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How Much Does Electric Cost? Easy Calculation

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Always wondering why you electric bill is so high? I have been really bored today and come up with a simple calculation that helps you calculate your electricity usage.
Let’s take a standard 60 Watt Lightbulb and say you left that bulb on for around 10 hours, you would take the wattage and times it by the hours in use – this would leave you with the amount of watts used in that time. Then you would take the watts and divide that by 1000 and times the next number by the unit price per kilowatt-hour, this will give you the overall price that has cost to run.

In the case of the lightbulb the calculation would look like this:
60 watts x 10 hours = 600 / 1000 = 0.6 x unit price (11p) = 6.6p

If you would like to work out the usage of anything else you can do that simply by using this example below
watts x hours = watt usage / 1000 = watt usage divided by 1000 x unit price = final total cost

I hope you all find this useful and don’t go too crazy counting everything!


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