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The New Nokia 3310

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Your childhood nostalgia is finally here. The iconic Nokia 3310 is being reborn with slight modern day upgrades-well, kind of. 

Nokia have started to market their new handset as a “emergency phone” due to its long battery life. This device will achieve 22hrs of talk time and 600hrs of standby time. 

When I said this device has a modern twist, well, it was semi true, but with a few exceptions. Being in this day and age you would expect it to be a 4G ready handset, but unfortunately it is only compatible with 2G, and in simple terms that means you can only text or call; internet browsing on 2G would be near impossible. 

If you remember the first Nokia 3310 had a basic green and black display, but now they’ve ditched that for a new colour display. 

These have been equipped with a 2mp camera, which is okay, but not really worthy of you compare it to the cameras in more up to date handsets. But, it will be worth it to any novice that just wants to snap & shoot. 

Weirdly enough, this device has a dual SIM card option. I’m not sure why they’ve done this, but I can only assume you can run different networks and switch between them at will. 

Some people have branded this handset as “expensive,” but let’s look at this logically. The handset will retail at £40 and it’s being sold as a “backup phone” it isn’t something you’d use all the time. Okay you could go get a basic phone for around £20, but those are secondhand. Whereas, this new 3310 is brand new and has a battery life we all dream of. 

This handset has been said to be released around the first quarter of 2017 which isn’t long to wait. When it’s released I will be purchasing it to see what all the hype is and I will give you my thoughts in a later blog. 

EE Launch 4G Service by The End of October

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Orange and T-Mobile, formally known as EE will be launching its new 4G and Fibre Optic service on October 30th 2012. This new service will please many customers on the EE network but if you are a customer that hasn’t got a LTE enabled device then you will not be pleased to learn that you will not be able to use the new 4G signal.

According to other operators they will not be using the 4G service until the end of 2013 which is unfortunate but every operator involved has agreed to set aside their differences to bring it widespread by the summer of 2013.

The advantages of 4G will mean consumers will enjoy up to 10x faster speeds than 3G, with estimated speeds up to 21mb/second; of course this will depend on area and network redundancy but you will see a speed difference.

On a whole the new 4G network will bring a big leap in wireless communications to Britain.

iOS 6 Maps: Did Apple Fail?

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Recently Apple launched its new Mapping system in iOS6 which replaced Google maps. Since the launch Apple has come under fire over the new service because it has returned false or missing data.

With many rumours floating about that the new service was having faults I took upon myself to do my testing; I found that in some places the maps had missing images and the 3D mode wasn’t all that it is was cracked up to be. If you was to search for The Eiffel Tower in Paris you will see that the image is flat and missing the point.

Hopefully these bugs will be fixed soon; Apple have offered alternatives in the App Store which include services like Bing, Waze and Google Maps. With the this in mind did Apple fail? or did they allow themselves to become withdrawn into the battle with Google and just drop maps because they felt the service was far to superior?

Many users have been left feeling let down by the service and they have reverted their handsets back to iOS 5 so they are able to use Google Maps agin.

In hindsight I believe Apple should have stuck with Google Maps because it worked and didn’t return false data but what will Apple do? Will they fix the issues or Will they revert back to Google Maps and calibrate with all companies involved to make an even richer experience with all platforms?

Mobile App Credits are Pointless!

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Since the introduction of in-app purchasing many developers(mostly gaming) have used this as marketing tool to make money from their app.

Initially this allows the developers to offer apps for free and have some form of revenue stream.

Here is a prime example of an app that uses this method. The app comes in two versions, one with ads and the other without – obviously the one without ads isn’t free… You have credits that you use throughout the app and once those credits have depleted you have two choices, wait for the app to generate free credits or buy some more through the app – I know which one I would choose because I have patients.

If you have purchased the app, it will be a big kick in the teeth because the credits can cost around the same price as the app.

Buying these credits are not mandatory – big waste of money if you ask me. Patients is key and you could play the developers at their own game.

Specifically I am aiming this towards gaming apps, as an avid mobile gamer I have never purchased credits – why do I need to pay when the game will generate credits throughout the day? Pointless!

As I said patients is key and if you want to save money then don’t give into the in app money-making demon!

WorldCard Mobile

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WorldCard Mobile is a world leading contact application that integrates many outstanding functions to manage your contacts. The best function by far is the ability to read a business card and being able to add as a contact just by using your mobile camera.

This application uses OCR technology to read the business card, if you haven’t heard of this term before it is preferably known as Optical Character Recognition which means it reads letters from a photo and processes it into a text format. If you would like to learn more about OCR technology there will be a link at the end where it will explain further in more detail.

WorldCard Mobile is developed by PenPower Technology LTD a leading software development company with over 11 years experience, PenPower primarily focus on Handwriting Recognition, Voice Recognition and OCR Business Card Recognition. Most of their products are available on many leading marketplaces like the Apple App store and the Google Android Market and it can also run on a variety of leading mobile devices.

I would defiantly recommend WorldCard Mobile to anyone as it one the best Mobile based contact organisation systems around, on a personal note I have been using this app for around two years and it walks all over the built-in contact manager.


For more information on WorldCard Mobile or PenPower Technology find the links below.

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