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Two Cheeseburger emojis starting a worldwide debate

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What is the world coming to? People are debating the difference between the cheeseburger on Apple and Google devices. 

Users have noticed that Google have placed the cheese at the bottom of the cheeseburger, while Apple have placed it on top of the burger. This must be a modern day issue if people are worried about what a cheeseburger looks like on their devices. 

Google have said they will be discussing the offending emoji to come to a suitable solution. 

Google Searching for Innovation

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Google has come on so much since their launch in 1998. Over the years they have transformed the search engine industry that exceeded many expectations and amazed many people with how their search engine worked.

Today Google are more than just a search engine they make new technologies for smart phones, 3D Glasses and motor vehicles. The most recent project to date is the self driving car which is self-explanatory on what it can do.

If we look in terms of search engines google is the number 1 ranked in the world with many others trying to knock them off the top spot. Even though google ranked number 1 would you believe some users actually prefer other search engines like bing, yahoo and ask? These users highlight that google does not always return what they are looking for and the other engines return more related results.

In terms of technology I believe google are doing incredibly well and I also believe they have many great innovations to come but are google losing track on their search engine goals?

New innovations and ideas are key for any technology company and at some point even big giants like google will hit a brick wall and fail to produce new ideas.

This won’t mean the company will fail but they will be constantly looking for ideas to make the next big thing.


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