after a length of time and it updates the session file. This should fix the issue because it allows it to be updated correctly, and it becomes more reliable.

It often questions why Facebook hasn’t thought of a better way to cure this issue, but again, does it need fixing, or are we all over obsessing with this issue? Have your say in the comment section below.

Duckymeter, the Baby Bath Floating Duck Toy and Bath Tub Thermometer – Midweek Review

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Such an iconic idea, a bath thermometer duck that is ideal for use and play. The cheerful duck character is made from a soft rubber, which is toxic-free, this is perfectly ideal for children to use under adult supervision.
     The thermometer has a bright display located on the top and it has three different temperature functions. Cold is blue, ideal is green, and too hot is red. Along with this feature it displays a digital reading of the temperature in Fahrenheit.
     Using the duck thermometer couldn’t be simpler, you place it on water and it activates the colourful display.
     I would recommend this product to anyone with young children, but this could be used for any age, even adults who love to play with a rubber duck in the bath.
     Pictures are attached below. You can find this product on Amazon US and Amazon UK.






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