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No Human Contact – Tech Logic

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call-contactIf you are on different social media sites, you will be aware of the constant strain when trying to get in touch with someone when something goes wrong.
When you report something on a site, they use bots which are pre-programmed to anticipate how to deal with your request. Most of the time if programmed correctly this method is a timesaver and brings costs down because you don’t need to pay for extra staff to deal with minor issues.

It might be cost-effective, but in times where it fails to address the request, it leaves the user feeling frustrated and unable to get any proper answers from an automated message.

Facebook use bots, and it can be understandable as to why they have them in place. Six billion active accounts and at any given time they could be ten percent of these accounts reporting something. Essentially they don’t have enough payroll to employ that amount of staff to deal with such minor issues. The consensus is a person requires wages to do the job whereas a robot can do it for free. Completely unsupervised and no need for extras just a few tweaks over time to allow for optimal performance.

In some ways, it would make it easier for them to give out a number to a data centre to address the issue, but then they run the risk of more expenditure and security issues if implemented incorrectly.

The long and short of it all is, this won’t ever change at any tech company as they have better things to deal with and from a practical standpoint they have to cut back where they can to reduce costs overall.

Katie Hopkins loses LBC job

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Katie Hopkins has never shied away from airing her opinions on Twitter and in which at times it has gained her backlash for these outlandish views.
But unfortunately, a recent tweet has landed Katie in hot water.

After the Manchester terror attack, she tweeted: “22 dead – number rising. Schofield. Don’t you even dare. Do not be part of the problem. We need a final solution. #Manchester”.
Shortly after she deleted the tweet due to receiving mass negativity, and in which the tweet contained a Nazi term.

LBC Radio who employed Hopkins as a radio presenter didn’t take kindly to the tweet and subsequently fired her with both parties agreeing for her to leave on mutual grounds.
According to some news reports allegedly, LBC staff celebrated upon hearing of her departure.

This tweet hasn’t seen its way into internet history as of yet; she still faces questions from the police concerning the matter.
Her opinion has now come back to bite her, and this could see her change her ways; we can only but hope.

Blocking People out — The Demise

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I think it’s safe to say that we all at times re-evaluate our lives to see what can make things a lot smoother and stress-free. I have been caught between this re-evaluation period for some months now and I can certainly determine without any doubt that it has been a wise experience, Many long term friends that I went to school with have faced the chop and even long standing friends from my childhood have faced the same fate. 

When drastic actions like this are undertook it usually doesn’t affect anyone within a close circle, but mine has needed that push to think who will be there in the long run. I can’t say that it’s been easy, nor can I say that it’s been something I set out to do, but I can say that it has been something I needed to do. I had to do it, I could not allow it to continue on that road, and that is why I had to make a new road for myself even if that meant going at it alone. 

Many people blocked me from social media months ago for choices I made-which is fine-but at times I don’t think anyone grasps the fact that you have to make your own choices and take any risks whether it means you lose people or not. 

You know what my problem is? Being too trusting and caring. People over the years have taken advantage of that on a big scale. Many of those who I have trusted with huge amounts of money and who have now left me high & dry to pick up pieces of my life that were once stable which are now ruining a possible future. I often blame myself for being too kind to people because I know ultimately that it is my fault because I allowed it to happen. I allowed them to have that privilege, but they were only after one thing-by the way this is many people, not just one person. 

Over a course of four years, my life has been on a downhill. Money has dwindled, people have walked away, and my health has diminished. I predicted a lot of my future and it’s beyond crazy. 

In 2009 I predicted that my money situation would start in early 2015 which would foresee me losing any savings or luxury goods. Even though the timing wasn’t correct I did see a loss as of late 2015; close enough.  

As of 2011, I predicted that I would have a heart problem within four years. Which they did in early 2013, but a final diagnosis was made in mid-2016. I was admitted into the hospital the on 17th January 2013 with a heart rate of 154 which they put it down to anxiety. After three years and many tests later, they discovered that my body produced too much adrenaline, and this was their final conclusion as they found no other defects with my heart or health. 

Late 2013 I also predicted my massive weight gain-but I’m not sure whether this was a lucky guess or life changes. Either way, whatever it was I gained fifty-four pounds within two years. 

With all this said, has my life just dealt me a bad hand or was my life determined to head in this direction? Or could it be possible that I foresee my own future? Crazy as it may seem it might be true and no one will ever know if my predictions were true. 

There’s a little brain teaser for you to mule over. 


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