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The New Nokia 3310

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Your childhood nostalgia is finally here. The iconic Nokia 3310 is being reborn with slight modern day upgrades-well, kind of. 

Nokia have started to market their new handset as a “emergency phone” due to its long battery life. This device will achieve 22hrs of talk time and 600hrs of standby time. 

When I said this device has a modern twist, well, it was semi true, but with a few exceptions. Being in this day and age you would expect it to be a 4G ready handset, but unfortunately it is only compatible with 2G, and in simple terms that means you can only text or call; internet browsing on 2G would be near impossible. 

If you remember the first Nokia 3310 had a basic green and black display, but now they’ve ditched that for a new colour display. 

These have been equipped with a 2mp camera, which is okay, but not really worthy of you compare it to the cameras in more up to date handsets. But, it will be worth it to any novice that just wants to snap & shoot. 

Weirdly enough, this device has a dual SIM card option. I’m not sure why they’ve done this, but I can only assume you can run different networks and switch between them at will. 

Some people have branded this handset as “expensive,” but let’s look at this logically. The handset will retail at £40 and it’s being sold as a “backup phone” it isn’t something you’d use all the time. Okay you could go get a basic phone for around £20, but those are secondhand. Whereas, this new 3310 is brand new and has a battery life we all dream of. 

This handset has been said to be released around the first quarter of 2017 which isn’t long to wait. When it’s released I will be purchasing it to see what all the hype is and I will give you my thoughts in a later blog. 

Don’t Give Up – A Street Cat Named Bob – FULL Guitar Cover – Lyrics & Chords!

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Don’t Give Up – A Street Cat Named Bob.

CHORDS: D, EM, G, Em7, G (Standard Tuning, Capo 4 Fret)


Intro: D, Em, G x2

You once asked me how long,
It takes to mend a broken heart,
But it’s like a river song,
It never really ends or starts,

Somedays you go out and don’t come back,
You come back as someone new,
And all the pain and the hurt and the lonely nights,
It’s all a part of you,


But all that really matters is you don’t stop trying,
All that really matters is you don’t stop trying,
Don’t give up, don’t give up,


Well I know how strong you are,
And I know you’re gonna be fine,
But no matter how long you wait,
It’s still gonna hurt sometimes,

Some people they don’t mean to bring you down,
Sometimes they got a good heart,
Well I know that two good people can,
Be two good people apart,


No copyright infringement intended, this is for learning purposes only! Nor am I paid to make this video.

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Satellite Moments (Light up The Sky) – A Street Cat Named Bob – FULL Guitar Cover – Lyrics & Chords!

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Satellite Moments (Light up The Sky) – A Street Cat Named Bob.

Click Here for YouTube Video. 

CHORDS: G, D, EM, C (Standard Tuning, NO Capo)


Who are the people that make you feel alive?

Are any of them standing by your side?

Are you chasing every sunset? Are you facing every fear? 

Are you reaching even higher? When your dreams all disappear?


Cause all our lives are just satellite,

Here and gone like satellite,

Satellite moments, light up the sky,

Satellite moments, just passing by,

One truth bare repeating, simple solemn phrase,

Everything is fleeting, everything will change,


Then follow the chords and sing “Ah” or hum,

After that play the last two line of the chorus. 
No copyright infringement intended, this is for learning purposes only!

Being in debt – Personal Outlook

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Debt can be somewhat daunting or even a mental strain, but I can assure you there are things you can do to mange it all. 

I got into debt in a stupid way. I allowed people to use my credit and they didn’t pay it back. Which has now left me with a huge shortfall. Stupid on my part, but that’s what you get for helping others. As they say charity starts at home and that’s what I stick by. I’m now £9,870 in debt, bare this in mind as you read along. 

When I was going through the early stages of debt I would spend nights worrying about how I could pay it all off. Days of anxiety would cripple me. I wouldn’t go out, and I wouldn’t even buy food because I would be in fear of not being able to afford these monthly debt payments. 

There is help out there. After doing a Google search, I managed to find a debt management charity called Step Change. This charity work with you to choose a way forward to mange your debts. When I was speaking with them they were able to give me two options; a debt management plan or bankruptcy. Both of these options were explained to me in simple terms. This charity also provided personal help to me. Due to a recent breakup they gave me numbers so I could talk to someone about my problems. Even though I didn’t call these numbers, it was very much appreciated. 

I am now on a debt management plan with a set agreement to all the creditors, and it now allows me to pay one payment per month to all the creditors through Step Change via a direct debit agreement. 

If you need help with debt I would recommend you contact Step Change. or Telephone: 0800 138 1111


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