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Week 1 on The FitBit Charge HR

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So, last week I received my new FitBit Charge HR. This was to upgrade from my FitBit Flex. Initially, I was hesitant on purchasing the device because it wasn’t cheap, retails at around £100-130, not for those with low budgets for fitness devices.
I purchased this mainly to track my heart rate throughout the day, and to see what’s happening with my heart rate while I slept.
If you’ve followed me for a while, you will know that I suffer from an anxiety disorder that gives me weird symptoms. Having this device has certainly pin pointed times where my heart rate has gone too high, even when I’m asleep.
I will attach images below or my heart rate for this first week.
On another note, myself and Steve from Wright Times Blog are part of a group for FitBit Charge HR Facebook group (Steve set it up.)



FitBit Flexing Fitness

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Recently I was finally persuaded by my best friend Steve ( to purchase a Fitabit Flex. He has been supporting me a lot recently with my health, which I thank him a lot for being there, even though he is very unwell himself.
So, with this new device it follows my steps, sleep, and activity. I’m hoping this will give me more motivation to get active, and hopefully it will help me push past my anxiety.
My ultimate goal is to get back down to eleven stone (one-hundred and sixty pounds), but this time, I will be watching what I eat and losing weight the proper way (with the MyFitnessPal App).
Anyhow, signing off.




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