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YouTube Dislike Button — Exposed 

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As a content creator for YouTube we all strive for positive feedback, but at times you find that this isn’t always the case. Negativity thrives within the YouTube platform, it’s plagued with people who want to put you down and cast aspersions on you as a content creator.
If we look at the history of this problem it becomes clear that these people who want to spread negativity are going away from commenting their thoughts to hitting the dislike button to show their disgust. Where those who do this think it has an impact on you, but the real reality is, it helps you rather than hinders you.

Just like a search engine, all videos are graded by an SEO score, or in other words, the video is ranked by its content (title, description, and meta tags.) The score is usually generated by normal scoring methods at the time of upload, but later on, as the video grows it will decide a new rank based on an interaction rate.
The interaction rate is determined by four major factors: likes, dislikes, views, and shares. For example, you could get a point for each factor and that will be added to your overall score. But, we must remember all systems are different and YouTube could score everything differently to the way I explained above.
No matter what way we explain the scoring, you will still receive a good score for highly disliked content. Bad publicity as they is good publicity, grab it with both hands and embrace the negativity.

Most of the time people who spread this negativity are of a younger age and they don’t know any better, which isn’t an excuse for their actions, but we must remember that it is an attempt at getting attention from you. It is likely that they are a young child seeking attention, but it comes out as aggression because they don’t get any attention from their home setting. Or, they are someone who is struggling with aspects of their life and again, it comes out as aggression and not anything rational.

There is no way to end this problem 100%, but do we really want to cut this problem? Bad publicity is the cornerstone to success these days and it can open doors for you; that’s what we all strive for, embrace it.

Two Minute Take – YouTube Channel

Bart Simpson Megaphone Challenge!

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Such an iconic bit of nostalgia from our childhood. The Bart Simpson megaphone gag was something unique for its time, but it always left you feeling whether it could work or not. One YouTuber (TheBackyardScientist) decided to put this to the test, and it was with unexpected results. Find the video below or click here.


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