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Apple TV+ could end Netflix

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The new Apple TV+ video streaming service was launched a month ago with a somewhat mixed reception. Apple had only a few shows at launch, and some people felt short-changed with the lack of content.

If we look at rivals Netflix, they have an extensive collection, which at this time beats Apple TV+ hands down as Apple only released a handful of shows at launch; even though this could change shortly.

As you might be aware, Apple iTunes is one of the most significant collections of video content by far, but this hasn’t seen its way into the new video streaming service. There could be many reasons for this, but the higher cause is probably due to rights and royalties.

Apple could wipe Netflix off the map if they allowed the entirety of the iTunes video collection to be available for paying subscribers. If they keep costs low for the customer, they will migrate from rival stream services as they will have a better choice. Think different, remember that Apple.

If you would like a free seven-day trial, download the Apple TV app from the app store. You can get a free twelve-month subscription if you have bought a new Mac, iPhone, or iPad in 2019, do not hold me to that, but I got one with my iPad 10.2-inch 7th generation. Otherwise, if in doubt, it’s outlined on the apple website.

Talking to Anorexia – Louis Theroux

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Image credit: BBC iPlayer

Louis Theroux has been tackling anorexia in his latest documentary. The hard-hitting subject was dealt with compassion and a sympathetic ear. But, I do feel that they missed a lot out within the filming.

I was certainly expecting something different in terms of the sides that were shown in terms of anorexia. One being the male aspect because just as many males suffer from the disorder, but unfortunately they didn’t even touch on the subject. They only mentioned once about males suffering from anorexia, but that was only a sly term in referencing to male and females suffering; one word, nothing more. I’ve found that many media’s sideline the male side because it is still only seen as a “female issue” in modern society, but this deters male’s from coming forward to get help with their disorder.

Anorexia whether male or female is curable and the documentary showed how hard it can be to recover. When in the mist of the disorder it took me approximately thirteen years to find a complete recovery process. The years of eating well, and the years of losing a lot of weight; a never-ending circle. I think on a personal note: I only found a cure when I started to realise my self-worth and had the confidence to make myself better.

Once you find recovery I must stress that it isn’t plain sailing. I have found that your body goes through a multitude of problems even afterwards. For example: not feeling hungry, feeling too hungry, acid reflux, irritable bowl syndrome, and arthritis. But, this isn’t always the case for everyone who recovers. The one tip I will give to any suffer is practice mindful meditation, this will help your mind relax and give you better focus.

I don’t want you to misconstrue this as hate against this documentary because even though they missed aspects out, it was still very entertaining, and was dealt to the audience in a constructive manner.

4 out 5 rating – can’t say fairer than that. Check it out on BBC iPlayer.

Shane Dawson — I’m Bisexual Confirmed

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Recently, YouTube sensation Shane Dawson has made a video confirming that he is bisexual. 

The YouTube star said “he has been sexually confused for the last year.” While others suspected this years ago, it has took Shane several years to come out and be true to himself. 

According to reports, Shane and his girlfriend Lisa have parted on good terms after four years of being together. Lisa has told Shane to live his life and be who he is. 

I can’t put into words how much this video touched me, not because I’m that way sexually, but he will help millions of people who are struggling with their sexuality. 

Shane’s video can be found here: CLICK HERE!

Netflix Killing Nickelodeon Ratings

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According to analysts Netflix is killing Nickelodeon ratings because of the increase of users watching their content via Netflix. Nickelodeon is part of the Viacom Group which is made up of popular channels such as MTV and Comedy Central. The chief officer Ted Sarandos spoke out last week and believes Netflix has not contributed at all towards the decline in Viacom ratings.

In reality Netflix is mostly streaming old content mixed with new content but with most users choosing to watch the older content. As most people know popular broadcaster will check their schedules regularly to coincide with ratings to give you the best viewing experience possible but at times these broadcasters chuck out content that users want to watch and this is where third-party providers like Netflix fill the gap.

This news from analysts seems to miss a lot of points and hasn’t really looked at the bigger picture but maybe this will be an eye opener for Viacom because a lot of users do prefer the older content.


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