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DIY hacker builds 20,000-volt Tesla coil lightning-blasting Nerf gun — Weird News

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DIY hacking has given us some great things — a Raspberry Pi turned mini Super Nintendo, a Kinect sensor turned 3D archaeological scanner. But now, US basement hacker Rob Flickenger has given us something utterly awe-inspiring. A 20,000-volt Tesla coil lightning-blasting Nerf gun.

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Orphaned Wild Boar Piglet Is Adopted by German Herd of Cows — Weird News

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MAINZ, Germany — An orphaned wild boar piglet has found a new family: a herd of milk cows.

“I spotted the little fellow about two weeks ago,” 16-year old Jakob Kraft told NBC News from his family’s farm near the German town of Goettingen. “We thought it was quite funny that the little boar was mingling among the cows on our meadow.”

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Twins drink shots made from 130 of the world’s hottest chillis — Weird News

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Twin brothers make a drink from 130 of the world’s hottests chillis and see who can go the longest without a drink of milk.

A stomach-churning video has emerged of twin brothers competing in a chili pepper challenge involving five shots each, made up of 130 juiced chilis.

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