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Time Traveler Noah Reveals Future of North Korea Exposed!

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Noah the time traveler from the year 2030 recently had an interview with ApexTV, which would see this to be his last interview, or video on this topic. I personally never believed his story, I more saw him as someone who stumbled a lot and just put himself out there for exposure with a fake story. This recent video proved further more that it was fake, he claimed that he had future information concerning North Korea, but I see this as a catalyst to gain more views as it is very relevant in today’s media.
Some stuff that is mentioned is very predictable and people are already predicting it way before this video.

Time Traveler Noah X-Ray Results Exposed!

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Time Traveler Noah from the year 2030 recently met his future self from the year 2070. Within the last interview with ApexTV they discussed having an X-Ray done to prove that the future Noah was actually the current Noah from 2030.

I honestly don’t believe it is Noah, and nor do I believe that the device shown in the hand is that of a time travel device; it looks like a bracket that is placed on bones to make the area stronger. Also, the two X-Rays have anomalies and the device is smaller if you compare it to the first picture.

Time Traveler Claims To Be KSI From The Year 2070 FAKE!

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The Weird Entertainment Network claim to have an interview with KSI who is a time traveler from 2070. But, in my opinion the KSI shown within the video doesn’t even have the same accent. I am openly calling this guy out like I did with ApexTV.

Original video:

Time Traveler Meets His Future Self Exposed!

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Noah is a time traveler from the year 2030, and now he meets his future self from the year 2070 in a recent interview with ApexTV. Within in this video I explain why this is exposed as a fake and what my opinion is regarding ApexTV’s video.
Are these videos fake, or do you believe they have some truth to them?

Time Traveler From 6491 Claims To Be Stuck in 2018 Exposed as Fake!

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James Oliver sits down with ApexTV in an interview and claims to be from the year 6491, but he is stuck in the year 2018. I go over several points that exposed this time traveler as fake. This still leads me to the question whether ApexTV is just fabricating these characters, but without proof I can not say that with certainty. Like their videos, it is for entertainment purposes only, but I am openly criticizing their videos for real life content. Make up your own mind, I am just sharing my opinion.

Time Traveler From 2075 Reveals WWIII Details

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Michael Phillips claims to be a time traveler who was born in the year 2043 and traveled to the year 2075. Apex TV have found another person who has claimed to be a time traveler, but if truth be told these seem to be the work of entertainment rather than real life. The notion of world war 3 starting in 2020 is likely to happen without anyone predicting it as the tension between North Korea and The United States remains very high at any given time.

Time Traveler Took This Picture in The Year 5000 & ApexTV Exposed!

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Man from Armenia claims to be a time traveler from the year 2004 and has traveled from the year 5000 with a picture he took. The picture appears to be of a rippling ocean and the time traveler claims it was taken in Los Angeles that was discussed in a recent interview with ApexTV.
I think this is all staged by ApexTV for entertainment purposes. I don’t think it’s real at all.

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Time Traveler Alexander Smith & ApexTV Exposed!

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Time Traveler Alexander Smith from 2118 is exposed as fake, along with their producer channel ApexTV. After analyzing their videos, it is apparent that Alexander Smith is played by the same person that appeared to be Noah in the Lie Detector video (look at the hands). Also, when you watch the recent Alexander Smith video (link below), you see that he is wearing a mask, and the lack of mouth movements prove that.
Exposed 100% as Fake!
Alexander Smith Video:


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