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Snapchat: The Delete People

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A social network that allows you to do what you want, when you want, and to do it without your identity being shared. Which means only one thing, criminals will, and are running amuck through this paradise.

Snapchat by default deletes any snaps or chats after their servers detect that it has been opened by all recipients within twenty-four hours. Other things, such as stories or location data, are kept up to forty days. All details were found on Snapchats privacy policy, which can be found on their website.

Personally, I have stopped using Snapchat due to its delete policies, and how it’s bombarded with pornography for the most part. Call me a pessimist, but I like a platform where I know what has been sent and where it has come from. There are many people hidden within that network who have intentions to act upon behaviours outside the normal day-to-day and know with a high percentage of certainty that they will not be caught; unless the person takes a screenshot of course.

Let’s make an example. A young girl of say thirteen (which is their minimum age limit), and she is then sent a Snapchat from someone who has the intentions of grooming her. Each chat and snap will be deleted, and at this point, no one will have a clue as to what is going on because there is no paper trail.

Parents have a role to play in this also to regulate what the child is doing, but in many cases, this is hard to enforce as children they will feel like the parents are prying into their privacy. Also, dependant on who they are talking to will also determine whether they want you to know about whom they are communicating with via these apps.

Snapchat also needs to put in procedures to safeguard users against any criminal activities, whether this is grooming, scamming, hate, or whatever it may be. They currently have reporting features which do allow users to report something that is within expiry periods, but after it’s gone, you are pretty much out of luck as (according to their policies) it has been deleted from their servers; your only hope is by taking screenshots, but that informs the other recipient that you have performed this action.

Things need to change within their systems, whether that be age limit increases, identity verfication for real information and not just two-step, better detection for flagging different behaviours, and extended expiry times for chats or snaps which would mean data is kept for a more prolonged period, but it would allow a better background for reporting any account.

Even though I do have a Snapchat account (which is never logged in on any device), it was opened primarily to get the desired username, and it would prevent anyone from impersonating me on this platform.

Until they change the policies, I will continue to abstain from using their service. Believe me, when I say this, I can live without the funny faces and voice changers, and on a serious note, I can live without being on a social network that hides things.

Snapchats Privacy Policy

Lance Stewart Paranormal Ghost DEBUNKED!

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Controversy heightens as Lance Stewart posts another video about paranormal activity in his apartment. There is definitive proof that these videos are fake and isn’t real life events.


Half a bottle.

The picture above shows how two clips that got split together and left a bottle on the side in half which after a second regains its shape.


Second Shadow Line.

Did he use a rope? Yes, he did. Above you will see that his leg has a second shadow which appears to be a line. Again, two videos split together.


A hole with a hole.

Smashed mirror after using the Ouija in the latest video upload by Lance. Convincing, but look closer.

A hole within a hole and no audible glass dropping, legit right? Wrong! If hit with a closed fist there would not be a middle intrusion and would still have glass remaining within the gap. The closest guess I can make right now is that someone shot something at the glass, this would explain the secondary hole within the gap.


Surprise Cameraman.

Vlogging himself, who is this creature? A cameraman that has never been mentioned by him before. No Chris and no Adin.


No running call timer. 

No active call, audio was played from another device. iPhones usually display a name or number if in a call on the lock screen.


Caller ID Faker website.

After the first call, Lance now claims that he gets a call from +1 (666) 666 6666. He used caller id spoofing websites such as

The problem with these videos aren’t the entrainment value, but it is because Lance is falsely claiming that this is happening, and unfortunately his younger demographic audience believes it.
With all the evidence in hand, you will see that his videos are all for entertainment purposes only and are not of any realism.

Lance Stewart Paranormal Ghost FAKE!

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Lance Stewart is well known for his overreactive videos, and this has gained millions of views from click-baiting many of his videos.
In recent videos, he proclaims that a demon lurks the walls of his apartment. Him & his girlfriend (Lizzy Wurst) said it all started after they recorded a video while playing with an Ouija board at a cemetery.
Even though the entertainment value is there, it failed to fool many people.


Lance Stewart Ghost Wire Pull.

The video starts out with Lance going to sleep with Lizzy, and as time goes by (only seconds), he gets “dragged” from his bed.


Lance Stewart Exposed Wire Shines.

It seemed convincing, but look closer you will see the invisible wire shine as it reflects on his backlighting behind the camera. The frame above has been enhanced to show it distinctly.

If you thought this was real, then you were mistaken, at best it for entertainment purposes only, not a real life situation.

Video debunked!

No Human Contact – Tech Logic

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call-contactIf you are on different social media sites, you will be aware of the constant strain when trying to get in touch with someone when something goes wrong.
When you report something on a site, they use bots which are pre-programmed to anticipate how to deal with your request. Most of the time if programmed correctly this method is a timesaver and brings costs down because you don’t need to pay for extra staff to deal with minor issues.

It might be cost-effective, but in times where it fails to address the request, it leaves the user feeling frustrated and unable to get any proper answers from an automated message.

Facebook use bots, and it can be understandable as to why they have them in place. Six billion active accounts and at any given time they could be ten percent of these accounts reporting something. Essentially they don’t have enough payroll to employ that amount of staff to deal with such minor issues. The consensus is a person requires wages to do the job whereas a robot can do it for free. Completely unsupervised and no need for extras just a few tweaks over time to allow for optimal performance.

In some ways, it would make it easier for them to give out a number to a data centre to address the issue, but then they run the risk of more expenditure and security issues if implemented incorrectly.

The long and short of it all is, this won’t ever change at any tech company as they have better things to deal with and from a practical standpoint they have to cut back where they can to reduce costs overall.

Katie Hopkins loses LBC job

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Katie Hopkins has never shied away from airing her opinions on Twitter and in which at times it has gained her backlash for these outlandish views.
But unfortunately, a recent tweet has landed Katie in hot water.

After the Manchester terror attack, she tweeted: “22 dead – number rising. Schofield. Don’t you even dare. Do not be part of the problem. We need a final solution. #Manchester”.
Shortly after she deleted the tweet due to receiving mass negativity, and in which the tweet contained a Nazi term.

LBC Radio who employed Hopkins as a radio presenter didn’t take kindly to the tweet and subsequently fired her with both parties agreeing for her to leave on mutual grounds.
According to some news reports allegedly, LBC staff celebrated upon hearing of her departure.

This tweet hasn’t seen its way into internet history as of yet; she still faces questions from the police concerning the matter.
Her opinion has now come back to bite her, and this could see her change her ways; we can only but hope.

Facebook Messenger Active Now — Problem

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The same old plagued question with Facebook: why am I showing as active now? This question is always being asked within Facebook’s support centre, and it’s about time someone put logic across to explain how this is happening.

Previously I explained about the “Active Now” message and what it meant, but even after explaining this, it still seems that millions of users are facing this issue. I am also one of those users who face this issue, and at times it has caused issues.

There will be specific reasons why this is occurring, most of which you wouldn’t even think of, but I do believe this could be the reasons why.

Being a new Android user I have found that using Facebook Messenger “heads” has caused my account to be active all the time. As you can tell this is a big glitch, but one Facebook could fix. When you use Facebook heads it essentially checks for new changes (messages) regularly, and because it’s always looking the master session doesn’t reset and there for producing a false active now message.

As I explained in previous articles, Facebook games and also other apps can cause the false “Active Now” message. These games and apps cause the session to become active because it touches the Facebook server, but sometimes the server forgets to timeout the session which leads to the false reporting of your account session.

If you’ve read the previous article, you will know that I said “There isn’t a way to fix it,” but I now believe that there could be a way to fix it. Whether it is an app or desktop site, it should have an automatic session timeout request where it talks back to Facebook after a length of time and it updates the session file. This should fix the issue because it allows it to be updated correctly, and it becomes more reliable.

It often questions why Facebook hasn’t thought of a better way to cure this issue, but again, does it need fixing, or are we all over obsessing with this issue? Have your say in the comment section below.

Facebook – Dislike Button Coming

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Facebook have finally buckled under and listened to user demands. But, it won’t be what they’ve all asked for.

According to Mark Zuckerberg, it will be in the form of a “sad” button, he feels that a dislike button would be insensitive to other users.

Even though Facebook admit that this button will be used for showing negativity, but I think they are prepared to take the chance.

After researching, there appears to be no conformation on dates that they will be rolling this out.

Facebook Cancelled Harvard Students Internship

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Well, it appears that Facebook have revoked a Harvard Students Internship after he revealed a flaw in their system.

The flaw was discovered a few months by the Harvard Student, which prompted him to make a tracking discovery app for chrome to locate where your friends were.


Even though this app prompted Facebook to change some of their ways, it still doesn’t take away that many of us in the know knew about the Facebook tracking for a while.

If you look back in my archive, you will find several articles on Facebook tracking.

Orginal story from Buzzfeed. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION

Mikey Bolts — Family Guy Needs Him

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After watching Mikey Bolts on YouTube for the last few months, it is a apparent to me that he has a pure talent for voices. 

The list of voices are endless, and the comedy is off the charts. Mostly basing his entertainment on Family Guy voices, he seems to mostly excel at parody music videos. 

Some people think that Mikey is related to Seth McFarlen because they look alike in many ways, and even Mikey has made funny jokes at the rumour. 

This brings up the question. Could Mikey take over from Seth, or be an understudy for some episodes? He sounds exactly like Seth, and he can do the voices for most of his shows. 

Have your say in the comment section. CLICK HERE to subscribe to Mikey Bolts. 


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