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Apple TV+ could end Netflix

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The new Apple TV+ video streaming service was launched a month ago with a somewhat mixed reception. Apple had only a few shows at launch, and some people felt short-changed with the lack of content.

If we look at rivals Netflix, they have an extensive collection, which at this time beats Apple TV+ hands down as Apple only released a handful of shows at launch; even though this could change shortly.

As you might be aware, Apple iTunes is one of the most significant collections of video content by far, but this hasn’t seen its way into the new video streaming service. There could be many reasons for this, but the higher cause is probably due to rights and royalties.

Apple could wipe Netflix off the map if they allowed the entirety of the iTunes video collection to be available for paying subscribers. If they keep costs low for the customer, they will migrate from rival stream services as they will have a better choice. Think different, remember that Apple.

If you would like a free seven-day trial, download the Apple TV app from the app store. You can get a free twelve-month subscription if you have bought a new Mac, iPhone, or iPad in 2019, do not hold me to that, but I got one with my iPad 10.2-inch 7th generation. Otherwise, if in doubt, it’s outlined on the apple website.

Labour Party Free Broadband — Problem

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Over recent weeks the Labour Party have pledged to give free broadband to every home in the United Kingdom if they win the general election.

They claim nationalising B.T (British Telecom) at the cost of £20 billion will be enough to give each household suitable fibre broadband free of charge.

The botched figure of £20 billion, which was clued up by a government assessment is nothing more than a guess. B.T came out and said the £20 billion figure was undervaluing what it would take to complete the infrastructure and instead claim it would require around £40 billion to get the job done.

Even though this seems like a perfect idea, it wouldn’t seem financially viable in the long run for profitability. Giving it away free would require increasing tax elsewhere. For example, taxing big companies like Google or Amazon more because ”they don’t pay their fair share.” Mostly you could thank them if it goes through because it will be their money propping up the free service.

I’m going to put an idea out there, how about they means test the costing against work status, benefits, and overall household income. If you are on jobseekers allowance or employment support allowance in the work-related group, you should be allowed minimal broadband for free while searching for work, and once you find a job, you should contribute towards broadband costs. I have placed a list below of how I think it should work.

  1. Job Seekers or ESA wrag – Free until employment (turned off during sanctions).
  2. Household income less than £10,000 per annum working or in receipt of a none job-seeking benefit – £2 a month.
  3. Household income between £11,000 to £20,00 per annum (same conditions as number 2) – £4 a month.
  4. Household income between £21,000 to £40,000 per annum – £6 a month.
  5. Household income of £40,000 or more per annum – £8 a month.
  6. NHS or public services staff – £2 a month.
  7. Armed forces – £2 a month.
  8. Pension Age – £2 a month.

As you will see, this method is more profitable, and these costs will help provide better infrastructure. These figures and tiers are still much lower than current prices for fibre broadband as the average person is paying £20 per month for broadband.

Let me know what you think in that comment section. Will free broadband work, or do you think we should bring in a tiered service?

Storm Area 51: The Truth

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Millions of people on Facebook said they were going to storm Area 51 and were set on uncovering government secrets; they thought E.T was stashed there.

But, in actuality, only one thousand, five hundred turned up on the 20th September 2019, and only one hundred and fifty dared to reach the forbidden gates of Area 51. There weren’t any attempts to storm the well-known base, but there was one arrest for public urination.

If truth be told, the intentions to storm the area were overhyped and pretty much became a talking piece for social media on the whole. This event was simply a gathering for people to share at the moment and to have a good time. Even the guards were laughing and joking with the people.

Maybe this will become a yearly event for everyone to enjoy, and to even bring more tourism to the area because many businesses were cashing in on the hype. I say, why not? The people aren’t doing any harm, and if it is controlled, the threat it poses is significantly lowered.

Live long and prosper UFO fans, here is to next year!

Snapchat: The Delete People

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A social network that allows you to do what you want, when you want, and to do it without your identity being shared. Which means only one thing, criminals will, and are running amuck through this paradise.

Snapchat by default deletes any snaps or chats after their servers detect that it has been opened by all recipients within twenty-four hours. Other things, such as stories or location data, are kept up to forty days. All details were found on Snapchats privacy policy, which can be found on their website.

Personally, I have stopped using Snapchat due to its delete policies, and how it’s bombarded with pornography for the most part. Call me a pessimist, but I like a platform where I know what has been sent and where it has come from. There are many people hidden within that network who have intentions to act upon behaviours outside the normal day-to-day and know with a high percentage of certainty that they will not be caught; unless the person takes a screenshot of course.

Let’s make an example. A young girl of say thirteen (which is their minimum age limit), and she is then sent a Snapchat from someone who has the intentions of grooming her. Each chat and snap will be deleted, and at this point, no one will have a clue as to what is going on because there is no paper trail.

Parents have a role to play in this also to regulate what the child is doing, but in many cases, this is hard to enforce as children they will feel like the parents are prying into their privacy. Also, dependant on who they are talking to will also determine whether they want you to know about whom they are communicating with via these apps.

Snapchat also needs to put in procedures to safeguard users against any criminal activities, whether this is grooming, scamming, hate, or whatever it may be. They currently have reporting features which do allow users to report something that is within expiry periods, but after it’s gone, you are pretty much out of luck as (according to their policies) it has been deleted from their servers; your only hope is by taking screenshots, but that informs the other recipient that you have performed this action.

Things need to change within their systems, whether that be age limit increases, identity verfication for real information and not just two-step, better detection for flagging different behaviours, and extended expiry times for chats or snaps which would mean data is kept for a more prolonged period, but it would allow a better background for reporting any account.

Even though I do have a Snapchat account (which is never logged in on any device), it was opened primarily to get the desired username, and it would prevent anyone from impersonating me on this platform.

Until they change the policies, I will continue to abstain from using their service. Believe me, when I say this, I can live without the funny faces and voice changers, and on a serious note, I can live without being on a social network that hides things.

Snapchats Privacy Policy

Rouge eBay & Amazon Book Sales

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Over the last twelve hours we have been informed about rouge sellers trying to profit from selling my books at unbelievable prices. The truth is that they don’t even own any stock of the books, they simply order it through Amazon at a reduced cost and Amazon ships it to the customer.

We are now taking the steps necessary to have any listings taken down from any site that are falsely claiming they have stock when it’s really being printed on demand. This does not include legitimate sales, eg. Actual purchases of the book. We do allow resale of books if they have been purchased from our publisher or authorised printing providers. Printing providers include: fulfilled by Amazon,, Waterstones, WHSmith, and any third party company related to

Being transparent on this issue is paramount, and that is why we are honest about the situation. Please also bare in mind, even as the author of these books, I make NO PROFIT from sales of the books and proof can be provided of this. The only person making any profit in this is my publisher and that is as and when a book is ordered.

If you wish to get my books for free you will find them on every major bookstore. These include: iTunes, Google Play, Smashwords, Amazon, Kobo, and Barnes & Noble. Each paperback book was transferred to ebook formats and this will always be the case, and FREE of course!

Thank you for the ongoing support and I hope you continue to support me through this book journey.


Time Traveler Shows Real Time Machine Fake!

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David apparently shows a time machine, but what he really shows is a cooker digital display and a laptop body. I conclude that David is a fake time traveler, and as a person he is just a engineering hobbyist. You will find the latest video over at ApexTV, link below.

Original Link:

Time Traveler Noah Reveals Future of North Korea Exposed!

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Noah the time traveler from the year 2030 recently had an interview with ApexTV, which would see this to be his last interview, or video on this topic. I personally never believed his story, I more saw him as someone who stumbled a lot and just put himself out there for exposure with a fake story. This recent video proved further more that it was fake, he claimed that he had future information concerning North Korea, but I see this as a catalyst to gain more views as it is very relevant in today’s media.
Some stuff that is mentioned is very predictable and people are already predicting it way before this video.


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