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Ozeri Ultra Thin Professional Digital Kitchen Food Scale — Midweek Review

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The Ozeri Ultra Thin kitchen scales are beyond simplistic. You turn the scales on, place an item on the scales, wait for it to start weighing, select your measurement, and BOOM! The jobs done! 

Ozeri, yet again, maintain fantastic build quality, and sleek look. Hands down, Ozeri do make some sexy products, but as the old saying goes: sex sells. And, if you look at their products, it is clear that Ozeri want to maintain this now and future products. This product looks good in any kitchen no matter what the decor it is. 

Within this product you will find three measurement options: pounds, kilograms, and ounces. Also, with a vibrant display and big numbers, this is very easy for anyone to read. 

For the price point of $17 (correct as of 14th November 2015) it is clear that you get a quality for a low price. 

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Ozeri Digital Bathroom Scale with Electro-Mechanical Weight Dial — Midweek Review

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The Ozeri digital bathroom scales bridge the gap between budget and professional scales. 

As you look at the device it is very sleek, lightweight, and stylish. The LCD is very bright and very clear to read. It also has a  very vibrant dial which can be clearly be seen in any situation. 

When it comes to standard consumer scales in the UK, we tend to use stones and pounds as the standard unit of measurement, and if that’s what you are after then you won’t be getting that with these scales. These scales are shipped as standard with US unit measurements, which is kilograms or pounds. If you want to work out your weight into stones and pounds just put the scales in pounds by pressing the button on the bottom, and then divide that by 14. 

Simplicity is the key to these scales. You just stand on them, and it starts to measure—no wait time whatsoever!

I would certainly recommend these scales, purely because the quality is fantastic, and they are the same price as poor quality ones from a national supermarket. Save time by buying these to get a quality set of scales. 

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Ozeri Green Earth Pan 8 inches Featuring Greblon — Midweek Review

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Ozeri has extended its pan collection, which now includes a smaller 8 inch pan featuring Greblon. 

Maintaining their high standards and quality, Ozeri has managed to make a smaller robust pan that is very light to handle and keeps the same build quality that you’d expect from Ozeri. 

This pan cooks food evenly, and maintains high cooking standards that will make any professional cook weep at the knees and want this pan. 

Attached pictures will show the kinds of food that we cooked with this pan, and most of them are ones we all struggle with that get stuck to the pan. 

Features and Details

Each pan utilizes GREBLON ceramic – an ultra-safe ceramic coating from Germany which is 100% PTFE and PFOA free (no heavy metals or chemicals).

Innovative textured pan surface delivers unprecedented non-stick performance without releasing harmful fumes or toxins at high temperatures.

Scratch-resistant 100 percent ceramic coating that is super easy to clean.

Made out of durable heavy-gauge pure aluminum with no heavy metals or harmful chemicals.

Each pan boats a comfortable heat resistant silicon coated handle, and a magnetized induction stove safe base for rapid heat transfer. 

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Painful Insomnia

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As much as I try to put the pain to the back of my mind, it seems to creep up on me all the time. With this pain crippling my body, it has been very hard to sleep, I try all all positions possible, but to no avail, I can’t seem to sleep properly.

The pains can vary in location, sometimes it can be in the legs and back, while other times it can be across my whole body. All this is getting crazy, and all I have to take the edge off is very strong pain killers, which leave me high off my face, and at times I don’t even know my own name because of it.

But, needless to say, there’s people worse off than me, I just needed to air some frustrations. I want at least one day where I didn’t have problems, if it isn’t pain, it’s my heart going at speed. No wonder I spend nearly every day laying down.

E-cig Saga – Costing

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E-cigs, do they really cost more? In this blog post I will be discussing the cost of E-cigs compared to normal cigarettes, you’ll be surprised what I discovered.

The basic e-cig will set you back £7 for the equivalent of 40 cigarettes, or 400 puffs. If we now take into account the cost for the same amount in normal cigarettes it will be around £15 approx. As we look at these numbers, it is clear that it would give you 50% more just using an e-cig.

Let’s look at and discuss another e-cig option. An e-cig starter kit can range from £10 to £40 this will depend on the brand you choose, but for the purpose of this argument I will be using the Vype ePen as an example.
The Vype ePen starter kit starts from £14.99 and in that you get two cartridges, which is equivalent to 2,000 puffs or 200 cigarettes. Compare this to the example above,  you will get 5x more using a Vype even, which 1600 puffs or 160 cigarettes more, bargain!

I went to the extreme earlier and compared 400 normal cigarettes in cost to the cost of e-cig refills with Vype.
On the British high street 400 cigarettes will cost £250 approx. While the equivalent in cartridges for Vype will be around £7. If we divide those two figures, 250 ÷ 7 = 35 (ish). In each Vype ePen cartridge there’s 1080 puffs or 100 cigarettes approx, and in each pack for £7 there’s three cartridges (300 cigarettes.)
Now, here’s the math. 35 x 300 = 10,500. This is 10,500 cigarettes or 1,050,000 puffs. You would get 10,100 cigarettes more just using a Vype ePen refills for the equivalent cost of 400 cigarettes, mind blown!

In conclusion, the math speaks for itself, and appears to be more cost effective using a Vype ePen.
This took me a few hours to calculate and all costs are correct apon posting this blog.

Vype ePens can be found here

E-cig Saga — The Truth

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Over the last few days there has been a dramatic increase on the debate regarding the harmfulness of e-cigarettes, most of the articles clearly make it clear that all e-cigarettes pose a danger to your health, well guess what? Most of these are incorrect, none of them have done proper research, they have just copied the same article from other websites.

Let’s get down to some facts. The original article only makes reference to oil based e-cigarettes, not any other kind, for example e-lites which are oil free. Oil based e-cigarettes pose a danger because it damages your lung cells and the fluid collects up in the lungs over time. This means it will slowly cause damage to your lungs overtime, but you probably won’t notice a thing for several years because it does take a long time before it poses any risks to your health.

From my own personal experience using e-cigarettes for about a year or more, it has posed no danger to my health, but keep in mind that I use e-lites, these contain no oil based liquids. My advice to anyone smoking the oil based e-cigarettes, do the switch as soon as you can, but even with that said, it poses no immediate health complications.

I believe it is yet another scare tactic from the governments, it’s all about money and taxes to them, but if I am incorrect about that, then someone out there in the media has too much time on their hands to fill social media with utter rubbish that has no founded research.

Living with No Ambitions

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In life we all aim to do certain ambitions, personal or otherwise. When I was younger I had many ambitions, football player, police officer, game tester, the list was endless. In reality these wouldn’t be hard to do, for a normal person that is. Don’t get wrong, someone with a disability could do them but in a limited way depending on what is required.

Lately I have been in a drought of with ideas for my life, it’s not always easy to think of ideas at the best of times but when it’s ambitions for life you do tend to hit a brick wall. I am guessing my depression doesn’t help matters, always living in fear of the “what ifs” or insecurities that keep us from doing something life changing.

Depression’s a bitch, living with it is like a kid watching over you on top an ant hill with a magnification glass waiting to burn you. I live with it everyday, even though it eats me inside I still try to build a meaningful but loving life, mostly focusing on what I can do for other people. I know people say “put yourself first” but to me it seems selfish and I could never bring myself to do that.

With many skills under my belt and many years of experience, common sense should kick in and say “you have it made” but in reality, common sense doesn’t always dictate what your ambitions will be or what you will achieve. I have been given many chances to make something of myself and I have always had to turn them down because of sickness, honestly with todays hard-working culture I wouldn’t be able to keep up and it would make me even more sick as time goes on.

This is why I am stuck in rutt, many skills and ideas, and a passion for helping others. I guess one day something will come up but until that day I will go through the endless day-to-day depression, along with the daily grinds of “what ifs”. As the old saying goes “Every Dog Has it’s Day”.

Male Anorexia Suffer in Silence

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In a recent publication it has been highlighted that 1 in 5 people in the UK who suffer with eating disorders are male.

There are many causes of anorexia in both men and women the most highlighted cause is celebrity magazines. Often most people aspire to look like these glamorous models and because some of therm look really thin they try to change the way they look.

This isn’t the only cause of anorexia there are many highlighted cases of bullying and mental disorders that has triggered this nasty disorder.

I will discuss my story that has recently been published online by many major news outlets.

I am a 23 years of age and I suffer with a disability called cerebral palsy. For many years I suffered with bullying because I was big and that I was different due to my disability.

When I was 13 I got so depressed about the abuse I was getting and it sent me on a downward spiral that hit me with such stress I couldn’t handle it anymore and this abuse I got wasn’t just your normal bullying it was physical and mental abuse I got everyday.

Ten years on I still suffer with my disorder and I live off a diet of custard, mousses and complan replacement drinks because I fear choking on food.

Not only do I suffer with many health issues but I suffer with many phobias that can make me helpless at times and I hide away because I mentally can’t cope.

I won’t sit here and say it is easy on anyone with this disorder because there is such a level of stress it can cause and unlike other people say it’s not just a case of just eating because that isn’t how it works. This is a mental disorder and depending on the complexities it isn’t always easy to cure, everyone suffers with it in different ways and for different reasons.

If you are suffering with anorexia don’t suffer in silence try to seek the help you need to put you on the road to recovery. Some words of wisdom I always live by: You make your own destiny in life and you will find the right path to walk down to a better life.

I have attached the links below to my news story and I hope you enjoy reading them.

The Sun Manorexia Marc

The Daily Male Anorexia Marc

Living with Arthritis

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Recently I have been diagnosed with arthritis in my left shoulder, upper back and neck. Something I wasn’t expecting to happen so early in my life but given my existing health problems it was bound to happen.

Over the years I have always suspected I would get arthritis in some form because I have found it harder to do simple tasks but personally I was expecting to get arthritis in my ankles or knees as I get pain in them all the time and knowing my luck I probably have but i won’t know until I have proper tests.

The hardest task will be how I adjust to the situation and how I can make things easier to prevent anymore damage to the affected areas. I guess the first step I will take is to look for special equipment to aid me, such as a tea tipper for the kettle.

If anyone has any ideas then drop me them in the comment section, needless to say like everyone else I just need to get on with it because there’s no taking back the damage now.


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