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No Human Contact – Tech Logic

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call-contactIf you are on different social media sites, you will be aware of the constant strain when trying to get in touch with someone when something goes wrong.
When you report something on a site, they use bots which are pre-programmed to anticipate how to deal with your request. Most of the time if programmed correctly this method is a timesaver and brings costs down because you don’t need to pay for extra staff to deal with minor issues.

It might be cost-effective, but in times where it fails to address the request, it leaves the user feeling frustrated and unable to get any proper answers from an automated message.

Facebook use bots, and it can be understandable as to why they have them in place. Six billion active accounts and at any given time they could be ten percent of these accounts reporting something. Essentially they don’t have enough payroll to employ that amount of staff to deal with such minor issues. The consensus is a person requires wages to do the job whereas a robot can do it for free. Completely unsupervised and no need for extras just a few tweaks over time to allow for optimal performance.

In some ways, it would make it easier for them to give out a number to a data centre to address the issue, but then they run the risk of more expenditure and security issues if implemented incorrectly.

The long and short of it all is, this won’t ever change at any tech company as they have better things to deal with and from a practical standpoint they have to cut back where they can to reduce costs overall.

Ball Bearing Robotics

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Six Degrees of Freedom

Many months ago I was researching robotics and after many hours of watching stanford university lectures I started to draw up loads of diagrams of skeleton stick man who I could use to show my theory of ball bearing robots. This theory works off the Six degrees of freedom (6DoF) which are backwards, forwards, up, down, left, right, pitch, yaw and roll.

Six Degrees of Freedom

Six Degrees of Freedom Picture Credit Wikipedia

If you interlink a robot with ball bearings you will end up with many degrees of freedom because each ball bearing point will contain the Six Degrees of Freedom, this will allow the robot to become very flexible. When we bend our fingers we only have a certain amount of freedom where as a robot built with small ball bearings could in theory curl its finger joint and is able touch behind the knuckle joint.

The diagram below demonstrates how it is possible to use ball bearings to touch the back of a finger.

Ball Bearing Robotic Finger Compare

Ball Bearing Robotic Finger Picture Credit Marc Corn

In reality this is a simple concept but it will take some engineering to make it happen, let me know what you all think in the comments below.


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