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Storm Area 51: The Truth

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Millions of people on Facebook said they were going to storm Area 51 and were set on uncovering government secrets; they thought E.T was stashed there.

But, in actuality, only one thousand, five hundred turned up on the 20th September 2019, and only one hundred and fifty dared to reach the forbidden gates of Area 51. There weren’t any attempts to storm the well-known base, but there was one arrest for public urination.

If truth be told, the intentions to storm the area were overhyped and pretty much became a talking piece for social media on the whole. This event was simply a gathering for people to share at the moment and to have a good time. Even the guards were laughing and joking with the people.

Maybe this will become a yearly event for everyone to enjoy, and to even bring more tourism to the area because many businesses were cashing in on the hype. I say, why not? The people aren’t doing any harm, and if it is controlled, the threat it poses is significantly lowered.

Live long and prosper UFO fans, here is to next year!


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