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Self Publishing in Decline — Monday Blogs

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I recently came across a few post on social media concerning self published authors and the cost of their books being too much. 

Ultimately, the cost depends on who you publish through, and even then, most self published books are a lot less in cost than other publishing houses top releases. I publish through for paperbacks, and even though I don’t put any costs on top, I still sell a lot of books, but bare in mind, I’m not allowed to earn extra money. In January I sold 70 copies of one of my books, and that retailed and made for £5.99 with nothing added on as profit. 

So, is self publishing in decline? To some it may seem like it, but I personally think that self publishing is growing year-on-year and the costs to do this comes down over time. 

Let me know what you think. Find me on Twitter: @MarcSnappy and Facebook: Marc Corn Books

Media Madness — Monday Blogs

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The media to me seem insane, idiotic, and down right boring. Most media outlets become very repetitive, it’s a constant reem of news stories that don’t matter, or stories that have been copied from elsewhere—to me, that isn’t journalism, that’s just being a copycat of original stories. 

It is a shame that I cannot name a few of the media outlets that do this. Obviously they would be very annoyed with my opinion, but what I will say is, I am glad I don’t buy any of their papers. At least, if I view it online, it’s not wasting money on paper that would be better off wiping ones backside with. Please bare in mind, I am mostly talking about small paper media outlets that are in print. 

But, putting my opinions aside and all the guessing. I think sometimes all media forms become very repetitive, they all have slow news days after all. For example, you know it’s a slow news day when they’re talking about people getting night vision in their eyes, or continuely going over the Jermery Clarkson Fracas. It’s boring, find unique content, and not stuff people aren’t interested in. 

I much prefer the works of Barcroft Media because theirs are unique, and in some cases relate to a lot of people. This is the news I would rather read in all honesty. 

Anyhow, rant over, catch you on the flip side. 

Human Respect

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This is something I need to address, it’s one of my pet hates, and outright, it boils my piss that people do this. 

People who chuck morals out the window and treat people like a piece of trash. Even myself this week, I had an ex who wouldn’t respect my wishes to leave me alone. Those kinds of people do my head right in, and if that ex is reading this, then blooming sod off, you won’t be causing harm to my loving relationship. 

Then there are those people who think women are sex objects, yet another thing that annoys me. A woman should be treated with respect, she isn’t a sex object, she isn’t a slave. She is a person that wants to be loved, women have feelings too, they aren’t sex toys to be used at someone’s whim or fancy. 

Sorry for the anger, but I have morals and respect. Some people in this world need to be locked up until respect people. Damn, I wish other people were like me, the world would be a better place! 

The Future Cloud

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When we talk about the cloud, we naturally assume that we are talking about the weather, but what we are actually talking about is the new age of cloud computering. 

As the years have gone by and the growth of computering has evolved, we have had the yearning for more storage. The technology has come so far, which allows us to store everything on one device, it’s an amazing ecosystem, everything from photos to video, and even games can be stored on that one device and you can retrieve it at any point. But, even then, there are limitations to those devices, and that is storage.

Have you noticed that mobile phones require a minimum of 16 GB? That’s because technology is taking over our lives, as I said before we use it to store everything, all those personal moments on one device. But, this is where cloud computering takes over, it’s like an overflow, when the device becomes full, you can simply save it to the cloud, which eliminates the need for extra storage devices to back up your content. As an example, Apple use iCloud to back up users contents, you don’t even need to download music or videos from iTunes because the content is streamed from the cloud to your device. Yes, you still have the option to download them to your device, but if you have a stable Internet connection or reliable data plan, you can stream to your hearts content.

But, there are certain drawbacks to having everything on the cloud, we become too reliant on the technology and we think everything is safe. Like any cloud service there will be the shortfalls, it could break down, and the content could be lost if the provider fails to backup that content to a secondary sever. 

I will tell you a personal story about the pitfalls of cloud computing. When I write my stories, they are saved to the cloud, I can retrieve them whenever I want from any device, this seems like a perfect world, doesn’t it? But, what happens when the provider has a malfunction and that file/files become corrupt? Well there’s nothing you can do, that file is done, destroyed! I recently lost a whole novel due to cloud computering and the provider not offering a retrieval service, there was no way of getting it back. 

Which brings to mind the choices we make to store our files on the cloud. Do we go with new technology? Or, do we stick to the old fashion ways? My choice is, stick to both, back up to the cloud and also back up to a proper storage device, and if you want to go further, back up that storage device to another storage device. This will allow you to have three separate copies of the same files, and that will mean less content will be lost. 

So, the final question is, will you be backing up to the cloud?

Expose Anxiety

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Well, the time has come when I have to tackle my anxiety. I’m using the exposure technique to try to overcome it. If you aren’t familiar with the exposure technique, it simply means, you gradually do things over time that cause your anxiety.
I have personally set a goal to walk from mine to a bench every day, this bench is about two streets away, so it’s good for a start. I will do this for a week, and then I will gradually increase the distance.
Anyhow, this is a quick Monday Blog to update you all. On another note, my knee and leg are still killing me, thanks for asking, not that you asked at all … Chat soon all.

Auraglow Remote Controlled Energy Saving Light Bulb

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Black Friday came and I was looking for mood lights. I suffer from bad anxiety and I thought this might help level out my mood.
When I came across this light bulb on Amazon, it seemed like a fantastic little invention, but when I came across the reviews, I seemed on edge because some people had given it bad reviews or ratings. I had no reason to worry once it came.


Despite the reviews and reviewers whom don’t know how to use a brightness button, the light bulb works very well, and it is very bright.
The light has twelve different colour settings and four pre set modes.


According to the manufacturer the light should last approximately five years, but my figures and calculations only time this to last for four years. Even if this lasts that long, it will be a huge saving.
Currently these sell for £12.99 each, which is very cheap considering they are at a knock down price of £29.99. Grab yours on Amazon while those stocks last at the lower price.

Faker Uncovered

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Well, that was entertaining, people think they’re untouchable and can hide behind many accounts.
One person came unstuck today when a simple cross referencing IP search unveiled several fake accounts, many in their name and many in fake names, mostly celebrities.
Obviously, I can’t disclose names, nor can I tell you the tools I use, but all it took was a lot of common sense, and a lot of programming skill to do matching and searching. Years and years of learning helps you use technology to your advantage.
Even after proof was established and shown to them, the denial started, and I was called every name under the sun. This sting was planned over several days and no matter what they believe, their lies have been uncovered, and it was all obtained legally—haha, and they hate it because it’s true!
So, you better watch out, you better not cry, you better not cry because I’m telling you why, I will uncover all your lies!
Signing off now, stay safe, hope you enjoyed my fun for today.

Another file gone

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After my recent problem losing documents, I have been hit once again. Yet another document lost due to corruption, but luckily I saved that document as a PDF at the same time, so it isn’t a major loss.
I am starting to lose faith with cloud services, in such a short time, I have lost a novel and a old novel that’s already been published. These services should reevaluate their problems before more users are effected.
Anyway, rant over, need to lie down again due to illness. It’s really got to me today.

Backup Stories

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WHEN I USED do computer related activities, I always preached that it was important to backup any important files you didn’t want to lose. Now, in this day and age of technology most of us use cloud based, which isn’t a bad thing, but what happens if that service goes down, or what if the files don’t save correctly?
     So, you may be asking why I am talking about backing up files, well, after not practicing what I preach, I lost a very important novel that was due to be published in February 2015. I would like to thank a very well known cloud service for doing this, I won’t name names, but I am utterly annoyed that a service I have used for a long time has just suddenly started playing up. I will be checking, and double-checking next time.
     To prevent the same problem I came across, always make sure you backup the same file to several devices. When you save the file save it to at least three places, or more if your paranoid that the files will disappear. Flash drives, cloud services, computer, and hard drives are some of the choices you have. You can even save it to tablet devices if you have enough memory on your device.
     Anyhow, I hope you take note of this advice because I don’t you want to lose out like I have. I have a busy month ahead trying to get things back on track with the novel that has been lost—Oh The Joys …

Gaining Weight

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IT’S BEEN SOMETIME since I wrote a Monday Blog. What can I say? Life has been taking it’s toll on me, and due to the stress I have gained a lot of weight.
     As some of you may know, I have been gaining weight after recovering from anorexia—yes, makes suffer from it too! This weight gain has been fantastic, but I’m now at a stage where I’m over recommended weight levels, I’m still at a healthy weight, but borderline—funny that, I was underweight back in January. I have put this weight gain down to an unexplained growl in the stomach, I may be wrong, but that’s all I can put it down to currently.
     Anyhow, I will keep you all updated, this was only a quick blog.


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