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Avantree Force 13000mAh Power Bank — Midweek Review

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I was sent this portable charge pack to review from Avantree this week. Happily named the force, and by nature it lives up to its name. 

Before I start, please be aware that I DO NOT get paid to do this review, this is a 100% honest review, and contains ONLY my own opinions of the device. 

The Avantree Force has a large battery capacity of 13000mAh, this will allow you to recharge your device several times from a dead position. During my tests I found that I could recharge an iPhone 6 eight times, which is astounding. 

For the perpose of this review I drained the battery pack and recharged it twice to check how long it would take to charge from a dead charge. The result was as follows: 14 hours and 58 minutes. So, even if you leave it on charge overnight, you will have enough for the next day. 

Let’s look at build quality. The device is made very well, very robust, and feels very strong. But, I will need to point out one minor issue I had. The device has sharp corners and I have found myself being stabbed by them, please bare in mind that I use this a lot in bed, so not everyone will have this same problem. With this issue in mind, I would’ve preferred curved edges, but this is a personal preference. 

This device comes with a built in micro USB adapter which simply comes away from the side and you can plug in your device with no issues. You will also have an additional USB port to plug in other devices, iPhones or other devices, or even another micro USB device. One other thing to note, the DC IN is for charging the pack ONLY!  


Here is the specifications sheet from Avantree:  


The device is fantastic, it takes less time to charge, charges two devices at a time, but the only thing I would change is the edges of the device to curved. I would still use this device regardless and I would certainly take it with me wherever I go. 

4.5 out of 5 I rate this device, grab yours now!

More information about this device can be found HERE on Avantree’s website. 

Purchase the power pack via Amazon

Janksy – Windows 8 Physics Puzzler Review

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Janksy is a new platform physics puzzle exclusively for Windows 8. The game has several levels and your main goal is to get the alien from one side of the screen to the other where the spaceship is located. While guiding the alien you will need to avoid flying asteroids, and you will be able to collect special icons to unlock new galaxies.

The game itself brings quirky graphics and blinding physics to keep you entertained for hours. When you look at the overall game layout it reminds you of games such as Angry Birds and Cut The Rope. The menu system and the physics are very familiar but obviously with their own twist.

Janksy was developed by Dlala Studios and the have put a lot of time into make this perfect. The game is now only for Windows 8 but I believe in time this will grow to other platforms as this will entertain a lot of other people.
All links to find Dlala Studios and Janksy can be found below.

Images (credit Dlala Studios)

Dlala Studios
Janksy Windows App


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