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Hello reader, today I am going to be talking about a game that everyone knows well and mostly loves, if you are a gamer then this should come as no surprise that the game that I have picked to review/give my opinions on is none other than Tetris, I have recently re-discovered this game and find it brilliantly fun. Its such a simple concept but allows for such longevity when playing, more so than the games of today and right now I would probably say that I would play this against the newest Call Of Duty (whatever number they are at now haha!).

Now a bit about the game, the game was designed by Alexey Pajitnov and was released on June 6 1984, This game revolves around the concept of making matching rows with different pieces. That’s it!! such a  simple concept yet such fun, its definitely an addicting game in which when you play you really do want to get as high a score as possible, when you die you feel quite disheartened and want to play again, Theres nothing better than playing this game and making a perfectly even 4 block high row (which gains you bonus points!).

This game has also been said to lead to a thicker cortex and increase brain efficiency, when playing people have to use logical thinking and cognitive functions in the brain, a study of 26 adolescent girls showed this, long story short they got the 26 to play Tetris for 30 minutes a day over a 3 month period. For the full study check out the link here 

A little fact about the game there has been a syndrome named after Tetris. The syndrome is known as the Tetris Effect and affects people who have played the game for a long time or continuously. Its basically when faced with a problem the person will find themselves thinking in terms of tetris. An example of this would be arranging shopping in the cupboards in a way or even as far as people actually hallucinating pieces in everyday life, luckily for me I haven’t seen any pieces in the real world yet although now I think about it, I do tend to try and stack thing in shelves neatly so maybe I am effected by it, all in all a brilliant game which will always have some value in gaming as long as it goes on, below I have a video of a pure Tetris god (watch to the end and be amazed!!!!)

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