Marc Corn

Marc-Corn Marc published his first book in October 2011, he just wanted to give it a try just to see if anyone would read it. After 3500 downloads through a kindle promotion, inspired him to write more books.

The latest book he wrote was called “Habit, Kicks and Laughter.” Initially this book wasn’t going to be released, but after showing a few people, it was clear by their great feedback that they loved it.

Marc, who suffers from cerebral palsy always tries to make the best of his condition. Every day is an uphill struggle, but he smiles through the pain to try to help others. Even though Marc struggles with his learning disability he still tries to write a lot and even if he makes mistakes he has great support on hand from his friends and family who proof-read many of Marc’s publications.

Moral Rat Book Cover
Habit Kicks and Laughter Book Cover
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